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Genova, Liguria
Local time: 04:11 CET (GMT+1)

Native in: Italian 
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Dr.Domenico Lombardini

Free-lance translation, writing and proofreading activity in patent and scientific literature (from English to Italian, and vice versa). Use of translation programs, ie. Trados. My specialized fields are: medical, biological, botany, chemistry literature, as well as editorial publishing regarding biomedical research, both as translator and proof-reader. Also, I’m scientific freelance writer in medical advances, in English and Italian.
Keywords: proteins, chemistry, recombinant, patent, nutrizional, poetry, biochemistry, biochimica, genetics, genetica, gene, antibody, patent, brochure, law, italian, english, editorial translation, oncogene, gene patent, Genomics, Gene Silencing, Stem Cells, cell biology education, models, games, acarology, accidence, aceology AIDS Education AIDS Prevention Abnormal Psychology Academic and Research Libraries Accelerator Physics Accounting Acid Precipitation Acoustic Measurements and Instruments Acoustics Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Acting Actuarial Science Administration of Justice Administrative Law Adolescent Psychology Adolescents Adult Literacy Adult and Continuing Education Adults Advanced Energy Technology Advanced Technology Advertising Aerial Ecosystems Aerodynamics Aeronautical Engineering Aeronautical Propulsion Aeronautics Aerosols Aerospace Engineering Aerospace Medicine Aerothermodynamics Aesthetics Affective Development Affective Psychology Afghanistan Africa African Art African History African Languages African Literature African Studies African-American History African-American Literature African-American Studies Afro-Asiatic Languages Age Groups Aging Agribusiness Agricultural Chemistry Agricultural Cooperatives Agricultural Economics Agricultural Ecosystems Agricultural Education Agricultural Engineering Agricultural Policy Agriculture Agronomy Air Conditioning Systems Air Flow Air Pollution Air Quality Aircrafts Albania Albanian Studies Alcohol Education Alcoholism and Treatment Algebra Algebraic Geometry Algeria Algorithms All Disciplines Supported Allergic Diseases Allopathic Medicine Alternative Energy Alternative Fuels Alzheimers Disease Amblyopia American Art American Indian Languages American Literature American Material and Folk Culture American Music American Studies (United States) American Theatre Amorphous Materials Amphibious Warfare Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Analog Computers Analytical Chemistry Anatomical Systems Ancient Civilization Ancient History Ancient Philosophy Ancient Religions Anemia Anesthesiology Angola Animal Behavior Animal Ecology Animal Feeds and Nutrition Animal Genetics Animal Growth and Development Animal Migration Animal Morphology Animal Physiology Animal Production and Management Animal Reproduction Animal Research Ethics Animal Sciences Antarctic Antarctic Studies Anthropology Antigens Antigua and Barbuda Antisatellite Weapons Apiculture Applied Linguistics Applied Mathematics Applied Physics Applied Science Approximation Theory Aquaculture Aquatic Biology Aquatic Ecosystems Arab History Arab Studies Arabic Literature Archaeology Archaeometry Architectural Engineering Architectural Technology Architecture Archives Arctic Arctic Studies Area Studies Argentina Argentine Studies Armenia Arms Control Arrhythmia Art Conservation Art Criticism Art Education Art History Art Libraries Art Metalworking Art Theory Art Therapy Art Works Preservation Arteriosclerosis Arthritis Artificial Intelligence Artificial Languages Artistic Styles or Periods Arts Arts Administration Asia Asian Art Asian History Asian Literature Asian Studies Asteroids Asthma Astrometry Astronautics Astronomy Astrophysics Atmospheric Chemistry Atmospheric Dynamics Atmospheric Electricity Atmospheric Ionization Atmospheric Measurements and Instruments Atmospheric Optics Atmospheric Physics Atmospheric Radiation Atmospheric Sciences Atomic Physics Atrophic Disorders Audiology Auditing Australasian History Australia Australian Studies Austria Austronesian and Oceanic Languages Autecology Autism Automotive Engineering Aviation Azerbaijan Bacterial and Fungal Diseases Bacteriology Bahamas Bahrain Ballet Baltic Languages Bangladesh Bangladeshi Studies Barbados Basic Skills Education Bass Behavioral Disorders Behavioral Geriatrics Behavioral Medicine Behavioral Neuroscience Behavioral Pediatrics Behavioral Sciences Behavioral Toxicology Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Biblical Languages Biblical Studies Bibliographies Bilingual Education Biochemistry Biodiversity Bioelectromagnetics Bioenergy Bioengineering Biogeography Biography and Autobiography Bioinorganic Chemistry Biological Carcinogenesis Biological Instrumentation Biological Models Biology Bioluminescence Biomechanics Biomedicine Biometrics Bionics Biophysics Biopolymers Bioprocessing Biosensors Biotechnology Blood Banks Blood Transfusion Bolivia Bone Book Arts Borneo Bosnia-Hercegovina Botswana Brain Brass Instruments Brazil Brazilian Studies Breast Cancer British History British Studies Broadcasting Brunei Buddhism Building Materials Building Technology Bulgaria Bulgarian Studies Burkina Faso Burns Burundi Business Administration Business Education Business Ethics Business History Business Law Business or Industry Byzantine History Calvinism Cambodia Cameroon Canada Canadian History Canadian Studies Cancer Cancer Diagnosis and Detection Cancer Epidemiology Cancer Etiology Cancer Prevention and Control Cancer Radiotherapy Cancer Treatment Cape Verde Carbohydrates Carbon Carcinogenesis Cardiology Cardiomyopathies Cardiovascular Diseases and Disorders