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November 2020

Luca Colangelo
Translation with Passion and Precision

Milano, Lombardia, Italy
Local time: 08:47 CET (GMT+1)

Native in: Italian (Variant: Standard-Italy) Native in Italian
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Mar 30 (posted via  Just finished two little proofreading projects about Covid-19 virus ...more, + 159 other entries »
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I am a translator, proof-reader, editor and a coffeeholic: four figures all rolled into one freelance, professional translator who was born and bred in Milan (Italy). Hi, I’m Luca Colangelo.

Before achieving my Master’s Degree in Performing Arts, I approached the world of acting and dubbing, coming into contact with professionals working in this sector as dialogists and adapters, who have encouraged me to develop a passion for playwriting, screenwriting and advertising.

In an attempt to combine my cultural skills with my passion for foreign languages, I attended the course to achieve the post-graduate specialisation course European Master in Audiovisual Translation (METAV), promoted by the University of Parma and the Independent University of Barcelona, that has enabled me to specialise in translations in the following sectors: dubbing, subtitling and closed captioning for people with and without hearing impairments, videogames, software and website localisation.

By working with several agencies such as Adapt Worldwide, Alkemist Translation Company, Aguará Solutions, Future Group and Same Day Translations and collaborating with several online newspapers such as Cultweek, Blog Sik-Sik of the Teatro Franco Parenti and Eatinero, I have been able to polish my language skills and I have extended my translation fields: food and drink, journalism (articles, reviews and interviews), marketing and advertising, theatre (dramaturgy, essay writing and surtitling), travelling and tourism.

Thanks to my cultural and linguistic skills, I provide my clients with support in the creation and adaptation of a wide range of contents that are useful to help them reach their communication and business targets.

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you speak to a man in his language, it goes to his heart" - Nelson Mandela

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