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KudoZ record


KudoZ is's terminology help network offering assistance translating tough terms.

A KudoZ record (called a "KudoZ question" on the website) is the record of KudoZ activity around a single source term, including information about the source term and its suggested translations, discussion, etc.


  "id": 123,
  "self_link": "",
  "time_created": "2016-02-20T22:07:51+00:00",
  "time_published": "2016-02-20T22:13:06+00:00",
  "status": "open",
  "level": "pro",
  "language_pair": "eng_fra",
  "preferred_language": "eng",
  "created_by": {
    "name": "John Snow",
    "user": ""
  "source_term": "over-proportionality in systemic exposure",
  "disc_gen_id": 3,
  "disc_spec_id": 95,
  "disc_write_in": "étude clinique/anticance",
  "context": "Doses should not be doubled because with daily doses over the 2.5 mg recommended dose, over-proportionality in systemic exposure was observed (see section Pharmacokinetics).",
  "no_points": false,
  "may_offend": false,
  "from_test": false,
  "from_non_pro": false,
  "auto_close": false,
  "translator_requirements": {
    "native_language": null,
    "language_pair_level": null,
    "disc_level": null,
    "members_only": null
  "num_translations": 3,
  "selected_translation": "",
  "glossary_entry": {
    "source_term": "over-proportionality in systemic exposure",
    "target_term": "over-proportionnalité de l'exposition systémique"
  "suggested_translations": "",
  "comments": ""


KudoZ record

id integer
The KudoZ record ID.
self_link string
The API link for getting the KudoZ record via the API.
time_created ISO 8601 datetime
The time the KudoZ record was originally posted, in ISO 8601 format. Ex. 2015-04-19T12:59:23+00:00.
time_published ISO 8601 datetime
The time the KudoZ record was made publicly visible (useful if the record was queued for vetting before being published).
status string The status of the KudoZ record. open, closed, hidden, or pending (awaiting vetting).
level string Either pro or non-pro.
language_pair language pair The source language and requested target language it should be translated into.
preferred_language language code The preferred language for explanations and discussion, as expressed by the original poster. string The name of the person who created the KudoZ record. If the person was logged in, this will be the same as the user's site_name.
created_by.user string
An API link to the User summary, or null if the poster was not logged in.
source_term string The term to be translated.
disc_gen_id general discipline ID The general discipline of the term.
disc_spec_id specific discipline ID The specific discipline of the term.
disc_write_in string Free-form text describing the discipline of the term (optional).
context string Information about the context in which the term is used.
no_points boolean Whether it's a "not for points" record (meaning points will not be assigned to the selected translation).
may_offend boolean Whether some may find the term offensive.
from_test boolean Whether the term is from a translation test or sample.
from_non_pro boolean Whether the record was posted by someone other than a professional translator.
auto_close boolean Whether the system should automatically select the first (validated) translation.
translator_requirements Translator requirements Requirements that must be met in order to suggest a translation.
num_translations int
The number of suggested translations.
selected_translation string
The API link for the translation that was selected as the "best".
glossary_entry.source_term string The revised source term of the KudoZ glossary entry created from a closed KudoZ record.
glossary_entry.target_term string The translation of the source term, in the KudoZ glossary entry created from a closed KudoZ record.
suggested_translations string
The suggested translations for this KudoZ record. An API link to get a collection of KudoZ translations.

Translator requirements

native_language language code Native language that must specified in the translator's profile.
language_pair_level string The translator's self-reported level of expertise in the given language pair. Either working, interest, or null.
disc_level string The translator's self-reported level of expertise in the given discipline. Either specialty, working, interest, or null.
members_only boolean Whether only (paid) members are eligible to suggest translations.

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