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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Aug 8 dut>eng kruien hand trawling pro closed ok
4 Jul 21 dut>eng oplegbrief covering letter (UK) / cover letter (US); accompanying note/letter pro closed no
NP Jul 16 dut>eng Brede vorming broad training/education pro closed ok
4 Jul 5 dut>eng AU-zaak arrest followed by the service of a writ and a possible out-of-court settlement pro closed no
4 Jun 20 dut>eng loodsgang shed hall/corridor pro closed no
- Jun 26 dut>eng ijzerenheinig imperturbable pro just_closed no
4 Jun 15 dut>eng Belemmeringenwet Public Works (Removal of Impediments in Private Law) Act [Belemmeringenwet Privaatrecht: Belwp] pro closed no
4 Jun 14 dut>eng gebruikseenheid occupancy unit pro closed ok
4 Jun 6 dut>eng ET Lo occupational therapy + speech therapy pro closed no
4 May 17 dut>eng dichtschrijven watertight; no loopholes [see below] pro closed ok
4 May 16 dut>eng kanscontract aleatory contract pro closed ok
4 May 15 dut>eng examentuchtdossier disciplinary record(s) relating to examination irregularities pro closed no
- May 15 dut>eng installatietechnische tekeningen (building) installation drawings pro closed no
4 May 7 dut>eng lasoren (weld-on) lifting lug pro closed no
4 Apr 18 dut>eng Vakantiederving untaken holiday entitlement pro closed ok
- Mar 22 dut>eng doeloverschrijdende rechtshandelingen ultra vires actions pro closed no
4 Mar 6 dut>eng schadevergoedingsrecht 1. right/entitlement to damages/compensation 2. law/legislation on comp./dam.; compensation law pro closed ok
3 Mar 2 dut>eng <> [untranslatables/variables: leave as is] pro closed ok
4 Feb 28 dut>eng railscheidingscontacten busbar sectionalising switch pro closed ok
- Feb 27 dut>eng die zich sterk maakt who warrants performance by a third party pro just_closed no
- Feb 24 dut>eng leidinginvoering conduit inlet; pipe inlet pro closed ok
- Feb 7 dut>eng bezwaar(de) encumbered pro closed ok
4 Jan 24 dut>eng brancheverkenning sector survey pro closed ok
4 Jan 20 dut>eng gesoldeerd balanced /closed pro closed ok
- Jan 9 dut>eng veel succes We hope this manual will... [see below] pro open no
- Jan 18 dut>eng Verdeelstaat distribution sheet pro open no
- Jan 15 dut>eng Poe-hé Can you believe it? pro closed no
- Dec 19 '01 dut>eng tegensprekelijk (debate/discussion/dispute/report/inspection, etc.) at which all/both parties are present pro closed ok
- Mar 27 '03 dut>eng tegensprekelijk debat debate/discussion/dispute at which all/both parties are present pro closed no
- Nov 1 '16 dut>eng tegensprekelijke plaatsbeschrijving joint inspection report (drawn up in the presence of both parties) pro just_closed no
- Apr 21 '09 dut>eng tegensprekelijke vaststelling establish their condition/status with all/both parties present [see below] pro closed ok
4 Jan 5 dut>eng matrys extrusion die pro closed ok
4 Dec 31 '17 dut>eng gelijkgesteldenregeling equivalent status scheme (‘gelijkgesteldenregeling’) pro closed no
4 Dec 14 '17 dut>eng Beeldregieplan visual quality plan pro closed no
- Nov 30 '17 dut>eng blinde borduursluiting blind hem (stitch) pro closed no
- Nov 23 '17 dut>eng subject 'extra-functioneel' Additional Functions (level 2b/3 etc.) pro closed no
2 Nov 24 '17 dut>eng onder vrijgave van subject to release of pro closed ok
4 Nov 23 '17 dut>eng machinaal verspaner machine operator pro closed ok
4 Nov 23 '17 dut>eng programmeur/verspaner-cnc CNC operator / programmer pro closed ok
4 Nov 22 '17 dut>eng conservatoir beslag tot levering pre-judgment attachment for the purpose of delivery pro closed no
4 Nov 22 '17 dut>eng conservatoir beslag op aandelen prejudgment attachment of shares pro closed no
4 Nov 20 '17 dut>eng ontleningsdocument source document pro closed ok
4 Nov 6 '17 dut>eng opgenomen studiepunten selected credits pro closed ok
4 Oct 30 '17 dut>eng in de breedte widthwise; next to each other; placed next to each other pro closed ok
4 Sep 27 '17 dut>eng de baatbelasting betterment tax/levy pro closed ok
- Sep 23 '17 dut>eng de regels van de kunst zoals van toepassing op het moment van de Facilitaire Die according to the rules of the trade; according to best practice pro closed ok
4 Sep 20 '17 dut>eng stafmateriaal rod stock pro closed ok
NP Sep 4 '17 dut>eng stoomuitkoppeling steam supply; steam production; branching off of steam pro open no
- Sep 6 '17 dut>eng Leerwijzer learning guide pro closed no
- Jul 20 '17 dut>eng vrijblijvend samenwerkingsverband loose consortium/network (structure); informal partnership (arrangement); informal alliance pro closed ok
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