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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Oct 21 '10 eng>esl commute expenses Viáticos pro closed ok
4 May 4 '10 eng>esl shall not at any time incur any liability to the undersigned no incurrirá EN ninguna obligación para con el abajofirmante pro closed no
- May 4 '10 eng>esl Accrued (obligaciones) devengadas pro closed ok
4 May 4 '10 eng>esl hereunder or under any doc relating hereto to which it is or is to be a party ...del que sea parte actualmente o en el futuro. pro closed ok
4 May 4 '10 eng>esl however evidenced ...independientemente del modo en que se pruebe esta condición... pro closed ok
4 May 3 '10 eng>esl net of any actual withholding or similar taxes neto de retenciones e impuestos pro closed ok
- Nov 26 '09 esl>eng en un marco total de previsibilidad in a totally predictable context pro closed no
- Nov 26 '09 esl>eng en virtud del presente contrato by virtue hereof pro closed ok
- Nov 26 '09 esl>eng desempeñar el cargo to hold office as pro closed ok
- Oct 30 '09 esl>eng Repudiación de Herencia Waiver of inheritance rights pro closed ok
- Jul 23 '08 eng>esl or other chooses in action Nota del traductor (ver abajo) pro closed ok
- Jun 10 '08 eng>esl Frustration of Purpose imposibilidad de cumplir con el objeto (del contrato) pro closed ok
- May 29 '08 esl>eng ante . . . frente a before... and before pro closed no
- May 15 '08 esl>eng sustantividad substantivity pro closed ok
4 May 14 '08 eng>esl shall be absent any imperative law ...será dirimido -salvo ley imperativa en contrario- por... pro closed ok
- May 6 '08 eng>esl To the extent Si hubiere... pro closed ok
- May 6 '08 esl>eng (pagadero) a la vista (payable) on demand pro closed ok
- Jul 20 '07 esl>eng no se entienden do not make sense pro closed ok
- May 29 '07 esl>eng me requiere a mí el Notario para que le requiera personalmente I, Notary, am requested to personally ask you to provide information about the following factual ... pro closed ok
4 May 24 '07 eng>esl for which it clears a quienes presta servicio de compensación de títulos pro closed ok
- May 7 '07 eng>esl best efforts basis sobre la base del mejor esfuerzo pro closed ok
3 Apr 17 '07 esl>eng extremos acreditados stated facts pro closed ok
- Apr 16 '07 esl>eng tiene la intención de asociarse willing to... pro closed ok
- Apr 16 '07 eng>esl FEES (in this context) comisiones, cargos pro closed ok
- Oct 10 '06 esl>eng Propiedad (in this context) Premises pro just_closed no
- Oct 6 '06 eng>esl generality of the foregoing Sin perjucio de la generalidad de lo que antecede... pro closed no
- Oct 2 '06 esl>eng que la Ley le confiera granted by law pro closed no
4 Sep 29 '06 esl>eng se constituyeron . . . para presenciar . . . appeared... to witness... pro closed ok
- Sep 27 '06 esl>eng entire phrase below Withholdings & income advances, income from leases and subleases of city real estates pro closed ok
- Sep 20 '06 eng>esl fraudulent misstatement declaración dolosa / manifestación dolosa pro closed ok
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