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Turkish to English translators and interpreters » General fields

Turkish to English Tech/Engineering translators (48)
Turkish to English Art/Literary translators (3494)
Turkish to English Medical translators (2063)
Turkish to English Law/Patents translators (357)
Turkish to English Science translators (2258)
Turkish to English Bus/Financial translators (3493)
Turkish to English Marketing translators (8474)
Turkish to English Other translators (757)
Turkish to English Social Sciences translators (1905)

Turkish to English translators and interpreters » Specific fields

Turkish to English translators: Accounting (717)
Turkish to English translators: Advertising / Public Relations (1833)
Turkish to English translators: Aerospace / Aviation / Space
Turkish to English translators: Agriculture
Turkish to English translators: Livestock / Animal Husbandry (240)
Turkish to English translators: Anthropology
Turkish to English translators: Archaeology
Turkish to English translators: Architecture
Turkish to English translators: Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting
Turkish to English translators: Astronomy & Space (313)
Turkish to English translators: Finance (general)
Turkish to English translators: Automation & Robotics
Turkish to English translators: Automotive / Cars & Trucks
Turkish to English translators: Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-)
Turkish to English translators: Botany (229)
Turkish to English translators: Construction / Civil Engineering
Turkish to English translators: Business/Commerce (general)
Turkish to English translators: Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.)
Turkish to English translators: Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs
Turkish to English translators: Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng
Turkish to English translators: Poetry & Literature (1523)
Turkish to English translators: Cinema, Film, TV, Drama (1849)
Turkish to English translators: Textiles / Clothing / Fashion
Turkish to English translators: Telecom(munications)
Turkish to English translators: Computers (general) (1506)
Turkish to English translators: Computers: Hardware
Turkish to English translators: Computers: Software (1267)
Turkish to English translators: Computers: Systems, Networks
Turkish to English translators: Law: Contract(s) (1214)
Turkish to English translators: Cooking / Culinary (631)
Turkish to English translators: Cosmetics, Beauty
Turkish to English translators: Medical: Dentistry (296)
Turkish to English translators: Media / Multimedia
Turkish to English translators: Economics (1179)
Turkish to English translators: Education / Pedagogy (1267)
Turkish to English translators: Electronics / Elect Eng
Turkish to English translators: Energy / Power Generation
Turkish to English translators: Engineering (general) (1037)
Turkish to English translators: Engineering: Industrial (509)
Turkish to English translators: Mechanics / Mech Engineering (733)
Turkish to English translators: Nuclear Eng/Sci (188)
Turkish to English translators: Environment & Ecology
Turkish to English translators: Esoteric practices
Turkish to English translators: Fisheries (79)
Turkish to English translators: Folklore
Turkish to English translators: Food & Drink (884)
Turkish to English translators: Forestry / Wood / Timber
Turkish to English translators: Furniture / Household Appliances (338)
Turkish to English translators: Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino
Turkish to English translators: Mining & Minerals / Gems
Turkish to English translators: Genealogy
Turkish to English translators: General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters
Turkish to English translators: Genetics (211)
Turkish to English translators: Geography (390)
Turkish to English translators: Geology
Turkish to English translators: Government / Politics
Turkish to English translators: Photography/Imaging (& Graphic Arts) (414)
Turkish to English translators: Medical: Health Care
Turkish to English translators: History (1112)
Turkish to English translators: Tourism & Travel
Turkish to English translators: Human Resources (999)
Turkish to English translators: Idioms / Maxims / Sayings
Turkish to English translators: Insurance
Turkish to English translators: International Org/Dev/Coop (766)
Turkish to English translators: Internet, e-Commerce (1090)
Turkish to English translators: Investment / Securities (334)
Turkish to English translators: Metallurgy / Casting
Turkish to English translators: IT (Information Technology)
Turkish to English translators: Journalism (826)
Turkish to English translators: Real Estate
Turkish to English translators: Law (general) (1230)
Turkish to English translators: Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright (622)
Turkish to English translators: Law: Taxation & Customs (522)
Turkish to English translators: Linguistics (934)
Turkish to English translators: Transport / Transportation / Shipping (933)
