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The "What I am working on" feature enables translators to share with other translators descriptions of the projects they are currently working on.


  "id": 187,
  "self_link": "",
  "time": "2016-08-01T14:17:22+00:00",
  "time_updated": "2016-08-01T19:50:30+00:00",
  "user_eid": 41429,
  "user_link": "",
  "message": "sadf",
  "message_language": null,
  "image_media_id": 30,
  "image_url": "",
  "source_language": "spa",
  "target_language": "eng",
  "wordcount": null,
  "discipline": "Accounting",
  "cat_tool": null,
  "public": true,
  "percent_complete": 0,
  "location": {
    "latitude": 35.81482,
    "longitude": -78.563981,
    "show_location": true
  "representative_terms": [
    "One fish",
    "two fish",
    "red fish",
    "blue fish"
  "from_platform": {
    "label": "",
    "url": ""
  "num_replies": 1,
  "replies": [
      "id": 42,
      "self_link": "",
      "wiwo_id": 187,
      "wiwo_link": "",
      "time": "2016-08-04T19:01:39+00:00",
      "time_updated": "2016-08-04T19:01:45+00:00",
      "user_eid": 41429,
      "user_link": "",
      "message": "testings",
      "message_language": null,
      "from_platform": {
        "label": "",
        "url": ""



id integer
The entry ID.
self_link string
The API link for getting the entry via the API.
time ISO 8601 datetime
The time the entry was originally posted, in ISO 8601 format. Ex. 2015-04-19T12:59:23+00:00.
time_updated ISO 8601 datetime
The time the entry was last updated, or null if it has not been updated since it was published.
user_eid integer
The ID of the user who posted the entry.
user_link string
An API link to the User summary for the user who posted the entry.
message string A message describing what the user is working on.
message_language language code The language in which message is written, or null if unknown.
source_language language code The source language of the translation project.
target_language language code The target language of the translation project.
wordcount integer The size of the project, in number of words.
discipline string The subject matter or discipline of the work being done.
cat_tool string The CAT tool being used for the work.
public boolean Whether the entry is publicly visible.
percent_complete integer A whole number from 0-100 indicating how complete the project is.
location object A JSON object representing the geographic location associated with the work, or null if no location information was specified.
location.latitude float The location's latitude.
location.longitude float The location's longitude.
location.show_location boolean Whether the location can be displayed publicly.
representative_terms list of strings A list of interesting or representative terms excerpted from the work.
from_platform object
Information about the platform from which the entry was posted, or null if no platform information is available.
from_platform.label string
A label identifying the platform.
from_platform.url string
A web URL for more information about the platform.
num_replies integer
The number of replies that have been submitted to this entry.
replies list WiwoReply
A list of replies to this entry.

Deprecated fields

The following fields may also be included in a WiwoEntry response, but they are deprecated and will be removed in the future.

  • disc_spec_id
  • disc_gen_id
  • busy_meter

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