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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Feb 12 '08 wak>afh This a test question refergrg pro open no
- Oct 16 '07 esl>eng están más buenas que el pan they are smokin' hot pro closed ok
- Oct 14 '07 eng>esl more and more people are jumping on the band wagon everyday Día a día se suman más personas pro closed ok
- Oct 12 '07 esl>eng Ella se sobresaltó al oír el timbre de la puerta. She jumped at hearing the doorbell pro closed ok
- Oct 12 '07 esl>eng le hizo un gesto de silencio con el dedo he/she shushed him/her pro closed ok
- Oct 12 '07 esl>eng ¿De cúanto estás? How far along are you? / When are you expecting? pro closed ok
- Oct 12 '07 eng>esl bell to bell durante (el transcurso de) toda la clase pro closed ok
4 Oct 11 '07 eng>esl The Spanish have the human touch. los españoles tienen calor humano pro closed no
- Oct 10 '07 eng>esl Advanced Placement Probability Test de probabilidad y estadística avanzada pro closed ok
- Oct 10 '07 eng>esl mujeres de armas tomar Tough women pro closed ok
1 Oct 9 '07 eng>esl By as well producto de pro closed no
- Oct 9 '07 esl>eng impregnada pervaded pro closed ok
- Oct 9 '07 eng>esl Reducing healthy worker survivor bias by restricting date of hire reducción del sesgo de supervivencia de trabajadores sanos por la restricción de la fecha de ingreso pro open no
4 Jul 29 '06 eng>esl (to) garble tergiversar pro closed ok
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