Cardiovascular Nursing Cardiovascular Pharmacology Cardiovascular System Career Counseling Career Education Caribbean Region Caribbean Studies Cartography Cartoons Catalysis Cataracts Catholicism Cell Biology Cello Cellular Pathology Cellular Physiology Celtic Languages Central Africa Central African Republic Central African Studies Central America Central American Studies Central Asia Ceramic Arts Ceramic Engineering Ceramic Materials Cerebral Palsy Cerebrovascular Disorders Chad Chaos Charity Chemical Carcinogenesis Chemical Engineering Chemical Fuels Chemical Hazards Chemical Instrumentation Chemical Kinetics Chemical Mechanics Chemical Oceanography Chemical Physics Chemical Propulsion Chemical Reactions Chemical Sensors Chemical Separation Chemical Synthesis Chemical Technology Chemical Thermodynamics Chemical Wastes Chemical and Biological Warfare Chemistry Chemistry of Elements and Compounds Child Adoption Child Behavior Disorders Child Development Child Development Disorders Child Psychology Children Childrens Literature Chile China (Peoples Republic of) Chinese Studies Chiropractic Choirs Choreography Choroidal Diseases Christianity Chromatography Cinema Studies Citizenship Civic Affairs Civil Engineering Civil Justice System Civil and Political Rights Civilization Classical Archaeology Classical Art Classical Civilization Classical Languages Classical Literature Classical Music Cleanup Technology Climate Dynamics and Climate Change Climatology Clinical Chemistry Clinical Dentistry Clinical Epidemiology Clinical Immunology Clinical Medicine Clinical Oncology Clinical Pharmacology Clinical Psychology Cloud Physics Clouds Coal Coal Combustion Coal Gasification Coal Liquefaction Coal Mining Coal Technology Coastal Ecosystems Coastal Geomorphology Coastal and Harbor Engineering Coding Theory Cognition Cognition Disorders Cognitive Development Cognitive Neurosciences Cognitive Psychology Colloid Chemistry Colombia Colombian Studies Colonial American History Coma Combat Engineering Combinatorics Combustion Comets Command-Control-Communications and Intelligence Commerce Commonwealth Literature Communication Communication Development Communication Networks Communication Skills Communication Systems Communications Engineering Communicative Disorders Communities Companion and Therapy Animals Comparative Education Comparative Literature Comparative Physiology Comparative Religion Comparative and Diachronic Linguistics Compensatory Education Complex Variables Complexity Theory Composite Materials Computation Computational Chemistry Computational Complexity Computational Fluid Dynamics Computational Physics Computer Aided Design Computer Aided Manufacturing Computer Applications Computer Architecture Computer Art Computer Assisted Instruction Computer Circuits Computer Engineering Computer Graphics Computer Hardware Computer Methods Computer Networks Computer Peripherals Computer Programming Computer Science Computer Security Computer Simulation and Modeling Computer Software Computer Storage Devices Computer Systems Computer Technology Computer Vision Concrete Structures Condensed Matter Physics Congo Connective Tissue Connective Tissue Diseases Conservation Education Constitutional Government Constitutional Law Construction Engineering Consulting Engineering Consumer Behavior Consumer Economics Contemporary Music Continuum Mechanics Contraception Control Systems Control Technology Control Theory Convulsive Disorders Cooperative Education Copper Corn Corneal Diseases Correctional Institutions and Procedures Corrosion Cosmic Radiation Cosmology Costa Rica Cote D-Ivoire Counseling and Guidance Crafts Craniofacial Anomalies Creative Writing Crime Causation Crime Prevention Crime Victims Criminal Behavior Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Policy Criminal Law Criminology Critical Patient Care Croatia Crop Science Cross-Cultural Studies Cryogenics Cryptology Crystallography Cuba Cultural Anthropology Cultural Geography Cultural History Cultural Pluralism Cultural Rights Cultural Studies Curatorship Curriculum Materials Cybernetics Cyprus Cystic Fibrosis Cytogenetics Czech Republic Czechoslovakian Studies DNA Sequencing Dairy Science Dance Data Analysis Data Communication Data Processing Databases Deafness Decision Science Decorative Arts Defense Policy Defensive Simulation or Modeling Dementia Democracy Demography Demyelinating Diseases and Disorders Denmark Dental Caries Dental Health and Hygiene Dental Pharmacology Dental Restorative Materials Dental Technology Dental and Oral Diseases and Disorders Dentistry Depression Dermatitis Dermatology Descriptive Linguistics Descriptive Statistics Design Arts Developing and Underdeveloped Countries Developmental Biology Developmental Genetics Developmental Neurobiology Developmental Psychology Diabetes Mellitus Diagnostic Medicine Diarrheal Diseases Dielectric Properties Diet in Health and Disease Dietetics Digestive System Digestive System Diseases Digital Computers Diplomacy Disability Treatment or Management Disadvantaged Disarmament Disaster Preparedness Discrete Mathematics Diseases and Disorders Dispute Resolution and Arbitration Distributed Computing Systems Djibouti Document Preservation Dominica Dominican Republic Dosimetry Drama Drawing Drinking Water Dropouts Drug Education Drug Therapy Drug Toxicology Dynamic Oceanography Early American Literature Early Childhood Education Earth Observation Earth Sciences Earthquake Engineering Earthquakes East Asia East Asian Studies East European Studies East and Southeast Asian Languages East-West Relations Eastern Africa Eastern African Studies Eastern Europe Eating Disorders Ecological Relationships Ecology Econometrics Economic Development Economic Geography Economic Geology Economic History Economic