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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Jul 5 '20 fra>eng Mots nuls deleted words easy closed ok
4 Jan 24 '20 fra>eng Notification du contrat Notice of award of contract easy closed no
4 Oct 6 '18 eng>fra adjourned meeting assemblée ajournée/reportée easy closed no
- Jun 21 '18 eng>eng its Neither easy closed no
4 Jun 22 '18 fra>eng Projet de vente draft sale agreement/contract easy closed ok
4 Mar 8 '18 eng>fra not accounts of witnesses et non des déclarations de témoins easy closed no
4 Mar 7 '18 eng>fra sealed Orders ordonnances portant le sceau du tribunal easy closed no
- Jan 12 '18 eng>fra Parents mère et père easy just_closed no
- Sep 20 '17 fra>eng se reconnaissent mutuellement acknowledge each other as/to be easy closed ok
- Jul 7 '17 eng>eng faces faces easy closed no
4 Jun 28 '17 fra>eng Avec batisse y érigée with a building erected/constructed thereon easy closed ok
- Apr 28 '17 esl>eng EL PROPIETARIO The Owner easy closed ok
- Apr 28 '17 esl>eng que ello significa which this implies easy closed ok
4 Feb 7 '17 fra>eng au décès du vendeur on the vendors's/seller's death easy closed ok
4 Nov 16 '16 eng>fra to an extent dans la mesure où easy closed ok
- Nov 11 '16 esl>eng Factura de Avance de Trabajos Phased invoicing easy closed ok
- May 31 '16 eng>fra COMMISIONABLE BOOKINGS réservations commissionables/donnant droit à des commissions easy open no
- May 11 '16 eng>fra Proceeds of revenue produit de litiges/affaires contentieuses easy just_closed no
4 May 12 '16 fra>eng au nombre des existantes the number (of them) existing easy closed ok
4 Apr 18 '16 fra>eng qui l'accepte who so accepts easy closed ok
- Feb 5 '16 eng>fra Back-up Contract contrat d'option (de vente) easy just_closed no
2 May 27 '15 eng>fra save for provisions sauf les provisions easy closed no
- Mar 14 '14 eng>fra order sur demande easy closed ok
- Jan 27 '14 eng>fra subject expressly to Sous réserve expresse easy closed no
- May 26 '08 fra>eng Faire election de domicile en l'Etude de ce dernier whose address for service is at the latter's offices easy closed ok
4 Feb 28 '12 fra>eng les seuls éléments fournis solely upon the evidence produced easy closed ok
- Feb 28 '12 eng>eng payment terms can mean simply time or a combinatiuon of all stipulations easy closed no
4 Sep 15 '11 esl>eng sistema de transferencia telefónica telephone call diversion system easy closed ok
- Aug 20 '11 fra>eng de manière durable indefinitely easy closed ok
4 Aug 15 '11 deu>eng Sie erklären ...zu erwerben They formally confirm that they purchase/acquire easy closed no
4 Jun 28 '11 fra>eng momentanément empêché temporarily unavailable easy closed ok
- Apr 4 '11 fra>eng pour en être propriétaire to enable/permit it to be proprietor thereof easy closed ok
- Feb 24 '11 fra>eng a comparu There attended easy closed ok
- Jan 1 '11 fra>eng moyennant le respect d’un préavis by means of prior notice easy closed ok
- Dec 29 '10 esl>eng propiedad promotora show house/property/apartment easy closed ok
NP May 15 '08 esl>eng poliza de todo riesgo all-risks policy easy open no
- May 7 '08 esl>eng participación en los ingresos profit sharing/share in the profits easy open no
4 Jan 25 '08 fra>eng pour les besoins de... for the purposes of... easy closed no
- Dec 3 '07 esl>eng teoria de la mayor onerosidad principle of subsequent impossibility easy closed ok
4 Sep 25 '07 fra>eng pénalités d'indisponibilité penalties for unavailability/failure to meet supplies easy closed ok
4 Aug 22 '07 fra>eng sans l'accord spécial, préalable et écrit du bailleur. without the express prior written consent of the lessor easy closed ok
3 Jul 26 '07 fra>eng communication you must obtain/receive easy closed ok
4 Jul 20 '07 fra>eng il est exposé et convenu ce qui suit It is hereby agreed as follows: easy closed ok
- Jul 19 '07 fra>eng le surplus the parts easy closed ok
- Jul 18 '07 fra>eng régime de séparation des biens systaem of individual ownership of matrimonial goods and assets easy open no
- Jul 17 '07 eng>fra put in our searches introduire nos demandes des états/relevés easy closed no
- Jul 17 '07 esl>eng Compromiso de contratar Pre-contract easy closed ok
- Jun 27 '07 fra>eng pour bonne fin des présentes in the furtherance of this contract/in the furtherance hereof easy closed ok
- Jun 6 '07 fra>eng sur for/during easy closed no
- May 29 '07 fra>eng au titre de as easy closed ok
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