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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Aug 26 pol>eng sumarczyne środki na rachunku DSRA total funds on DSRA account pro closed no
4 Mar 21 '18 eng>pol payment requested by return Wymagana natychmiastowa płatność. pro closed ok
- Apr 27 '17 eng>pol Inv.Inc pewna fiirma inwestycyjna pro closed no
4 Nov 17 '15 eng>pol after retirement period po osiągnięciu wieku emerytalnego pro closed ok
- May 6 '04 eng>pol freight costs are to be credited to the customer koszty dostawy pokrywa dostawca pro closed no
- Jan 30 '04 eng>pol All replacements will be shipped FOB factory. niżej pro closed ok
Asked | Open questions | Answered