Policy Economic Systems Economics Economics Education Ecosystems Ecuador Ecuadorian Studies Education Education of the Blind Education of the Deaf Educational Administration Educational Assessment Educational Curriculum Studies Educational Equity Educational Finance Educational Measurement Educational Philosophy Educational Planning Educational Policy Educational Psychology Educational Systems and Institutions Educational Technology Educational Testing Educational Trends Egypt Egyptian Studies Eighteenth-Century American History Eighteenth-Century History El Salvador Elasticity Elderly Electric Batteries Electric Engineering Electrical Energy Electrical Networks Electrical Properties of Substances Electrical Propulsion Electricity Electro-Optics Electrochemistry Electromagnetic Materials Electromagnetism Electron Microscopy Electronic Circuits and Technology Electronic Equipment and Devices Electronic Warfare Electronics Electronics Systems Electronics Technology Electrophysiology Elementary Education Elementary Particle Physics Em Waves Embryology Emergency Treatment Emission Control Emotional Stress Employee Benefits Endocrine Diseases Endocrine System Endocrinology Endodontics Energetic Materials Energy Energy Conservation Energy Consumption Energy Conversion Energy Development Energy Economics Energy Instrumentation Energy Management Energy Policy Energy Production Energy Storage Energy Systems Energy Technology Energy Transfer Engineering Engineering Design Engineering Education Engineering Geology Engineering Management Engines English As A Second Language English Language English Literature Enology Entomology Environmental Assessment Environmental Chemistry Environmental Conservation Environmental Design Environmental Economics Environmental Education Environmental Engineering Environmental Genetics Environmental Health Environmental Health Risk Assessment Environmental Law Environmental Management Environmental Medicine Environmental Monitoring Environmental Planning Environmental Policy Environmental Pollution Environmental Protection Environmental Quality Environmental Restoration Environmental Safety Assessment Environmental Sciences Environmental Sociology Environmental Toxicology Enzymes Epidemiology Epigraphy Epilepsy Equations Equatorial Guinea Equine Medicine Ergonomics Estonia Estuarine Ecology Estuarine Ecosystems Ethics Ethiopia Ethnic Art Ethnic Minorities Ethnic and Racial Group Studies Ethnography Ethnohistory Ethnology Ethnomusicology Europe European Community European History European Literature European Politics European Studies Evolution Exact Sciences Exercise Physiology Exhibit Design and Fabrication Experimental Physics Experimental Psychology Expert Systems Explosives Technology Extraterrestrial Life Eye Diseases Family Behavior Family Ecology Family Economics Family Planning Family Practice Medicine Family Relations Family Violence and Child Abuse Farm and Ranch Management Fatigue and Fracture Feminism Fertility Regulation Fertility and Sterility Fertilizers Fiber Arts Fiber Optics Fiction Fiji Film Film Preservation Finance Financial Institutions Fine Arts Finland Fire and Flammability Fisheries Fission Energy Flight Control Flight Dynamics Flight Testing Floriculture Flow Fluid Dynamics Fluid Mechanics Fluid Physics Flute Fluvial Geomorphology Folk Art Folklore Food Chains Food Chemistry or Analysis Food Management Food Packaging Food Processing Food Production Food Safety Food Service Food Technology Foods and Food Science Foreign Languages Education Foreign Literature Foreign Policy Forest Ecology Forest Economics Forest Ecosystems Forest Fires Forest Genetics Forest Pest Management Forest Resources Forest and Tree Diseases Forestry Fossil Fuels France Free Enterprise French History French Language French Literature French Studies Freshwater Ecosystems Fuel Alcohols Fuel Cells Fuel Technology Functional Analysis Fusion Energy Gabon Gambia Games Theory Gangs Gas Physics Gas Separation Gastroenterology Gender Bias Gender Studies Genetic Engineering Genetic Mapping Genetics Geochemistry Geochronology Geodesy Geodetic Surveying Geodynamics Geographic Information Systems Geographic Locations Geography Geography Education Geology Geomagnetism Geomechanics Geometry Geomorphology Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Geophysics Georgia Geotechnology Geothermal Energy Geriatric Pharmacology Geriatric Psychology Geriatrics German History German Studies Germanic Languages Germanic Literature Germany Gerontology Ghana Gifted or Talented Education Glaciology Glass Art Glaucoma Global Environmental Change Government Government Regulations Graduate Education Grain Grammar Graphic Arts Graphic Design Gravitation Gravitational Biology Greece Greek Language Greek Literature Greek Studies Grenada Ground Support Systems and Equipment Ground Water Group Behavior Group Theory Growth Factors Guatemala Guinea Guinea-Bissau Guyana HIV Haiti Handicapped Handicapped Children and Youth Handicapped Education Hazardous Materials Hazardous Wastes Health Health Care Health Care Administration Health Care Delivery Health Communications Health Costs Health Economics Health Education Health Effects of Alcohol Use Health Effects of Tobacco Health Facilities Health Information Systems Health Insurance Health Physics Health Policy Health Promotion Health Psychology Health Services Hearing Heart Diseases Heat Engineering Heat Transfer Heating Systems Hematologic Diseases Hematology Hemophilia Hepatitis Hereditary Diseases High Energy Physics High Temperature Physics High-Pressure Chemistry Higher Education Hinduism Hispanic Studies Histology Historic Preservation Historical Geography Historical Linguistics Historical Methodologies and Styles Historiography History History of Architecture History