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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Feb 21 '10 eng>esl British / Asian británico-asiático / de nacionalidad británica y asiática easy closed ok
4 Aug 13 '09 eng>esl janitorial cleaning supplies suministros de limpieza del conserje easy closed ok
4 Feb 4 '09 eng>esl step outside ir afuera, salir easy closed ok
- Nov 24 '08 eng>esl establish a case establecer un caso easy closed ok
- Nov 11 '08 eng>esl Do I look like I have money? ¿Parece como si tuviera dinero? easy closed ok
- Jun 12 '07 eng>esl advertising jargon jerga publicitaria (o de la publicidad) easy closed no
4 Apr 25 '07 eng>esl only at sólo (solamente) al easy closed ok
- Dec 13 '06 eng>esl any words related the the park.....playground, slide, swings, etc ver... easy open no
- Jul 3 '06 eng>esl Good morning. How are things in Peru today? Buenos días. ¿Cómo están las cosas actualmente en Perú? easy closed ok
- Feb 28 '06 eng>esl space limitations limitaciones de espacio easy closed ok
4 Feb 28 '06 eng>esl pressurize presurizar easy closed ok
- Jan 25 '06 eng>esl Copy everything in the folder - CD burning software copie todo en su carpeta - software (o programas) para quemado de CDs easy closed ok
- Jan 14 '06 eng>esl glass-enclosed ambiance ambiente con vidrios easy closed no
- Dec 30 '05 eng>esl CABLE SHAFT caja (o cámara) de cables easy closed ok
- Apr 28 '05 fra>eng je ne sais quoi penser I (really) don't know what to think/believe easy closed ok
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