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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Oct 27 ara>eng بالقرار by issuing the decision pro closed ok
4 Sep 10 eng>ara Per Diem Interpreter مترجم فوري باليومية pro closed no
- Aug 27 ara>eng في مطلع سرده للأسباب in the beginning/initiation of mentioning the grounds pro closed ok
- Aug 27 ara>eng بصورة اهدرت في دفاع in a manner which hurt/violated the defence pro closed ok
4 Aug 18 eng>ara I agree to ratify اوافق على التصديق على pro closed no
- Aug 16 eng>ara penance استغفار pro closed no
4 Aug 6 ara>eng المنذر إليه defendant pro closed ok
4 Jul 25 eng>ara proved تُثبت/يتم إثباتها pro closed ok
- Jul 22 ara>eng محصل الحكم the conclusion of the judgement pro open no
- Jul 16 ara>eng اخلاء طرفه clearance pro closed ok
4 Jul 15 ara>eng مرجعه employer pro closed ok
- Jul 15 ara>eng ملف تأهيل لعقود company profile pro closed ok
- Jul 14 ara>eng متى كانت مردودة لأصلها الثابت بالأوراق as long as they are based on their origins which are established in the papers pro open no
- Jun 17 ara>eng اوصي assign or appoint pro closed ok
4 May 27 ara>eng القضاء للمتظلمين بالدفوع Judging the pleas in favor of the grievants pro closed no
4 May 19 ara>eng مما بانزاله على وقائع الدعوى When applying the said to the facts of the case pro closed no
- May 13 eng>ara duty unpaid cigarettes سجائر غير خالصة الضريبة pro closed no
4 May 12 ara>eng ادارة عمل labor department pro closed no
- May 6 ara>eng مما يتعذر معه إعلانها which deems serving the document impossible pro open no
- May 2 ara>eng تنفيذ الاحكام الحقوقية implementation of human rights provisions pro closed ok
- Mar 13 eng>ara portfolio الأعمال التي تم إنجازها pro closed no
- Mar 6 ara>eng الحقوق النظامية المستحقة rights due/entitled by virtue of law pro closed ok
4 Feb 11 ara>eng حكمت وجرى النطق بها I rendered the judgement and it has been pronounced pro closed ok
- Feb 9 eng>ara Shareholder shall be discharged from any further obligation to the Company يعفى المساهم من أي التزام أخر تجاه الشركة pro closed no
4 Feb 7 ara>eng عدم نظامية illegality/illegitimacy pro closed ok
4 Feb 7 ara>eng Signing Authority الجهة المُوقِّعة pro closed ok
- Feb 2 ara>eng يتحرر بها محل الدعوىي whereby the subject of the lawsuit is proved pro open no
- Feb 3 ara>eng ما تقتضيه المصلحة التعليمية what is required for the educational interest pro closed ok
- Jan 31 eng>ara publication النشر pro just_closed no
4 Jan 31 ara>eng وكلاء competent pro closed no
- Jan 31 ara>eng ضبط القضية hearing the case pro closed ok
- Jan 30 ara>eng سقوط حق المدعي lapse of the plaintiff’s right pro closed ok
4 Jan 30 ara>eng لائحة الدعوى statement of claim pro closed ok
- Jan 29 eng>ara set out the extent of يحدد مدى/نطاق pro just_closed no
4 Jan 21 eng>ara unlawful profit order حكم بالكسب غير المشروع pro closed no
4 Jan 21 ara>eng اجراء كشف و مخطط inspecting and charting pro closed ok
- Jan 17 eng>ara Agreed Order أمر مُتفق عليه pro closed ok
- Jan 14 ara>eng الترك المبرئ الى الذمة dismissal with prejudice pro just_closed no
- Jan 14 ara>eng لا طعن الا بنص no appeal may be valid unless based on a provision of law pro closed ok
4 Jan 9 eng>ara القروض المدينة debited loans pro closed ok
4 Jan 2 eng>ara took a plea to the competency of the charge دفعت بثبوت الاتهام pro closed no
- Jan 2 eng>ara Diet of Debate تاريخ الجلسة pro closed no
- Jan 2 eng>ara حجية الإقرار على صاحبه ولزومه عليه acknowledgement shall be deemed a proof against its owner and binding thereon pro closed no
4 Jan 2 eng>ara حجية الإقرار admissibility of the admission/acknowledgement pro closed no
- Dec 19 '18 eng>ara AED 6,089,273/10 عشرة فلسات pro closed ok
- Dec 5 '18 ara>eng ولم ينزلها على واقعات الدعوي has not applied the contract provisions to the facts of the case pro closed no
4 Dec 3 '18 eng>ara each quarter of reference ربع السنة المشار إليه pro closed ok
4 Nov 28 '18 eng>ara failure or delay to any Communication or Instruction caused by a third party تأخر أي اتصالات أو تعليمات أو الفشل في توصيلها بسبب الغير pro closed ok
- Nov 28 '18 eng>ara apply to the jurisdiction of التي تتماشى مع أحكام القضاء السعودي pro closed ok
4 Nov 27 '18 ara>eng التقرير بفقد القسائم reporting loss of securities pro closed ok
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