Turkish to English translators: Management
Turkish to English translators: Manufacturing
Turkish to English translators: Ships, Sailing, Maritime
Turkish to English translators: Marketing / Market Research (1276)
Turkish to English translators: Mathematics & Statistics (433)
Turkish to English translators: Medical (general)
Turkish to English translators: Medical: Cardiology (292)
Turkish to English translators: Medical: Instruments
Turkish to English translators: Medical: Pharmaceuticals
Turkish to English translators: Meteorology (49)
Turkish to English translators: Metrology (45)
Turkish to English translators: Military / Defense
Turkish to English translators: Music (731)
Turkish to English translators: Names (personal, company)
Turkish to English translators: Nutrition
Turkish to English translators: Petroleum Eng/Sci (339)
Turkish to English translators: Other (287)
Turkish to English translators: Paper / Paper Manufacturing
Turkish to English translators: Patents
Turkish to English translators: Philosophy (552)
Turkish to English translators: Physics
Turkish to English translators: Printing & Publishing (420)
Turkish to English translators: Psychology (751)
Turkish to English translators: Religion (493)
Turkish to English translators: Retail (324)
Turkish to English translators: Safety
Turkish to English translators: SAP
Turkish to English translators: Science (general)
Turkish to English translators: Slang (205)
Turkish to English translators: Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc. (1282)
Turkish to English translators: Sports / Fitness / Recreation (489)
Turkish to English translators: Surveying
Turkish to English translators: Wine / Oenology / Viticulture (115)
Turkish to English translators: Zoology

Turkish to English translators and interpreters

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  Nicola Huner
  Freelance Turkish > English Translator
Turkish, English, Translation, Editing, Revising, Proofreading ... English
United Kingdom
12 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Paula D
  English native speaker
British English, English native speaker, History, politics, literature, arts, Music, business, Architecture, Human Resources, localisation, transcration, aviation industry, energy efficiency, ... English
United Kingdom
8 points
Turkish to English
  TurkishEnglish.com Inc.
  Trained linguist, competent researcher
legal, copywriting, literature, business, correspondence, internet, web, technology, localization, Turkish, translation, technical, medical, türkçe, ingilizce, çeviri, yeminli, tercüme, tercüman, çevirmen, hukuki, native Turkish, native English, journals, books, articles, tourism, travel, divorce, immigration, birth certificate, nüfus cüzdanı, paSAPort, passport, medical devices, contract, sözleşme, litigation, arbitration, notary, certification, certified, confidential, gizlilik, ... English/Turkish
United States
85 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Mustafa Er (BSc MA)
  Certified Full Time I SPREAD THE WORD
Interpreter, interpreting, interpretation, Traductor, Cevirmen, Übersetzer, Dolmetscher, translator, translating, translation, interpreter, German, Turkish, English, sworn, certified, law, legal, technical, engineering, Patents, engineering, Accounting, finance, banking, Insurance, contracts, agreements, medical, marketing, business, commerce, investment, securities, trademarks, copyrights, computers, web sites, Deutsch, Englisch, Türkisch, Konferenzdolmetscher, Gerichtsdolmetscher, court, conference, consecutive ... Turkish/English
71 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Pelin Yildiz
  Engineering and Executive MBA degree
English, Turkish, software, hardware, information technology, legal, contracts, agreements, laws, regulations, legislations, finance, financial statements, documentation, quality, quality assurance, specifications, users guide, handbooks, marketing materials, web site, transportation, energy, renewable energy, fuel, petroleum, patent, construction, IT, non-disclosure agreements ... Turkish
0 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   HeliCo Language
  English - German - Turkish Translations
German to Turkish translation, Turkish to German translation, English to Turkish translation, Turkish to English translation, German to English translation, English to German translation, Turkish translations, English translations, Turkish translations, quality translation, editing, Turkish editing, English editing, German editing, proofreading, Turkish proofreading, German proofreading, English proofreading, reviewing, Turkish reviewing, English reviewing, German reviewing, article writing, English article writing, Turkish article writing, German article writing, sworn translation, Turkish sworn translation, German sworn translation, English sworn translation, interpreting, Turkish interpreting, English to Turkish interpreting, Turkish to English interpreting, consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, written translation, desktop publishing, transcription, English voice recording, Turkish voice recording, medical translation, Turkish medical translation, English medical tra ... Turkish
