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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Feb 18 deu>eng Eichtonne Deadweight pro open no
4 Feb 8 bul>eng Вярното се избира Select the correct option pro closed ok
4 Feb 7 deu>eng der unbefugten Kenntniserlangung oder gegen unbefugte Zugriffe durch Dritte unauthorized (data) acquisition or against unauthorized access by third parties pro closed ok
- Feb 5 bul>eng ВЕКС Temporary artificial pacemaker (TP) pro closed ok
4 Feb 1 deu>bul Kombiinstrument Арматурно табло pro closed ok
4 Nov 5 '18 deu>eng Rangrücktritts- und Belassungsvereinbarung subordination and retention agreement pro closed ok
3 Aug 22 '18 deu>eng Lasten = charges? encumbrances/charges pro closed no
- Aug 22 '18 deu>eng im [Kaufvertrag] purchase agreement/sales contract pro closed no
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