global directory of translation services
The translation workplace

GET: /codes/language-service

Get information about language services used at

A language service is a service offered by a language professional that is associated with a specific language pair, like translation or interpreting.

Also see general services.


  • codes: One or more comma-separated language service IDs. If specified, only results for these codes are returned.

Example request

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer {OAUTH2_ACCESS_TOKEN}" /codes/language-service?codes=1,2,3


"language_services": [
      "lang_service_id": 1,
      "lang_service_name": "Translation"
      "lang_service_id": 2,
      "lang_service_name": "Checking/editing"
      "lang_service_id": 3,
      "lang_service_name": "Interpreting, Consecutive"