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Quick poll results


A summary of responses to a quick poll.


    "self_link": "",
    "quickpoll": "",
    "discussion_web_url": "",
    "question": "Do you have liability insurance?",
    "num_responses": 1185,
    "response_summary": [
        "value": 1,
        "text": "Yes",
        "votes": 706
        "value": 2,
        "text": "No, but I am planning to",
        "votes": 50
        "value": 3,
        "text": "No",
        "votes": 244
        "value": 4,
        "text": "N/A",
        "votes": 185


Quick poll results

self_link string The API link for getting the quick poll results via the API.
quickpoll string The API link for getting the quick poll via the API.
discussion_web_url string A link to a forum discussion of this quick poll on the web.
question string The poll question that was answered.
num_responses integer The number of responses to the poll.
response_summary list A list of poll options with the number of "votes" for each. For each poll option, an object with the following properties will be included:
  • value (integer) The option value.
  • text (string) The option text.
  • votes (integer) The number of votes for that option (i.e. the number of responses that chose that option).

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