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8,836 registrants's 2014 virtual conference for International Translation Day

Sep 30, 2014


Getting Starting with an MT system for small and medium business contexts

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Schedule:This session ended at 12:45
Description:Pre-recorded presentation followed by live Q&A via online chat

This presentation provides a method which is adapted to projects which are typical for freelance translators.

The first part of the class will demonstrate a tool-independent, generic method which uses common language and data resources (bilingual glossaries, aligned bilingual texts) typically used by freelancers. It also shows how use other typical 3rd party software programs (Word, Excel, Notepad and their equivalents) as tools to prepare the content for use by the MT software.

The second part of the class will show how to use the results of the first phase within professional/expert level versions of commercial MT software.

Only one language pair will be shown in this class, yet we will mention how the method can apply to other language pairs. We will show the method on a text type which is often stated as being impossible to successfully translate with MT systems.

The presenter will be available on the chat line afterwards for approximately 1-2 hours in order to answer incoming questions in real time.
Speakers:Jeff Allen
Jeff Allen has 2 decades of experience in many areas across the entire business life cycle (marketing, pre-sales, sales, account management, project/program management, product management, development, custom development, QA testing, TEP production, release management, deployment, customer support, customer maintenance bug fixing, professional services & consulting,, partner/customer training, ISO9001 Quality Management, Executive Management, Advisory boards) at several language services /software companies (, SYSTRAN, Softissimo, MIT2, ELDA, Language Technologies Institute) and other (non-translation) software and engineering companies (Caterpillar, Mycom Intl, SAP, Business Objects, Cartesis). He has been a member of the MultiLingual magazine advisory board and the LINGUIST-List industry advisory board over the past decade.

He is known for his work in controlled language writing for translation, Machine Translation dictionary building and post-editing, translation memory, website and software localization, translation workflow management systems, terminology management, speech technologies, and now has recent publications covering areas including ISO9001 certification, cross-team/project engineering tool integration, and cross-cultural team building and conflict management.

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