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Powwows are informal get-togethers of groups of users living in close proximity. The events are organized by local translators, for local translators.

Upcoming Powwows

»» London - Aug 30 2008
"Katharina, Fouad and Peter for making this a great get-together at a great venue with lots of info on an interesting subject!Gisela"

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Country City Date Event Organizer Attendees
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tuzla  Organizer Reporter 
Status prevodioca u BiH. Iskustva
Mar 11  
14 (2/1)
Waterloo  Organizer Reporter 
Feb 22  
Tom Ellett
2 (1)
Mannheim  Organizer Reporter 
Re-union with colleagues and friends
Mar 24  
Pascal Grandpierre
9 (3/1)
Århus  Organizer Reporter Photographer 
Sep 9  
Christina Kjaergaard
Barcelona  Organizer Reporter Photographer 
Translators' Amateur/Beginner Bowling
Feb 26  
Maeva Cifuentes
United Kingdom
Birmingham  Organizer Reporter 
Apr 1  
Sian Edwards
United Kingdom
Cardiff  Organizer Reporter 
March Powwow - Penarth
Mar 4  
Louise Péron
3 (1)
United Kingdom
Edinburgh  Organizer Reporter 
Spring drinks meetup in Bar Akva
Mar 30  
Julian Wagstaff
21 (11/2/5)
Mexico  Organizer Reporter Photographer 
Get-together internacional
Feb 24  
Hélène St-Pierre
10 (2/1/4)
United States
Aventura  Organizer Reporter Photographer 
Meeting with Translators & Interpreters
Apr 16  
Leandro Odero
United States
Boston  Organizer Reporter Photographer 
Meet Up
Mar 11  
Peipei Xiang
13 (3/4)
Maldonado  Organizer Reporter Photographer 
A conocernos!
Mar 25  
Ana Ribeiro Olson
15 (3/2)

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