of Medicine History of Philosophy History of Religion History of Science History of Social Sciences History of Technology Holistic Medicine Holography Home Economics Hormones Horticulture Hospitals and Clinics Hotel and Restaurant Management Housing Human Anatomy Human Ecology Human Factors Engineering Human Genome Human Growth and Development Human Pregnancy Human Reproduction Human Resources Management Human Rights Humanities Humanities Education Hungarian Studies Hungary Huntingtons Chorea Hydraulic Engineering Hydrodynamics Hydrography Hydrology Hyperbaric Medicine Hypersonics Hypertension Iceland Icelandic Studies Ichthyology Image Processing Imaging Technology Immigration Policy Immune System Immunobiology Immunochemistry Immunogenetics Immunologic Diseases Immunology Immunopathology Immunotherapy Implant Dentistry Incineration Income Security India Indian Studies Indo-European Languages Indonesia Indonesian Studies Indoor Air Pollution Industrial Arts Education Industrial Design Industrial Economics Industrial Engineering Industrial Psychology Industrial Technology Inertial Fusion Infants Infectious Diseases Information Management Information Processing Information Retrieval Information Science Information Storage Information Storage Systems Information Systems Information Technology Information Theory Infrared Astronomy Infrared Detectors Infrared Photochemistry Inorganic Chemistry Instructional Television Instrumental Music Instruments Insurance Integrated Hardware Software Systems Integrated Optics Intellectual Freedom Intellectual History Intelligence Interface Physics Interior Architecture Interior Design Intermediate Sanctions Internal Medicine International Agriculture International Economics International Education International Finance International Law International Politics International Relations International Security International Studies International Trade and Business Interpersonal Communication Interstellar Space Invertebrates Ionosphere Iran Iranian Studies Iranic Languages Iraq Ireland (Republic of) Irish Studies Islam Isotopes Israel Israeli Studies Italian History Italian Language Italian Literature Italian Studies Italy Jamaica Japan Japanese Language Japanese Studies Journalism Judaism Junior High School Education Junior or Community College Jurisprudence Juvenile Delinquency Kazakhstan Kenya Keyboard Instruments Kidney Diseases Kinetics Korean Studies Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Labor Economics Labor Relations Labor Studies Laboratory Animal Science and Medicine Laboratory or Test Facilities Land Economics Land Pollution Land Resources Land Use Landfills Landscape Architecture Language Language Acquisition Language Arts Education Laos Laser Fusion Laser Physics Laser Spectroscopy Lasers and Masers Latin Latin American History Latin American Literature Latin American Studies Latvia Law Law Enforcement Law Libraries Lead Leadership Learning Lebanon Legal Education Legal History Legal Information Systems Legal Practice and Procedure Legislatures Leisure Studies Leprosy Lesotho Leukemia Lexicography Liberia Libraries Library Administration Library Automation Library Cataloging and Classification Library Collection Development Library Information Networks Library Science Library Service to Children and Youth Library Services Libya Life Sciences Lighting Design Limnology Linear Algebra Linguistic Anthropology Linguistics Lipids Literacy Literary Analysis Literary Criticism Literary Forms and Genres Literary Research Literature Lithuania Liver Diseases Livestock Local and Municipal Government Logic Logic Design Logic and Switching Circuits Lunar Sciences Lung Cancer Lupus Luxembourg Lymphatic System Lymphatic System Diseases Macroeconomics Madagascar Magazines Magnetic Fusion Magnetic Technology Magnetism Magnetohydrodynamics Magnetospheric Physics Malawi Malaysia Mali Malnutrition Malta Mammalogy Man-Machine Systems Management Management Information Systems Manufacturing Engineering Manufacturing Processes Marine Animals Marine Biology Marine Ecosystems Marine Engineering Marine Geology Marine Geophysics Marine Meteorology Marine Plants Marketing Mars Marshall Islands Marxism Mass Communication Mass Media Mass Spectroscopy Materials Materials Characterization Materials Chemistry Materials Engineering Materials Processing Materials Reliability Materials Sciences Materials Synthesis Materials Technology Materials Testing Maternal and Child Health Mathematical Analysis Mathematical Economics Mathematical Foundations Mathematical Logic Mathematical Optimization Mathematical Physics Mathematical Simulation and Models Mathematical Statistics Mathematics Mathematics Education Mauritania Mauritius Measurement Science Meat Science Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Systems Mechanics Media Arts Medical Education Medical Ethics Medical Instrumentation Medical Libraries Medical Sciences Medical or Diagnostic Imaging Medicinal Chemistry Medieval Art Medieval English Literature Medieval History Medieval Languages Medieval Philosophy Mediterranean Studies Membrane Electrochemistry Memory Mens Studies Mental Health Mental Health Services Mental Health of the Elderly Mental Retardation Mesoscale Meteorology Metabolic Biology Metabolism Metallic Materials Metallurgical Engineering Metallurgy Meteorites and Meteors and Meteoroids Meteorology Mexican Studies Mexico Microbial Ecology Microbiology Microeconomics Microgravity Science Micronesia (Federated States of) Microscopy Microsensors Microwaves Middle America Middle East Middle Eastern Studies Middle School Education Middle-Aged Adults Migrant Education Military Command and Control Military Communications Military History Military Intelligence Military Logistics Military Medicine Military Navigation and