0 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Ali Yucel
  Certified Professional
English, Turkish, translator, translation, translation service, translation services, interpreter, interpretation, interpretation service, interpretation services, localization, localization service, localization services, website localization, web-site localization, professional, professional translator, professional interpreter, English to Turkish translator, English to Turkish interpreter, Turkish to English translator, Turkish to English interpreter, English translator, English interpreter, Turkish translator, Turkish interpreter, certified, certified translator, certified interpreter, freelancer, freelance translator, freelance interpreter, art, literature, law, scientific, thesis, letter of consent, letter of attorney, power of attorney, trade register, report, technical, agreement, contract, marketing, advertisement, ads, market, market research, public relations, notary, notary public, video games, games, computer games, video game translation, game translation, computer game t ... Turkish
36 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Selcuk Akyuz
  English to Turkish translator
fashion, textile, beauty products, cosmetics, make-up, marketing, market research, advertising, public relations, manuals, environment ... Turkish
700 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Raffi Jamgocyan
  Microsoft Certified Tech. Specialist
Accounting, acrobat, adobe, advertising, agreement, Architecture, art, bond, business, cafetran, collateral, communication, company, computer, contract, corporation, correspondence, document, economy, editing, education, energy, English, environment, establishment, excel, finance, financial, firm, Folklore, Geography, hardware, health, History, HR, human, IT, immovable, industry, institution, Insurance, international, internet, investment, law, literature, localization, Management, manager, manufacture, Manufacturing, market, marketing, media, medical, microsoft, mortgage, movable, national, network, organization, passport, patent, pharmaceutical, powerpoint, private, proofreading, public, relations, publish, publishing, Real Estate, record, registration, research, resource, Retail, security, social, software, survey, system, telecommunication, tourism, trade, training, translation, Turkish, website, word, ağ, anlaşma, araştırma, basın, belge, bilgisayar, BT, coğrafya, çevre, diploma, ... Turkish
670 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   ATIL KAYHAN
  Think International from the Start!
adult learning, business, troubleshooting, automotive, communication, training, mechanics, education, Human Resources, hrd, instruction, design, engineering, Management, industrial, international, executive, Manufacturing, production, factory, mechanical, quality, machinery, resume, research, robert college, Safety, science, sdwt, teams, development, kepner-tregoe, muslim, computer, web, Internet, systems, technical, Turkish, vehicle, tobacco, cigarette, planning, textbook, text, book, tv, radio, newspaper, news, article, USA; ARASTIRMA, otomotiv, iletisim, egitim, gelistirme, mekanik, mekanizma, dizayn, TASARIM, mühendis, mühendislik, yönetim, yöneticilik, üretim, kalite, fabrika, makina, makine, bilim, sistem, sistemler, teknik, araç, tütün, sigara, planlama, ARIZA bulma, talimat, endüstri, endüstriyel, güvenlik, ekip, bilgisayar, tercüman, çevirmen, okul, bogaziçi, üniversite, asistan, ingilizce, türkçe, türkiye, amerika, ABD, ULUSLARARASI, kitap, dergi, makale, gazete, haber, radyo ... Turkish
403 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   chevirmen
  a solid touch to translation...
Türkçe, Çevirmen, Aerospace, Landing Platform Dock, Landing Platform, LPD, Havuzlu, Havuzlu Çıkarma Gemi, Çıkarma Gemi, Türbin, Gemi Türbin, Korvet, Fırkateyn, Deniz Kuvvetleri, Navy, Air Force, Army, KKK, TSK, Aviation, Business, Commerce, Contract, Law, Engineer, Engineering, Translation, Translator, Turkish to English, Translator, Turkish English Translator, Interpreter, Interpretation, Pricewise, Localization, Power Generation, Translator, Energy Agreement, Master Franchise, Pipe, line, pipeline, welding, Bidding, Tender, Turkey, Türkçe, Turkish, İngilizce, Tercüman, Çeviri, Türkçe, İngilizce, İngilizce Türkçe Çevirmen, Mütercim, Converter, Trados, contractor, subcontract, subcontractor, Turbine, Turbine Blades, Condenser, Boiler, Piping, Metro, Tunnel, Highway, Asphalte, Chromium, Alloy, Chrome, Steel, Stainless, Composite, Armor, Shield, Weapon, Arms, Munitions, Aerodrome, Aeroplane, Aircraft, Uçak, Havalimanı, Havaalanı, Pist, Taksi, Yolu, Apron, Teknik Şartname, Deicer, Buz Çöz ... English/Turkish
301 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Özden Arıkan
  I talk Turkey... and so will you!
