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8,836 registrants's 2014 virtual conference for International Translation Day

Sep 30, 2014


21st Century Technologies you cannot keep ignoring: CAT/MT and Virtual Interpreting

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Some translators and interpreters have been complacent in the past decades, dismissing the advent of tectonic shifts in the means of production and delivery of translation and interpreting services. The world has become digital, instant, mobile and global. To compete in this world, and remain professionally relevant in the coming decades, we must learn to work with the technological tools of the day. Instead of resisting technology, translators and interpreters should embrace technology.

Attendees will:
  • Visualize how transcendental CAT tools are for translators in the 21st Century and anticipate the advent of Machine Translation
  • Discover and list the remote interpreting technologies needed for Phone/Video/Web Interpreting in today's world.
  • Create a personal “2014 skills set upgrade plan"

  • Download the SMART upgrade plan Claudia references in her presentation

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