Guidance Military Personnel and Training Military Psychology Military Sciences Military Strategy and Tactics Mime Mineland Reclamation Mineral Resources Mineralogy Mining Engineering Minority Education Minority Policy Studies Missiles Missing and Exploited Children Mixed Media Mixed-Phase Chemistry Modern History Modern Languages Moldova Molecular Biology Molecular Chemistry Molecular Genetics Molecular Parasitology Molecular Pathology Molecular Physics Molecular Spectroscopy Monetary Systems Mongolia Morbidity and Mortality Morocco Mozambique Multicultural Education Multiple Sclerosis Muscle Muscular Dystrophy Musculoskeletal Diseases and Disorders Musculoskeletal System Museology Museum Administration Museum Collection Conservation and Preservation Museum Collection Development Museum Operations Museum Public Affairs Museum Public Education Museum Registration and Cataloging Music Music Education Music History Music Therapy Musical Composition Musical Conducting Musical Instruments Musical Theatre Musicology Mutagenics Myanmar Myasthenia Gravis Mycology Namibia Nanotechnology National Security Native American Studies Natural Areas Conservation Natural Gas Technology Natural Hazards and Disasters Natural History Natural Language and Speech Understanding Natural Resources Natural Resources Conservation Natural Resources Management Natural Resources Policy Natural Sciences Naval Architecture Nematology Neonatal Diseases and Congenital Defects Nepal Nephrology Nervous System Nervous System Diseases and Disorders Netherlandic Studies Netherlands Neural Networks Neuroanatomy Neurobiology Neurochemistry Neuroendocrinology Neuroengineering Neuroimmunology Neurology Neuronal Activity Neuropathology Neuropharmacology Neurophysiology Neuropsychology Neurosciences Neurosurgery Neurotoxicology Neurotransmitters New Zealand New Zealand Studies Newspapers Nicaragua Niger Nigeria Nineteenth-Century American History Nineteenth-Century American Literature Nineteenth-Century Art Nineteenth-Century English Literature Nineteenth-Century History Noise Pollution Nonfiction Nonlinear Optical Materials Nonlinear Optics Nonlinear Physics Nonprofit Sector North America North American Studies North Asian Languages North Central United States Studies North Korea Northeastern United States Studies Northern Africa Northern African Studies Northern Irish Studies Norway Norwegian Studies Nosocomial Infections Novels Nuclear Accelerators Nuclear Chemistry Nuclear Energy Nuclear Energy Risk Assessment Nuclear Engineering Nuclear Fission Nuclear Fuels Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Nuclear Materials Nuclear Materials Transport Nuclear Medicine Nuclear Physics Nuclear Power Plants Nuclear Reactors Nuclear Safety Nuclear Sciences Nuclear Weapons Nuclear and Radioactive Hazards Nuclear and Radioactive Wastes Number Theory Numerical Analysis Numismatics Nurse Practitioner Nursery Stock Nursing Nursing Administration Nursing Education Nursing Homes Nutrition Nutrition Education Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases Nutritional Aspects of Disease Nutritional Physiology Obesity Oboe Obstetrics Occupational Diseases Occupational Medicine Occupational Safety Occupational Therapy Ocean Acoustics Ocean Engineering Ocean Mining Ocean Optics Oceania Oceanographic Instrumentation Oceanography Oil Oil Shale Olfaction Oman Onchocerciasis Oncologic Nursing Oncology Opera Operations Research Ophthalmology Opportunity Restricted to Minorities - Minority Institutions Opportunity Restricted to Women Opportunity for Junior Faculty Optical Astronomy Optical Communications Optical Computers Optical Engineering Optical Measurements and Instruments Optical Properties of Substances Optics Optoelectronic Devices Optometry Oral History Oral Interpretation Oral Literature Oral Surgery Organ Organ Transplantation Organic Chemistry Organic Materials Organizational Adaptation Organizational Theory and Behavior Organized Crime Organometallic Chemistry Oriental Languages Ornithology Orphan Drugs Orthodontics Orthopedics Osteopathic Medicine Otolaryngology Pacific Islands Studies Pain Painting Pakistan Pakistani Studies Paleobiology Paleoclimatology Paleoecology Paleography Paleolimnology Paleomagnetism Paleontology Panama Pancreatic Diseases Papua New Guinea Paraguay Paraguayan Studies Parallel Processing Systems Paralysis Parapsychology Parasitic Diseases Parasitology Parenteral Drugs and Nutrients Parkinsons Disease Parks and Recreation Management Particle Accelerators Particle Measurements and Instruments Particle Optics Particle Physics Pathobiology Pathology Patient Care Pattern Recognition Pay Equity Peace Pediatric Neurology Pediatric Nursing Pediatric Pharmacology Pediatric Surgery Pediatrics Pediatrics and Nutrition Peptides Perception Percussion Instruments Performing Arts Perinatology Periodontal Diseases Periodontics Personality Development Personality Disorders Peru Pest Management Pesticides Petrochemistry Petroleum Engineering Petroleum Technology Petrology Pharmaceutics Pharmacokinetics Pharmacology Pharmacy Pharmacy Administration Phase Transformations Philanthropy Philippine Studies Philippines Philosophy Philosophy of Law Philosophy of Religion Philosophy of Science Phonetics Photobiology Photocatalysis Photochemistry Photoconversion Photoelectrochemistry Photogrammetry Photography Photojournalism Photonics Photosynthesis Photovoltaics Physical Acoustics Physical Carcinogenesis Physical Chemistry Physical Education Physical Geography Physical Geology Physical Oceanography Physical Sciences Physical Therapy Physical and Biological Anthropology Physics Physiology Piano Planetary Atmospheres Planetary Biology Planetary Geology Planetary Moon Planetary Physics Planetary Sciences Plant Adaptation Plant Anatomy Plant