turnkey translation service provider agreement
Turn-key translation is a service provided by to facilitate quick-turnaround translation jobs. Service providers must agree to the terms described here as a precondition for accepting a turn-key translation assignment. Click here to learn more about turn-key translation.


The total payment offered for each task is clearly displayed before the service provider accepts the assignment.

Service providers will be paid within 15 days after the completed translation is delivered to the client, provided that the task is completed on time and there are no disputes as described below. Payment will be deposited into the service provider's wallet. The service provider can withdraw funds from the wallet via various payment methods, some of which may incur a transaction fee. Wallet withdrawal requests are generally processed at the end of each month. Click here to learn more about the wallet.


The service provider is responsible for any taxes that may be due on his or her payment. The amount of any taxes due is considered to be included in the total payment amount offered for the task.


Work may be canceled by the client at any time. Pro-rated payment will be made to the service provider for the amount of work already completed.

On-time delivery

The service provider agrees to deliver the completed task within the specified deadline. If the deadline is not met, the service provider is not entitled to any payment, and the task may be reassigned to another service provider. The service provider may also be excluded from future assignments. If circumstances arise that may prevent the deadline from being met, the service provider should alert staff as far in advance of the deadline as possible.


If the client complains of defects in the delivered translation, the service provider will be given the opportunity to correct them. If the corrections are not satisfactory to the client, or in the event of any other dispute between the client and service provider, the dispute will be resolved at the reasonable discretion of staff. Such resolution may include a full or partial reduction of the service provider's payment.


The service provider agrees to treat as confidential all texts and other intellectual property of the client which may be provided as part of the turn-key translation project, and to not disclose this confidential material without the client's explicit permission.