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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Dec 13 '05 esl>eng MOV Mobile number pro closed ok
- Jul 14 '13 esl>eng emergencia ocupacional Health and Safety (in the Workplace) Policies and Procedures pro closed no
- Jul 9 '13 fra>eng dans chacun des regards qui la mène perspective / focus pro closed no
- Jun 18 '13 esl>eng Desplazamiento (en este contexto) Travelling pro closed ok
- May 15 '13 esl>eng que se muestra consecutiva Who takes on the mantle of each type of composition and performs the work with effortless aplomb pro closed ok
- May 7 '13 fra>eng vomissement gravidique Emesis Gravidarum pro closed ok
- Apr 21 '13 fra>eng récupérateur de mégots in-built compartment which allows you to stub out your cigarette and store the ends pro closed no
- Apr 21 '13 fra>eng récupérateur de mégots smoke, stub and stash pro closed no
- Apr 20 '13 esl>eng Una noche de invierno anunciaba las nueve en un reloj muy alto de madera, que cr It was a winter night. A tall, wooden clock, more shadowy tree than timepiece easy closed no
4 Mar 14 '13 fra>eng support de causerie Online Support and Discussion Platform/Forum pro closed ok
- Mar 7 '13 fra>eng promoteur(s) sponsor(s) pro closed no
- Feb 21 '13 esl>eng Una vez realizadas y superadas las evaluaciones del curso Having met the course requirements, and the qualifications having been achieved/attained ... pro open no
4 Jan 31 '13 esl>eng reseñado civilmente Reviewed civilly pro closed ok
- Jul 24 '12 esl>eng P.R a mi cargo se ha inscrito... Don't need to translate it pro closed no
- Jul 15 '12 esl>eng habitalización devolving greater powers to local authorites pro closed ok
- Jul 5 '12 fra>eng fiscalité d'exploitation corporation tax pro just_closed no
- Jul 5 '12 esl>eng área propietaria client area pro closed no
- Jul 4 '12 esl>eng de retorno beneficial pro closed ok
- Jun 28 '12 fra>eng allure tendue relaxed style/fit pro closed ok
- Jun 27 '12 esl>eng Alcanzó objetivos Targets met pro open no
- Jun 22 '12 esl>eng C. Oficial ITINERANTE del Registro Civil doy fe. peripatetic civil registrar pro just_closed no
- Jun 17 '12 esl>eng imaginario infantil captivate children's enchanted world of make-believe pro closed ok
- May 18 '12 fra>eng victoire flouée defeated in victory pro closed no
- May 18 '12 fra>eng victoire flouée forsaken in the fight for freedom pro closed no
- May 12 '12 fra>eng diagnostics immobiliers statutory technical survey of property pro closed ok
- May 2 '12 fra>eng dépôt-vente de luxe designer clothing resale store/outlet pro closed ok
- Apr 21 '12 esl>eng En psoriasis, codo con codo Side by side, we're facing up to psoriasis pro closed no
- Apr 21 '12 esl>eng En psoriasis, codo con codo arm in arm: giving psoriasis the elbow pro closed no
4 Apr 20 '12 fra>eng Les époux ont déclaré ne pas avoir signé un contrat de mariage. The spouses hereby declare that they have not entered into a pre-nuptial agreement pro closed ok
- Mar 23 '12 fra>eng ouvrages spécialisés specialist publications easy closed ok
- Mar 3 '12 fra>eng Ensemble et autrement Team up, think differently, buy smarter for less pro closed no
4 Feb 26 '12 fra>eng encollure ronde "coupé cut" round neck/scoop neck (depending) pro closed ok
- Feb 22 '12 esl>eng bomba the scoop of the century! pro open no
4 Feb 22 '12 fra>eng avocat postulant Counsel for the Plaintiff pro closed ok
- Feb 22 '12 esl>eng bomba bomshell /shocking / earthshattering pro open no
- Feb 22 '12 esl>eng Desbrozando las hojarascas intelectuales penetrating intellectual hyperbole in order to ... pro closed ok
- Feb 21 '12 fra>eng à se rouler par terre en donnant des coups de pied à son cheval de bois merely thrusting at windmills pro open no
- Feb 19 '12 fra>eng attirer seek, for his own benefit or that of another organisation, to engage the services of the Supplier's easy closed no
- Feb 11 '12 fra>eng matière substance pro closed no
- Feb 9 '12 fra>eng maillot de bain structuré fitted swimsuit pro closed ok
- Jan 19 '12 esl>eng ENTRE DAMAS ANDA EL VINO The Lady and the Vine pro closed ok
- Jan 7 '12 esl>eng Espacio de Interés Singular Sites of Special Interest pro just_closed no
- Jan 6 '12 fra>eng patois de la langue anglaise specific dialect variants of English pro closed ok
- Jan 6 '12 fra>eng fonctionnement du gérondif use of the gerund pro closed no
4 Dec 22 '11 esl>eng procedente a favor de in favour of pro closed ok
- Dec 21 '11 fra>eng Conscient de l’opportunité qui se présentait Realising the value of the opportunity that had presented itself easy just_closed no
- Dec 19 '11 fra>eng Il y a des jours sans, sans envie There are dog days, languid, still, stare at the ceiling days pro closed ok
- Dec 11 '11 esl>eng sobadísima has become a staple piece in the repertoire pro closed ok
NP Dec 8 '11 fra>eng devoir plancher having to struggle/labour (for two long hard weeks) pro closed no
- Dec 8 '11 esl>eng No renuncia a la consigna without jeopardising the principles/values of ...This initiative should not be at the expense of the pro closed ok
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