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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Nov 10 '02 esl>eng escalar la situación por dos vías. to tackle the situation in two different ways easy closed ok
- Nov 5 '02 esl>eng Rubricado y Sellado signed and sealed easy closed ok
- Nov 5 '02 esl>eng las fuentes del derecho principles/foundations/orogins of positive law easy closed ok
4 Nov 4 '02 esl>eng escabian booze easy closed ok
- Nov 4 '02 esl>eng el interesado the applicant easy closed ok
- Nov 4 '02 esl>eng escabian drink easy closed ok
- Oct 28 '02 esl>eng sobre obligaciones vencidas redeemed bonds easy closed ok
3 Oct 28 '02 esl>eng fondos concursables competitive government-funding / funds declared insolvent easy closed ok
- Jun 18 '01 esl>eng Tu eres la ladrona que me robo el corazon que yo guardaba para manana. You are the thief who stole my heart that I was keeping for tomorrow easy open no
Asked | Open questions | Answered