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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jul 24 esl>eng Tal y como Precisely as pro closed no
- Jul 18 esl>eng restallaban aquellos latigazos en los que se habían convertido sus recuerdos those memories of him had now become the crack of whiplashes, pro closed no
- Jul 14 esl>eng andale pues OK, then; I'll see ya soon. easy open no
4 Jul 5 esl>eng pelota extrusion sample pro closed ok
- Jun 7 esl>eng Ficha técnica de obra Specifications for construction pro closed ok
4 Jun 4 eng>esl ground conectar a tierra easy closed no
4 Jun 4 esl>eng rueda de blues blues progression pro closed ok
- Jun 2 esl>eng Partimos de la base que We base ouselves on easy closed no
- May 9 esl>eng CRED. DE ELECTRO Voter's Registration Card pro closed no
- May 6 eng>esl Hook, line and sinker… de cabo a rabo... pro closed no
4 Apr 29 eng>esl wood madera pro closed ok
4 Apr 28 esl>eng enlace HVAC HVAC hookup pro closed ok
4 Apr 26 esl>eng hogar (Colombian Spanish) Placement of container in its location easy closed no
4 Apr 24 eng>esl fair well siguió yendole bien pro closed ok
- Apr 22 esl>eng el pop... heredero de Spanish pop ... Alejandro Sanz's heir pro closed ok
- Apr 10 eng>esl flower children hippies pro closed no
4 Apr 10 eng>esl mop-tops greñudos pro closed ok
- Apr 3 esl>eng gracias las que hace un chango. Yeah, sure:thanks for nothing. pro closed no
- Mar 30 eng>esl dashboard Registro de ventas. pro closed ok
- Mar 25 eng>eng Never let the truth get in the way of a good story Don't let the facts stop you from telling a good story pro closed ok
- Mar 8 eng>esl Haverfunctions semiverseno pro closed ok
4 Feb 22 esl>eng lino crudo natural linen pro closed ok
- Jan 13 esl>eng aspas vanes pro just_closed no
- Jan 3 esl>eng firme final judgment pro closed ok
4 Dec 7 '14 eng>esl hood release la apertura del cofre pro closed ok
4 Oct 9 '14 eng>esl mocks maqueta pro closed ok
- Sep 6 '14 esl>eng habilitar habilitate pro closed ok
2 Aug 20 '14 eng>esl mugshot foto policial pro closed ok
- Aug 9 '14 eng>esl updated on a regular basis se actualizan con regularidad pro closed ok
- Aug 8 '14 esl>eng tren de impulsión drivetrain pro closed ok
4 Aug 2 '14 eng>esl press prensa pro closed ok
- Jul 29 '14 eng>esl Truss Assembly ensamblaje de las armaduras pro closed ok
- Jun 21 '14 eng>esl Bike moto pro closed no
- Jun 19 '14 eng>eng table top intended for use on the top of a table pro closed ok
4 Jun 14 '14 eng>esl switch-mode resonant hybrid-cascode amplifier n amplificador cascodo resonante de circuito híbrido conmutado pro closed ok
- Jun 9 '14 eng>esl Non-master volume amplifier amplificador sin volumen master pro closed ok
- Apr 15 '14 esl>eng retrovisor side mirror pro closed ok
4 Mar 7 '14 eng>esl thickened engrosamiento pro closed ok
- Feb 23 '14 eng>esl NSA communications surveillance programs Programas de Vigilancia de las Comunicaciones de la NSA pro closed no
- Feb 15 '14 eng>esl Being done ser despedido pro closed no
4 Feb 12 '14 eng>esl 50 volts (conectados a) 50 voltios pro closed ok
- Dec 14 '13 eng>esl one-stop-shop su tienda para todo pro closed ok
- Nov 27 '13 esl>eng 'relación entre' the relationship between pro closed ok
- Nov 9 '13 esl>eng Ya tardaba! Just what I needed! pro closed ok
- Nov 2 '13 esl>eng conglomerado cluster pro closed ok
- Oct 10 '13 eng>esl Wheaties Cereal de trigo y de salvado "Wheaties" pro closed no
- Sep 26 '13 esl>eng buey dude pro closed ok
- Sep 13 '13 eng>esl keynote speaker ponente principal pro closed ok
- Sep 11 '13 esl>eng Dirección general Department (of Student Services) pro closed ok
- Sep 9 '13 eng>eng sparring partner sounding board pro closed ok
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