Biology Plant Ecology Plant Genetics and Plant Genome Plant Growth and Development Plant Metabolism Plant Molecular Biology Plant Nutrition Plant Pathology Plant Physiology Plant Sciences Plasma Plasma Physics Plastic Arts Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery Plastics and Synthetics Technology Plate Tectonics Podiatry Poetry Poison Control Poland Polar Regions Polish Studies Political Behavior Political Economics Political History and Theory Political Ideologies Political Leadership Political Science Politics Pollution Control Polymer Chemistry Polymer Physics Polymers Population Control Population Distribution Population Dynamics Population Ecology Population Genetics Population Geography Population Migration Population Studies Portugal Portuguese Language Portuguese Literature Portuguese Studies Postgraduate Education Postsecondary Education Poultry Science Poverty Poverty Programs Power Systems Precipitation Systems Premenstrual Syndrome Preschool Education Preservation of Library Materials Preventive Cardiology Preventive Dentistry Preventive Medicine Primary Education Primatology Print Making Print Media Printing and Publishing History Private and Parochial Education Probability Probes and Satellites Production Engineering Productivity Professional Education Programming Languages Propellants Propulsion Propulsion Technology Prose Prostate Cancer Prosthetic Devices Prosthodontics Protein Engineering Proteins Protestantism Psoriasis Psychiatric Nursing Psychiatry Psychoactive Agents Psychoanalysis Psychobiology Psycholinguistics Psychology Psychology of Women Psychometrics Psychopathology Psychopharmacology Psychophysics Psychosexual Behavior Psychosexual Development Psychosocial Development Psychotherapy Psychotic Disorders Public Administration Public Affairs Public Education Public Health Public Libraries Public Opinion Public Policy Public Radio and Television Public Relations Public Utilities Law Pulmonary Medicine Pulmonary Vascular Disease Pulsed Electronic Spectroscopy Purchasing or Procurement Qatar Quantum Chemistry Quantum Electronics Quantum Mechanics Quantum Optics Quantum Physics Race Relations Radar Radiation Radiation Biology Radiation Chemistry Radiation Effects Radiation Measurements and Instruments Radiation Physics Radio Communications Radio and Radar Astronomy Radio and Television Radiology Radiopharmaceuticals Radiotherapy Radon Rangeland Management Reading Reading Education Real Variables Records Management Recreation and Sport Recycling Reef Ecosystems Refractory Materials Regional Planning Regional Science Regulatory Biology Rehabilitation Rehabilitation Engineering Rehabilitation Psychology Relativity Religious Studies Religious Systems Remedial Education Remote Sensing Renaissance Renaissance Art Renaissance English Literature Renewable Energy Resources Renewable Resources Reproductive Biochemistry Reproductive Biology Reproductive Physiology Resource Development and Exploration Respiratory System Respiratory Tract Diseases Restoration and Eighteen-Century English Literature Retinal Diseases Retirement Reunion Reyes Syndrome Rheumatology Rice Ring Theory Riparian Ecosystems Robotics Romance Languages Romance Literature Romania Romanian Studies Runaway and Homeless Youth Rural Education Rural Planning Rural Poverty Rural Sociology Rural Studies Russia Russian Language Russian Literature Russian and Soviet History Russian and Soviet Studies Rwanda Safety Engineering Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Salivary Secretions Sanitary Engineering Satellite Communications Saudi Arabia Scandinavia Scandinavian Literature Scandinavian Studies Schistosomiasis (Snail Fever) Schizophrenia School Counseling School Libraries and Media Centers School Organization School and Community Relations Science Science Education Science Ethics and Values Science Journalism Science Policy Science Writing Scientific Information Systems Scleroderma Screenplays Sculpture Sea Surface Waves Secondary Education Sediment Transport Sedimentology Seed Production Seismology Semantics Semiconductors Senegal Sensors Sensory System Sensory System Diseases Separation Science Set Design Set Theory Seventeenth-Century History Sewage Disposal and Handling Sex Education Sex Roles Sexual Abuse and Rape Sexual Dysfunction Sexually Transmitted Diseases Seychelles Shakespeare Short Stories Sickle Cell Disease Sierra Leone Sign Language Signal Processing and Detection Singapore Singing Sino-Tibetan Languages Skin Skin Diseases Slavic Languages Slavic Literature Sleep Disorders Slovak Republic Slovenia Small Business Snow and Ice Geophysics Social Anthropology Social Behavior Disorders Social Change Social Development Social Geography Social Groups Social History Social Justice Social Measurement and Indicators Social Problems Social Psychology Social Science Education Social Sciences Social Security and Welfare Law Social Services Social Structure Social Welfare Social Work Socialization Sociobiology Socioeconomics Sociolinguistics Sociology Sociology of Communication Sociology of Medicine Sociology of Religion Sociology of Science Software Engineering Soil Chemistry Soil Conservation Soil Genesis Soil Mechanics Soil Physics Soil Resources Soil Science Solar Energy Solar Fuels Solar Heating Solar Physics Solar Radiation Solar System Solar-Terrestrial Interactions Solar-Terrestrial Physics Solid Mechanics Solid State Chemistry Solid State Electronics Solid State Physics Solid State Technology Solid Waste Solution Chemistry Somalia Soybeans Space Biology Space Life Sciences Space Missions Space Physics Space Propulsion and Power Space Radiation Effects Space Sciences Space Systems Space Technology Spacecraft and Space Stations Spain Spanish History Spanish Language Spanish Literature Spanish