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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Mar 4 '16 ita>eng piano di lavoro worktop, worktop area, counter pro closed ok
- Mar 3 '16 ita>eng destro negativo negativo: negative rake angle, destro:left hand turning tool or left handed toolholder pro just_closed no
- Mar 2 '16 ita>eng migliori sviluppi del tema best national and international level advances in this area pro closed ok
- Mar 2 '16 ita>eng positivamente statuito positively established by law pro closed ok
- Mar 1 '16 ita>eng c'era una brutta aria in giro there was a bad feeling in the air pro closed no
- Mar 1 '16 ita>eng Certificazione di condizione assistenziale certification of treatment and care conditions/certification of treatment and care protocols pro open no
4 Mar 1 '16 ita>eng guarda al came under the influence of pro closed ok
- Mar 1 '16 ita>eng terrà una orazione (will) make an address entitled, give a discourse entitled pro closed ok
- Mar 1 '16 ita>eng che fa indossare to dress the main character Albertine pro closed ok
4 Feb 14 '16 ita>eng caricamenti lambda lambda expression pro closed ok
- Feb 14 '16 ita>eng TP Turni Particolari o Turno Particolare pro just_closed no
4 Feb 15 '16 ita>eng unità share value or price pro closed no
- Jul 7 '14 ita>eng gentiluomini popolari locally admired gentleman pro closed no
4 Jul 6 '14 ita>eng Calcolo retta di regressione lineare semplice Fitting a straight line using simple linear regression pro closed ok
4 Jul 5 '14 ita>eng Slancio produttivo economic dynamism pro closed no
- Jul 5 '14 ita>eng inserire insert pro closed ok
- Jul 3 '14 ita>eng dispensato exempt pro closed ok
- May 14 '14 ita>eng Codice unico di Progetto ? pro closed ok
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