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Ideas translation contests translation contests offer a fun way to take a break from your normal routine while testing and honing your skills with fellow translators.

Current and previous contests

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Annual translation contest: "Celebrations"Hybrid phase
Language pairs224
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Exploring the desert: "The Doomed City"Hybrid phase
Language pairs18
Contest logo
Sin telaraña en las pupilas: "Frases de Oliverio Girondo"Finished
Language pairs20
Contest logo
Poetry with a tune: "Translation of Lyrics"Finished
Language pairs38
Contest logo
11th translation contest: "Contemporary society"Finished
Language pairs93
Contest logo
Mini-contest 2012: "Yogi Berra Quotes"Finished
Language pairs64
Contest logo
9th Translation Contest: "Business"Finished
Language pairs141
Contest logo
1st Annual Translation Contest: "Awakening"Finished
Language pairs120
Contest logo
7th Translation Contest: "Sports"Finished
Language pairs107
Contest logo
6th Translation Contest: "Relationships"Finished
Language pairs98
Contest logo
5th Translation Contest: "Travel"Finished
Language pairs67
Contest logo
Fourth Translation Contest: "Raising children"Finished
Language pairs82
Contest logo
Third Translation ContestFinished
Language pairs49
Contest logo
Second Translation Contest 2007Finished
Language pairs33
Contest logo
First Translation Contest 2007Finished
Language pairs18

Recent discussion about translation contests

Discussion about Mini-contest 2012: "Yogi Berra Quotes" in English to German - Entry #11426Should have won

Yogi Berra's sound-bites have the zaniness of Karl Valentin. This version, on the whole, captures it better than the "winning" entry.
Horst Huber
United States
Annual translation contest 2014, "Celebrations" open nowConfusion on several fronts

I previously wrote (but it doesn't appear in this page) complaining that I was invited to judge a language pair (Russian-English) for which I'm listed with Pro-Z as a qualified translator. I'd earlier submitted an entry in that pair. Since my judging in a contest in which I was participating would be an obvious gross conflict of interest, I refrained from judging in that pair.

Now it appears that that policy is not being changed. And I've just read through several other valid complaints, e.g. about language variants (British or American, Spanish or American); it seems no one has a workable solution to that one. *And* there was widespread confusion about the time zone of termination of the entry period, which had been omitted. (GMT would seem the obvious choice, so stated, for an international bunch like us.) The deadline was extended because of that confusion, but some didn't see the extension, causing still more confusion and angst.

This will be my last time for submitting an entry unless or until Jared can work out a workable set of procedures *in advance* and notify everyone thereof.

Pete Benson
United States
Annual translation contest 2014, "Celebrations" open nowI really don't get it!

This contest opened more than a month ago. That is sure a long time to get some info about the ending date. What about a regular translation job? Do people moan, whine and ask for some extra time to the agency/the end client? Are we adults and professionals or do we still need mum to get our stuff straight?
Just amazing...
Jared, you're being sooo patient!
Rating and voting now open for most pairs in the 2014 annual translation contestExtension

Hi Jared,
Could you please extend the deadline for entries in the contest Exploring the desert: "The Doomed City"?

It is about to end within 5 minutes.
Rating and voting now open for most pairs in the 2014 annual translation contestCan we have negative stars please?

I would like to have negative stars or something similar for those unedited MT entries. Some entries are so bad that I don't want to give a better rating than a 1-star one, but at least somebody tried... (Although I hate to think that those submitting that type of entry may still call themselves "professional" translators.)

However, I would like to differentiate between substandard human translation and abysmal MT and have a button that sends those entries right to the bottom of the page (or the last page) so don't keep coming up as serious entries. To be quite honest, I don't know why people submit such junk and steal their colleagues' time who take their time and try to evaluate contest entries.

What members have said about translation contests

Thanks for the hard work of the personnel, it was a fun contest and the improvements you made to the site were very useful. I can't wait for the next contest!
Henar Chico
United States

Contests are great. I love contests! Thanks for your hard work!
Puerto Rico

We appreciate very much your efforts and we would like to thank you for your beautiful idea of translation contests. translation contests translation contests offer a fun way to take a break from your normal routine while testing and honing your skills with fellow translators. Translation Contests. Patent pending.