Studies Special Education Special Groups or Populations Special Libraries Spectroscopy Speech Communication Speech Education Speech Pathology Speech Therapy Speleology Spent Fuel Storage Spinal Cord Injuries Sports Medicine Sri Lanka Stars State Government Statistical Computing Statistical Mechanics Statistics Steam Power Steam Supply Stellar Physics Stochastic Processes Storytelling Strabismus Strategic Planning Stratigraphy String Instruments String Quartet Structural Biology Structural Chemistry Structural Engineering Structural Geology Structural Mechanics Submarine Diving Submicron Electronics Substance Abuse Prevention Substance Abuse and Treatment Substance Dependence Sudan Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Suicide Sun Supercomputers Superconducting and Magnetic Materials Superconductivity Surface Chemistry Surface Physics Surface Science Surface Water Surgery Suriname Surveillance Technology Survey Methods Surveying Sustainable Agriculture Sustainable Energy Future Swaziland Sweden Swedish Studies Swine Switching Theory Switzerland Symphony Orchestra Synchrotron Radiation Synecology Syntax Synthetic Fuels Syria Systematic Biology Systematic Philosophy Systems Analysis Systems Engineering Systems of Medicine Tactile Sense Taiwan (Republic of China) Taiwanese Studies Tajikistan Tanzania Tar Sands Task Performance and Analysis Taxes and Taxation Taxonomy Teacher Education Teaching Methods Technology Technology Education Technology Management Technology Policy Technology Transfer Tectonics Teenage Pregnancy Telecommunication Telescopes Teratology Terrestrial Ecology Terrestrial Ecosystems Textiles and Apparel Thailand Thalassemia Theatre Arts Theology Theoretical Chemistry Theoretical Linguistics Theoretical Physics Therapeutic Recreation Therapeutics Thermochemistry Thermodynamic Processes Thermodynamics Thin Films Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Thrombosis Tobacco Togo Topography Topology Tourettes Syndrome Tourism and Travel Toxicology Trachoma Traffic Engineering Transducers Translation Transplantation Biology Transportation Transportation Engineering Trauma Tribology Trinidad and Tobago Tropical Biology Tropical Diseases Tropical Ecosystems Tropical Forests Tropical Tree Plantations Trumpet Tuberculosis Tumor Biology Tumor Immunology Tunisia Turf or Ornamental Grass Turkey Turkish Studies Turkmenistan Twentieth-Century American History Twentieth-Century Art Twentieth-Century History Uganda Ukraine Ultrasonics Ultraviolet Photochemistry Ultraviolet Radiation Ultraviolet Spectroscopy Undergraduate Education Undersea Warfare Undersea Weapons Systems Unemployment United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Congress United States Foreign Relations United States History United States Politics United States Presidents University Administration Uralic-Altaic Language Uranus Urban Design Urban Development Urban Education Urban Planning Urban Poverty Urban Sociology Urban Studies Urbanism Urogenital Diseases Urogenital System Urology Uruguay Uruguayan Studies Uzbekistan Vaccines Vacuum Metallurgy Vacuum Physics Vacuum Science Vacuum Technology Values Education Vascular Diseases Vatican City Venezuela Venezuelan Studies Vertebrates Very Large Scale Integration Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Pathology Veterinary Pharmacology Veterinary Surgery Veterinary Toxicology Video Art Vietnam Viola Violent Crime Violin Viral Carcinogenesis Viral Diseases Virology Vision Visual Arts Viticulture Vocal Music Vocational Education Vocational Rehabilitation Voice Language Volcanology Voluntarism Warfare Waste Management Waste Reduction Waste Water Treatment Water Chemistry Water Conservation Water Policy Water Pollution Water Power Water Quality Water Resources Water Supply Watercolor Wave Physics Weapons Weapons Effects Weather Forecasting Weather Modification Weed Science Welding Welfare West African Studies West Asian Languages West European Studies Western Africa Western Civilization Western Europe Western Samoa Western United States Studies Wetland Ecosystems Wetlands Ecology Wheat Wild Animals Wildlife Management Wildlife Protection Wind Instruments Wind Power Women in Literature Women in Society Womens History Womens Studies Wood Resources Work and Employment Writing Writing Skills X-Ray Astronomy Yemen Youth Employment Youth Policy Studies Yugoslavia Zaire Zambia Zimbabwe Zinc Zoo Animals Zoological Parks Zoology acology acoustics adenology aedoeology aerobiology aerodonetics aerodynamics aerolithology aerology aeronautics aerophilately aerostatics agonistics agriology agrobiology agrology agronomics agrostology alethiology algedonics algology anaesthesiology anaglyptics anagraphy anatomy andragogy anemology angelology angiology anthropobiology anthropology aphnology apiology arachnology archaeology archelogy archology arctophily areology aretaics aristology arthrology astacology astheniology astrogeology astrology astrometeorology astronomy astrophysics astroseismology atmology audiology autecology autology auxology avionics axiology bacteriology balneology barodynamics barology batology bibliology bibliotics bioecology biology biometrics bionomics botany bromatology brontology bryology cacogenics caliology calorifics cambistry campanology carcinology cardiology caricology carpology cartography cartophily castrametation catacoustics catalactics catechectics cetology chalcography chalcotriptics chaology characterology chemistry chirocosmetics chirography chirology chiropody chorology chrematistics chronobiology chrysology ciselure climatology clinology codicology coleopterology cometology conchology coprology cosmetology cosmology craniology criminology cryobiology cryptology cryptozoology ctetology cynology cytology dactyliology dactylography