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- Jul 10 '12 pol>eng motor postępu a (driving) force for progress pro closed ok
4 Jan 19 '11 pol>eng o to, że żyje (just) the fact that Im alive (at all) // (just) the fact that I'm on the planet pro closed no
- Jan 18 '11 pol>eng wyhoduje get one's comeuppance // come back in spades // smb will get his/hers/theirs in spades pro closed ok
- Jan 18 '11 pol>eng nie daj się zgnębić don't let yourself be pushed around/walked over/used as a doormat//don't let (smb) grind you down pro closed no
4 Jan 18 '11 pol>eng nie ma o czym mowić what's to say? // what's to talk about? pro closed no
4 Jan 19 '11 pol>eng uzależniać się od nastrojów (let oneself) be ruled // swayed // dictated to // subject to by someone's moods pro closed ok
4 Dec 26 '10 pol>eng na kogo wypadnie, na tego bęc Eeny, meeny, miny, mo... // One potato, two potato, three potato, four... pro closed ok
- Nov 10 '10 pol>eng (życie) usłane różami May your life be all roses, X // May your path through life be strewn with roses, X easy closed ok
- Nov 27 '08 pol>eng co cię nie zabije to cię wzmocni What doesn't kill you makes you stronger pro closed ok
4 Sep 22 '08 pol>eng szczęście w nieszczęściu (every cloud has) a silver lining pro closed ok
- Jun 24 '08 pol>eng współcierpiący / bracia krzyżowi brothers/partners in misfortune pro closed ok
3 Jun 5 '08 eng>eng all but over the initial period of collaborative co-existence had more or less come to an end pro closed ok
4 Mar 1 '08 pol>eng trudno oprzeć się wrażeniu it's hard to escape the impression pro closed ok
- Jan 20 '08 pol>eng białe szaleństwo white n' wild pro closed no
3 Jul 31 '07 pol>eng Nie miejsca czynią ludzi, ale ludzie czynią miejsca It's not the place that makes the people, but the people who make the place pro closed no
4 Jun 22 '07 pol>eng To zobowiązuje this gives us an obligation to.../this means we are duty-bound to.../this means we have a duty to... pro closed ok
4 Jun 18 '07 pol>eng gdzie diabeł nie może tam babę pośle Where the devil (himself) fears to/cannot tread, there/that's where he will send a woman pro closed no
4 May 18 '07 eng>pol boot na dodatek/ponadto/do tego jeszce pro closed ok
- May 10 '07 pol>eng doświadczyć czegoś na własnej skórze to learn/to see for oneself//to experience/go through smth for oneself pro closed no
4 May 8 '07 pol>eng udowadniać, że się nie jest wielbłądem (no longer have) to jump through hoops pro closed ok
4 Mar 2 '07 pol>eng wylać dziecko z kąpielą to throw out the baby with the bathwater pro closed ok
4 Mar 1 '07 eng>eng get your butt in a bind to get into a problematic situation/to get into trouble easy closed ok
4 Feb 18 '07 eng>eng olfactory advertisments their approach will be announced by very strong smells easy closed ok
4 Jan 25 '07 pol>eng wodzirej Master of Ceremonies (M.C.) pro closed ok
- Jan 22 '07 eng>eng entitled to your opinion you have every right to think exactly what you like (but that doesn't mean that you're right) easy closed ok
4 Jan 22 '07 eng>eng may well ? it's quite likely/there's quite a high probability pro closed ok
4 Jan 19 '07 pol>eng mieć rozległą wiedzę z zakresu../dysponować wszechstronna wiedzą to have an extensive/wide-ranging knowledge in the field/area of../see below pro closed ok
4 Jan 19 '07 eng>eng he’s on target usually. he usually gets things right (in terms of accuracy, precision and justifiablity) pro closed ok
- Jan 17 '07 pol>eng olac kogos /cos 1. not to give a toss about sb/smth 2.not to care (in the least/slightest) about sb/smth 3.see below easy closed ok
- Jan 9 '07 pol>eng krew leje się gęsto blood flows freely pro closed ok
4 Jan 5 '07 pol>eng Bydgoszcz na fali Bydgoszcz - on the crest of a wave pro closed ok
4 Jan 4 '07 pol>eng sposobem gospodarczym homegrown methods and means pro closed ok
- Jan 4 '07 pol>eng Łączy nas Kraków! Cracow makes us one! pro closed ok
4 Nov 19 '06 eng>eng I can see the sun shine when he bends over. He thinks the sun shines out of his rear end.He bends over,exposing it to view & we can see the sun pro closed no
4 Nov 19 '06 pol>eng .. o czym świadczy... ... evidence/proof of which is/can be seen/found in... easy closed ok
4 Nov 18 '06 pol>eng dał się poznać z najlepszej strony showed himself in the best of lights/best (possible) light easy closed ok
4 Nov 1 '06 pol>eng .. ludzi, którzy odróżniają się od innych mądrością, przedsiębiorczością.. ...people whose wisdom.....distinguish them from others pro closed no
4 Nov 1 '06 pol>eng aż dobry stanie się lepszy a lepszy najlepszy Till the good is better, And better becomes the best pro closed ok
4 Sep 20 '06 eng>eng that was just me The tears flowing were mine. (The reactions of the other people were probably much stronger) easy closed no
4 Sep 14 '06 pol>eng znaleźć się w oku cyklonu to find oneself in the eye of the storm pro closed ok
- Sep 13 '06 eng>pol throw the bums out wyrzucić drani/dupków (ew. lumpów if the source text is Am. Eng.) pro closed no
- Sep 6 '06 eng>eng wind letter it could be connected with Samurai banners and or Sun Tzu - please see below pro just_closed no
4 Aug 18 '06 eng>eng Butt crack please see below pro closed no
- Aug 2 '06 eng>pol Ever desiring, one sees the manifestation. (manifestation) ucieleśnienie pro just_closed no
4 Aug 1 '06 pol>eng iść po trupach walk over/trample on everybody/anybody pro closed ok
4 Jul 24 '06 pol>eng podwinąć zarękawki i do roboty to roll up one's sleeves and get down to the job pro closed ok
- Jul 24 '06 eng>eng to fall slightly left of the center his approach and attitude to his work and the work itself is very liberal, rather than commercial pro closed ok
4 Jul 24 '06 eng>eng acid-infused under the influence of LSD pro closed ok
- Jul 15 '06 eng>pol "The fox knows many tricks; the hedgehog one good one." Lis wie o wielu sprawach, natomiast jeż zna jedną najważniejszą pro closed no
- Jul 13 '06 eng>pol dance up a storm np. ale tańczyłeś!/Ale będę tańczyć! pro closed ok
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