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Ideas translation contests translation contests offer a fun way to take a break from your normal routine while testing and honing your skills with fellow translators.

Current and previous contests

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Annual translation contest: "Celebrations"Submission phase
Language pairs189
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Exploring the desert: "The Doomed City"Submission phase
Language pairs3
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Sin telaraña en las pupilas: "Frases de Oliverio Girondo"Finished
Language pairs20
Contest logo
Poetry with a tune: "Translation of Lyrics"Finished
Language pairs38
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11th translation contest: "Contemporary society"Finished
Language pairs93
Contest logo
Mini-contest 2012: "Yogi Berra Quotes"Finished
Language pairs64
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9th Translation Contest: "Business"Finished
Language pairs141
Contest logo
1st Annual Translation Contest: "Awakening"Finished
Language pairs120
Contest logo
7th Translation Contest: "Sports"Finished
Language pairs107
Contest logo
6th Translation Contest: "Relationships"Finished
Language pairs98
Contest logo
5th Translation Contest: "Travel"Finished
Language pairs67
Contest logo
Fourth Translation Contest: "Raising children"Finished
Language pairs82
Contest logo
Third Translation ContestFinished
Language pairs49
Contest logo
Second Translation Contest 2007Finished
Language pairs33
Contest logo
First Translation Contest 2007Finished
Language pairs18

Recent discussion about translation contests

How are new contest source texts chosen?consensus

Dear Jared,

I would obviously be able to correct the Writing errors found in the text (there are 4 altogether - and 1 of these is not even a typical writing error, but rather a correction to make the text more understandable), if it is chosen. Almost all of the people giving feedbacks agreed on them, so it would be an easy job. When I've proposed the source text, I haven't made any changes on it - despite seeing these errors -, because I did not want to change the original source text.
But the other, negative responses under the positive highlights were made by mistake, due to the above mentioned misunderstanding. There would be nothing to change, as the peers misunderstood the meaning of 'separation'.
Plus, I think the overall suitability of the text was not questioned - on the contrary, in the discussion 3 people expressed their opinion that the text is of average difficulty, interesting and 'Hungarian' at the same time.

Anyway, thank you for your help, whatever the decision will be!
Zsofia Koszegi-Nagy
Zsofia Koszegi-Nagy
United Kingdom
Annual translation contest 2014, "Celebrations" open nowNew Romanian source text now available

A new source text for
Romanian is now available for the contest. Thanks to those who helped in the process, and especially to those who took the time to evaluate it and provide their feedback!

Jared Tabor
Jared Tabor
How are new contest source texts chosen?That could be made clearer, but doesn't seem to be the main issue for this text at this point

I'll have a look at how the "possibility for separation" tag can be made clearer. It does refer to parts of the text which can be translated in any of a number of ways.

Overall, the text has received both positive and negative feedback, through the tagging and and comments, and directly from members I contacted for their take on it, making a decision difficult at this point. It would be preferable to use a text where more of a consensus can be reached on its suitability. Another concern are the portions which have been tagged as writing errors (I am unable to determine if they are errors or what the corrections should be, of course).

Jared Tabor
Jared Tabor
How are new contest source texts chosen?Possibility for differentiation???

To me, 'Possibility for separation' sounds like a clumsy way of saying the text can be translated in many different ways and could serve as a point to really assess the skills of the translators. Is it what was meant by that note?
How are new contest source texts chosen?'Possibility for separation'

Dear Jared,

Lately I have noticed that many people who try to help evaluate the propsed source texts are unfamiliar with the exact meaning of the upper mentioned 'Possibility for separation' tag.
For example, I have tagged several parts of the text I've proposed and most of these tags got a few negative responses, as people seem to misunderstand what this tag means. They commented 'nothing has to be separated here' -> meaning they thought I've tagged these parts because there's a writing error in them, and some words have to be written separately. This is obviously not the case and I've tried contacting these people to clarify the tag, without any success so far. So all in all I feel it would be nice to give some explanation above the 'Highlighting'-section of the page and clarify what this tag means - if it is possible.
More and more people seem to be interested in evaluating this source text, but I'm worried it won't be chosen because of these negative votes - even if they are marked as negative by mistake.
Zsofia Koszegi-Nagy
Zsofia Koszegi-Nagy
United Kingdom

What members have said about translation contests

It was fun to translate [the contest source text] because it presents a certain idea or principle in many different ways (and words) and thereby reveals whether the translator has full command of his/her target language.
Anna Haxen

I love the contest and I think it's an all-too-rare opportunity to get some feedback from our peers. May it continue long into the future and frequently!

We appreciate very much your efforts and we would like to thank you for your beautiful idea of translation contests. translation contests translation contests offer a fun way to take a break from your normal routine while testing and honing your skills with fellow translators. Translation Contests. Patent pending.