dactylology deltiology demology demonology dendrochronology dendrology deontology dermatoglyphics dermatology desmology diabology diagraphics dialectology dioptrics diplomatics diplomatology docimology dosiology dramaturgy dysgenics dysteleology ecclesiology eccrinology ecology economics edaphology Egyptology ekistics electrochemistry electrology electrostatics embryology emetology emmenology endemiology endocrinology enigmatology entomology entozoology enzymology ephebiatrics epidemiology epileptology epistemology eremology ergology ergonomics escapology eschatology ethnogeny ethnology ethnomethodology ethnomusicology ethology ethonomics etiology etymology euthenics exobiology floristry fluviology folkloristics futurology garbology gastroenterology gastronomy gemmology genealogy genesiology genethlialogy geochemistry geochronology geogeny geogony geography geology geomorphogeny geoponics geotechnics geratology gerocomy gerontology gigantology glaciology glossology glyptography glyptology gnomonics gnosiology gnotobiology graminology grammatology graphemics graphology gromatics gynaecology gyrostatics haemataulics hagiology halieutics hamartiology harmonics hedonics helcology heliology helioseismology helminthology hematology heortology hepatology heraldry heresiology herpetology hierology hippiatrics hippology histology histopathology historiography historiology homiletics hoplology horography horology horticulture hydrobiology hydrodynamics hydrogeology hydrography hydrokinetics hydrology hydrometeorology hydropathy hyetology hygiastics hygienics hygiology hygrology hygrometry hymnography hymnology hypnology hypsography iamatology iatrology iatromathematics ichnography ichnology ichthyology iconography iconology ideogeny ideology idiomology idiopsychology immunogenetics immunology immunopathology insectology irenology iridology kalology karyology kidology kinematics kinesics kinesiology kinetics koniology ktenology kymatology labeorphily larithmics laryngology lepidopterology leprology lexicology lexigraphy lichenology limacology limnobiology limnology linguistics lithology liturgiology loimology loxodromy magirics magnanerie magnetics malacology malariology mammalogy manège Mariology martyrology mastology mathematics mazology mechanics meconology melittology mereology mesology metallogeny metallography metallurgy metaphysics metapolitics metapsychology meteoritics meteorology metrics metrology microanatomy microbiology microclimatology micrology micropalaeontology microphytology microscopy mineralogy molinology momilogy morphology muscology museology musicology mycology myology myrmecology mythology naology nasology nautics nematology neonatology neossology nephology nephrology neurobiology neurology neuropsychology neurypnology neutrosophy nidology nomology noology nosology nostology notaphily numerology numismatics nymphology obstetrics oceanography oceanology odology odontology oenology oikology olfactology ombrology oncology oneirology onomasiology onomastics ontology oology ophiology ophthalmology optics optology optometry orchidology ornithology orology orthoepy orthography orthopterology oryctology osmics osmology osphresiology osteology otology otorhinolaryngology paedology paedotrophy paidonosology palaeoanthropology palaeobiology palaeoclimatology palaeolimnology palaeolimnology palaeontology palaeopedology paleobotany paleo-osteology palynology papyrology parapsychology parasitology paroemiology parthenology pataphysics pathology patrology pedagogics pedology pelology penology periodontics peristerophily pestology petrology pharmacognosy pharmacology pharology pharyngology phenology phenomenology philately philematology phillumeny philology philosophy phoniatrics phonology photobiology phraseology phrenology phycology physics physiology phytology piscatology pisteology planetology plutology pneumatics podiatry podology polemology pomology posology potamology praxeology primatology proctology prosody protistology proxemics psalligraphy psephology pseudology pseudoptics psychobiology psychogenetics psychognosy psychology psychopathology psychophysics pteridology pterylology pyretology pyrgology pyroballogy pyrography quinology raciology radiology reflexology rhabdology rhabdology rheology rheumatology rhinology rhochrematics runology sarcology satanology scatology schematonics sciagraphy scripophily sedimentology seismology selenodesy selenology semantics semantology semasiology semiology semiotics serology sexology siderography sigillography significs silvics sindonology Sinology sitology sociobiology sociology somatology sophiology soteriology spectrology spectroscopy speleology spermology sphagnology sphragistics sphygmology splanchnology spongology stasiology statics stemmatology stoichiology stomatology storiology stratigraphy stratography stylometry suicidology symbology symptomatology synecology synectics syntax syphilology systematology taxidermy tectonics tegestology teleology telmatology teratology teuthology textology thalassography thanatology thaumatology theology theriatrics theriogenology thermodynamics thermokinematics thermology therology thremmatology threpsology tidology timbrology tocology tonetics topology toponymics toreutics toxicology toxophily traumatology tribology trichology trophology tsiganology turnery typhlology typography typology ufology uranography uranology urbanology urenology urology venereology vermeology vexillology victimology vinology virology vitrics volcanology vulcanology xylography xylology zenography zoiatrics zooarchaeology zoochemistry zoogeography zoogeology zoology zoonomy zoonosology zoopathology zoophysics zoophysiology zoophytology zoosemiotics zootaxy zootechnics zygology zymology zymurgy

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