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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Dec 5 dut>eng Grote werken aan de woning Major works to the home / Major works (carried out) on the home pro closed ok
- Nov 29 dut>eng aan- en uitloop run-in and run-out zone pro open no
4 Oct 25 dut>eng PM TBD; TBA; to be advised; (yet) to be specified pro closed no
- Oct 25 dut>eng voelparcours sensory trail; sensory play trail pro closed ok
4 Oct 4 dut>eng levering..geschiedt op de plaats..waarop de producten gereed zijn vr verzending will be deemed to have taken place at the location and time at which the products are ready for ... pro closed ok
4 Sep 25 dut>eng staffelpremie premiums according to a sliding scale; graduated premium; on a graduated-premium basis pro closed no
- Sep 11 dut>eng Nakruip aftercreep pro open no
4 Aug 8 dut>eng kruien hand trawling pro closed ok
4 Jul 21 dut>eng oplegbrief covering letter (UK) / cover letter (US); accompanying note/letter pro closed no
NP Jul 16 dut>eng Brede vorming broad training/education pro closed ok
4 Jul 5 dut>eng AU-zaak arrest followed by the service of a writ and a possible out-of-court settlement pro closed no
4 Jun 20 dut>eng loodsgang shed hall/corridor pro closed no
- Jun 26 dut>eng ijzerenheinig imperturbable pro just_closed no
4 Jun 15 dut>eng Belemmeringenwet Public Works (Removal of Impediments in Private Law) Act [Belemmeringenwet Privaatrecht: Belwp] pro closed no
4 Jun 14 dut>eng gebruikseenheid occupancy unit pro closed ok
4 Jun 6 dut>eng ET Lo occupational therapy + speech therapy pro closed no
4 May 17 dut>eng dichtschrijven watertight; no loopholes [see below] pro closed ok
4 May 16 dut>eng kanscontract aleatory contract pro closed ok
4 May 15 dut>eng examentuchtdossier disciplinary record(s) relating to examination irregularities pro closed no
- May 15 dut>eng installatietechnische tekeningen (building) installation drawings pro closed no
4 May 7 dut>eng lasoren (weld-on) lifting lug pro closed no
4 Apr 18 dut>eng Vakantiederving untaken holiday entitlement pro closed ok
- Mar 22 dut>eng doeloverschrijdende rechtshandelingen ultra vires actions pro closed no
4 Mar 6 dut>eng schadevergoedingsrecht 1. right/entitlement to damages/compensation 2. law/legislation on comp./dam.; compensation law pro closed ok
3 Mar 2 dut>eng <> [untranslatables/variables: leave as is] pro closed ok
4 Feb 28 dut>eng railscheidingscontacten busbar sectionalising switch pro closed ok
- Feb 27 dut>eng die zich sterk maakt who warrants performance by a third party pro just_closed no
- Feb 24 dut>eng leidinginvoering conduit inlet; pipe inlet pro closed ok
- Feb 7 dut>eng bezwaar(de) encumbered pro closed ok
4 Jan 24 dut>eng brancheverkenning sector survey pro closed ok
4 Jan 20 dut>eng gesoldeerd balanced /closed pro closed ok
- Jan 9 dut>eng veel succes We hope this manual will... [see below] pro open no
- Jan 18 dut>eng Verdeelstaat distribution sheet pro open no
- Jan 15 dut>eng Poe-hé Can you believe it? pro closed no
- Dec 19 '01 dut>eng tegensprekelijk (debate/discussion/dispute/report/inspection, etc.) at which all/both parties are present pro closed ok
- Mar 27 '03 dut>eng tegensprekelijk debat debate/discussion/dispute at which all/both parties are present pro closed no
- Nov 1 '16 dut>eng tegensprekelijke plaatsbeschrijving joint inspection report (drawn up in the presence of both parties) pro just_closed no
- Apr 21 '09 dut>eng tegensprekelijke vaststelling establish their condition/status with all/both parties present [see below] pro closed ok
4 Jan 5 dut>eng matrys extrusion die pro closed ok
4 Dec 31 '17 dut>eng gelijkgesteldenregeling equivalent status scheme (‘gelijkgesteldenregeling’) pro closed no
4 Dec 14 '17 dut>eng Beeldregieplan visual quality plan pro closed no
- Nov 30 '17 dut>eng blinde borduursluiting blind hem (stitch) pro closed no
- Nov 23 '17 dut>eng subject 'extra-functioneel' Additional Functions (level 2b/3 etc.) pro closed no
2 Nov 24 '17 dut>eng onder vrijgave van subject to release of pro closed ok
4 Nov 23 '17 dut>eng machinaal verspaner machine operator pro closed ok
4 Nov 23 '17 dut>eng programmeur/verspaner-cnc CNC operator / programmer pro closed ok
4 Nov 22 '17 dut>eng conservatoir beslag tot levering pre-judgment attachment for the purpose of delivery pro closed no
4 Nov 22 '17 dut>eng conservatoir beslag op aandelen prejudgment attachment of shares pro closed no
4 Nov 20 '17 dut>eng ontleningsdocument source document pro closed ok
4 Nov 6 '17 dut>eng opgenomen studiepunten selected credits pro closed ok
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