advertisement art literature copywriting EU european union fiction History home manual catalog guide human rights humanities localization localisation marketing medicine Turkish medical translation mythology news politics Psychology QA quality assurance Religion self-help Slang slogan adaptation social History social Psychology social services social work sociology software telecommunication theory tourism travel website English to Turkish translator English-Turkish translator Turkish marketing translator Turkish software localizer Turkish software localiser Turkish software translator Turkish literary translator Turkish-speaking market european Turkish market Turkish copywriter brandname assessment brandname evaluation cultural assessment cultural evaluation ethnomarketing ethno-marketing games video games subtitling SEO search engine optimization search engine optimisation ... Turkish
370 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   1964
  Turkish Freelancer -since 1983
MSDS, Materials Safety Data Sheet, Turkish MSDS, Safety Phrases, Turkish Freelancer, Turkish Translator, Turkish Translation, Medical Translation, Bids, Tender, Tender Document, Tender File, Tender Authority, Bidding, Contract, Sub-Contract, Legal, Agreements, Manuals, User's Manuals, Patent translations, Patents, Turkish Translator, Turkish translation, Financial, Business, Political, Copywriter, Copywriting Localization, Localisation, Turkish localization, DTP, Turkish Sworn, Sworn Translator, Web Page translation, Turkish Web Page translation, Windows XP, Digital Camera, PocketDV, PC Camera, Video Camera, Camcorder, Satellite Receiver, Decoder, Mainboard, MOtherboard, Strings translations, Fiche de sécurité, MSDS, Material Safety Data Sheet, Laparoscopy, Dentistry, composite, Cements, Sealants, Vacuum Cleaner, Air Conditioner, Satellite Receiver, source, help files, OSD, CNC, Machining, Software, Web Pages, HTML, DHTML, Visual Basics, C, C++, CSS, Scripting, DOS, Windows, Office, Pa ... Turkish
356 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Erkan Dogan
  Fail to prepare, prepare to fail...
English-Turkish, English-to-Turkish, English to Turkish, English-Turkish translation, English-to-Turkish translation, English to Turkish translation, English, Turkish, Turkey, Istanbul, Ankara, New York, London, Chicago Translator, translation in Chicago, reliable translations, Law (general), Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Electrical, Industrial, Telecom(munications), Telecom(munications), Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical, Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Government / Politics, Military / Defense, History, Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs, Insurance, policy, business, contract, attractions, specifications, technical, technical specifications, user manuals, Management, training manual, marketing, quality control, sales, certification, localization, policy documentation, policy documents, reasonable, quote, fast turnaround, sworn translator, certified translator, certification, approval, court documents, statement, interpretation. ... Turkish
United States
351 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Harold Lemel
  High quality promptly delivered work
Turkish, Hebrew, Albanian, Yiddish, Agriculture, law, contracts, legislation, natural resources, development, property, certificates, news, editing, politics, social, economic, finance, balance sheets, spreadsheets, marketing survey, surveys, questionnaires, letter, land title, lease, claim, permit, financial statement, Human Resources, export, import ... English
United States
106 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Paris2083
  Exceptional Quality, Reliable Delivery
marketing, website, websites, academic, literary, literature, journal, article, manual, public relations, native, Turkish, English ... English
0 points
Turkish to English
  Andrew Gilmour
  Dilleri var bizim dile benzemez!
