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8,836 registrants's 2014 virtual conference for International Translation Day

Sep 30, 2014


The art of asking questions

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Schedule:This session ended at 17:00
Description:In this presentation we will review the importance of asking relevant questions about the translations. We’ll talk about the kinds of questions you should ask, the kind of answers you can expect, how to ask effective questions, a few best practices, and what to do if we don’t get a proper answer. After this presentation, you will have gained confidence and you will be able to demonstrate competence to your clients, saving time and improving translation quality in the process.
Speakers:Gabriela Lemoine
Gabriela is an ATA-Certified English-Spanish Translator, who graduated in 1999 from a five-year program at the School of Languages, University of Córdoba, Argentina. She is currently working on the thesis for her MBA. Gabriela is the CEO of Hispano Language Advisory, a translation and DTP company based in Argentina. On the basis of her experience, Gabriela has given numerous seminars, workshops and conferences on topics of interest for freelance translators.

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