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Date Pair Term Level Status Answers (undeclined) Gloss
Mar 20 '18 eng>esl their idea of a potential spin out from [company name] pro closed 2 no
Nov 28 '17 eng>esl See Something, Hear Something, Say Nothing pro closed 1 no
Aug 27 '16 eng>esl to choose services by spiritual means through prayer pro closed 3 ok
Nov 7 '15 eng>esl provided that his provision does not eliminate the liability of the director pro closed 2 no
Jul 10 '15 eng>esl Executive Officer of Ownership of the Company pro closed 2 ok
Jun 13 '15 eng>esl knowledge that the vessel or cargo of a foreign state was involved pro closed 2 ok
Feb 17 '15 eng>esl turning and positioning (at least Q2) pro closed 3 no
Nov 15 '14 rus>esl О совместном заседании коллегий pro closed 2 ok
Nov 7 '14 eng>esl consistent zero-error strategy pro closed 5 ok
Oct 11 '14 eng>esl Local Union of the Joint Industry Board of the Electrical Industry. pro closed 2 ok
Oct 9 '14 eng>esl to the extent that such discovery has not occurred pro closed 2 ok
Sep 29 '14 rus>esl они «замотали» работу над XXX. pro closed 5 no
Sep 2 '14 rus>esl Их взяли «под крыло». pro closed 4 ok
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