Insurance, reInsurance, business, History, politics, chess ... English
United Kingdom
0 points
Turkish to English
  25 years in Turkey, Travel, IT & Media
Tourism, Computers, Business, Art and Architecture, History. ... English
0 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Michael Entin
  "Never missed a deadline"
Keywords for search engine: law, legal, documents, birth, marriage, divorce, adoption, certificates, copyright, Patents, Insurance, advertisement, computer, software, hardware, technology, military, telephony, localization, health, medicine, pharmaceutical, pharmaceutics, finance, Accounting, oil, gas, industry, education, diploma, transcript, handwritten, History, education, electric, electrical, engineering, latin, cyrillic, PDF, technical, proofreading, editing, manuals, subtitles, voice-over, biomedicine, chemistry, chemical, medical, IT, biochemistry, medical instruments, medical devices ... English
United States
0 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Emin Arı
  My fingers do translate...
software localization, web site localization, manual translation, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive, computer, IT, hardware, localization, proof reading, manual translation, contract, contracts, Engineer, writer, author, agreement, agreements, user agreement, localization, maintanence manual, repair manual ... Turkish
176 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   betül asiye karpuzcu
  High quality + continuous availability
Medical and Technical translation, Turkish (native) English, IFUs, academic papers, machine translation post-editing, pharmaceuticals, scientific article, peer-reviewed journal, transliteration, book chapters, manuals, clinical trials, dentistry, website translation, thesis proofreading, manuscripts, medical reports, patient records, radiology report, pathology report, discharge summary, product inserts, medical software, proofreading, editing, project Management, language services İngilizce, Türkçe, Tıbbi, akademik, tercüme, makale çevirisi, makle revizyonu, son okuma redaksiyon ... Turkish
128 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Eser Perkins
  Reliable, prompt and accurate
serbest çevirmen, English translator, English, İngilizce, çeviri, çevirmen, freelance, freelancer, freelance translator, English-Turkish translator, İngilizce-Türkçe çeviri, freelance translation, tercüme, tercüman, transcription, transkripsiyon, children's book, artistic texts, social science, Philosophy, art History, criticism, conference texts, literary, Management, marketing, public relations, education, Journalism, tourism, travel, film, cinema, TV, public administration, kamu yönetimi, marketing and advertising, pazarlama ve reklam, medical, tıbbi, literary, literatür, arts and crafts, sanat ve el sanatları, computers, bilişim, scientific, bilimsel, sanatsal, Agriculture, tarım, genel ... Turkish
167 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Zeki Güler
  MITI, MCIL, DipTransIoLET, EU Commission
Turkish translator, quality Turkish translator, qualified Turkish translator, quality English to Turkish translator, English to Turkish certified translator, qualified English to Turkish translator, English to Turkish translation, English to Turkish quality translator, English to Turkish translator, Turkish freelance translator, web localization Turkish, website localization Turkish, software localization Turkish, MITI Turkish translator, ITI Qualified Turkish translator, CIOL Turkish translator, ITI Turkish translator, ATA Turkish translator, Website Localization Turkish, Software Localization Turkish, localization Turkish, Software Localisation Turkish, government, international organizations, politics, news, Journalism, web, e-commerce, reports, surveys, www.TurkishTranslator.com ... Turkish
180 points
Turkish to English
  Nuri Razi
  Specializing in Technical

Turkish, English, Russian, Turkmen, Turkey, technical translator, finance, law, automotive, mechanical, engineer, economist, engineering, Economics, petroleum, chemistry, native Turkish translator, Turkish translator, localization, service, medical, interpreter, ethnic, petrochemistry, native, experience, commitment, professional, proofreading, subtitling, editing, переводчик, турецкий переводчик, турция, DTP, xml, Passolo, Framemaker, ATA, member, American Association of Translators, interpreter, SDL Trados, IT, information technology, proofreader, editor, Türkçe, İngilizce Tercüman, Çevirmen, Yeminli tercüman, sworn translator, certified, ITI, simultaneous, consecutive, experienced, proficient, reference, master's degree, PHD, foreign language, Turkish, paypal, conference translator, moneybookers, SDL Studio 2011, SDL Studio 2009, Multitran, Across, Multilizer, WordFast, Deja Vu, DipTrans, DPSI, Chartered Institute of Linguists, CIOL, IOL, IOLET

163 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   emine mizyal adsiz
  Bilingual background, quick turnaround
art, culture, tourism, social sciences, multimedia, English voiceover, nursing, law, contracts, agreements ... English/Turkish
20 points
Turkish to English
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