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Branding: integrations look and feel guideline

Integration case study

UI text suggestion is always written with a capital P & Z and the trailing .com

Membership packages should be addressed/referenced as: users (has no membership and no special icon) Professional members Professional Plus members Business Standard members
Employees of Business Plus members
Employees of Business Enterprise members

For terms of service related data and terminology, consult the details of that specific service. For example, in the Blue Board™ features there are “records” (data about a company) and “entries” (feedback entries about the experience of working with a company).

Backlinks, open to search engines, should use anchor text suggestions like Blue Board™ instead of

UI controls suggestion

The brand color is #2E6969 (RGB 46, 105, 105), but using colors is not required; we encourage developers to integrate features natively into their design.

OAuth2 single sign-on button should use one of these available logos: API API API API

For the best end user experience, it is recommended that any call to action should use a logo like this: API