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Ideas translation contests translation contests offer a fun way to take a break from your normal routine while testing and honing your skills with fellow translators.

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Annual translation contest: "Celebrations"Finals phase
Language pairs222
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Exploring the desert: "The Doomed City"Finals phase
Language pairs18
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Sin telaraña en las pupilas: "Frases de Oliverio Girondo"Finished
Language pairs20
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Poetry with a tune: "Translation of Lyrics"Finished
Language pairs38
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11th translation contest: "Contemporary society"Finished
Language pairs93
Contest logo
Mini-contest 2012: "Yogi Berra Quotes"Finished
Language pairs64
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9th Translation Contest: "Business"Finished
Language pairs141
Contest logo
1st Annual Translation Contest: "Awakening"Finished
Language pairs120
Contest logo
7th Translation Contest: "Sports"Finished
Language pairs107
Contest logo
6th Translation Contest: "Relationships"Finished
Language pairs98
Contest logo
5th Translation Contest: "Travel"Finished
Language pairs67
Contest logo
Fourth Translation Contest: "Raising children"Finished
Language pairs82
Contest logo
Third Translation ContestFinished
Language pairs49
Contest logo
Second Translation Contest 2007Finished
Language pairs33
Contest logo
First Translation Contest 2007Finished
Language pairs18

Recent discussion about translation contests

Finals round voting now open in the annual translation contestQualifications, in some pairs, could go on forever, unfortunately

Gitte Hovedskov, MCIL wrote:

The contest seems to go on and on and on for ages, and it sort of loses its credibility if you keep changing the rules, I think.

Maybe people are just not bothered to rate the translations that are now in an extended qualifications round, but they may be bothered to vote if you move those language combinations on to the finals round.

I actually changed my mind (about not voting as I have entered an entry myself) and went in to rate my fellow competitors' translations just to do my bit to speed things up. However, in my language combination (English to Danish), there are only 12 entries, and I would have been quite happy to allocate my choice of 1st, 2nd and 3rd best among this number, rather than having to rate them first, then wait an undefined period of time to go back to read any number of translations again to vote in the finals.

Any excitement or interest in the contest is quickly oozing away, I'm afraid... Let's just get on with it, Jared, please...

[Edited at 2014-10-05 05:57 GMT]

Thanks Gitte. I don't enjoy extending the contest any more than participants enjoy having it extended. The problem is that, in pairs where a good rating ratio has not been reached, there is no indication that a voting ratio that clearly determines a winner can be reached either. In some pairs ratings have gone up and a few are now ready to move on to finals, while others have not changed. It is possible that some pairs will remain in the qualification stage if not enough people are willing to rate entries.

There has been some resistance to peer rating entries among participants, but the fact is that translation contests work on peer evaluation, rating and voting. So thanks for adding your ratings to the mix!

I am going to continue to promote rating and voting for all pairs, regardless of whether they are in qualification or finals, and I would encourage participants to do what they can to spread the word as well, and to add ratings in their language pair(s).
Jared Tabor
Jared Tabor
Finals round voting now open in the annual translation contestThanks Samuel

Samuel Murray wrote:

Since Afrikaans is one of the pairs still being reviewed, I was able to check out the 14 submitted translations and comment on them. But oh, it takes ages to write just one comment, due to the highly formalised commenting system. I reviewed all 14 submissions, but only the first few sentences, before half an hour was up. And most of the time was taken up not by actual reviewing but by navigating the review system properly.

It's a pity one can't submit comments about the translations in general. For example, half of the translators made a certain mistake, but I'm not going to write a tag at each of them. It's also unfortunate that I can only like or dislike something in order to comment on it. Some translations have merit even though they're actually wrong. Do I like them, or dislike them, then?

Thanks for the feedback, Samuel. Commenting and tagging can be valuable input for participants, but what counts in terms of moving from the qualification phase to finals voting are ratings (the star ratings for "Quality of writing" and "Accuracy of translation"), which are easier to enter than like or dislike tags. Some improvements are in the works which should make it easier to evaluate entries along the lines you mention, though; for example, a means to search for and mark mistakes or good term selections across more than one entry at once.
Jared Tabor
Jared Tabor
Translation contest: Are we ever going to move on to the voting phase?

The Finals phase appears to be ending in 14 days' time, but for my language combination at least, we are still in the Qualifications phase. Is the competition ever going to move on to the voting stage?

It is quite probable that not enough people are bothered to rate the 12 entries, which presumably means that the competition organisers will never be able to decide which entries are deemed appropriate for final voting, and that the competition is therefore dead in the waters.

Personally, I have almost forgotten the text that was used for the competition, and by now, I would have to go back and read it all again very carefully in order to vote, a bit of a time-waster, and I have all but lost interest in the contest altogether.

May I suggest that in future contests, you set some fixed deadlines for the different stages and then stick to them, please?

But for now, can we please just move on to get the contest over and done with?
Entries in the qualification round can be "ruled out", a few more adjustments are on the wayseeing the stars

you must be aware of this, but the rating window is not visible if you use, for example, a slightly out of date version of Explorer.
This is what happened to me on one of my PCs and I guess it happened to many others, judging from their entries here above
Discussion about Annual translation contest: "Celebrations" in German to Lithuanian - Entry #21191Neblogai

Vokiškai nemoku, bet lietuviškas vertimas yra gana sklandus. Yra keletas klaidų, tačiau apskritai mintis sukama nuosekliai. Regis, nėra didžiųjų kalbos klaidų. Sėkmės :-)

What members have said about translation contests

I'm so happy with having won the contest in my pair and having deserved a prize. Thank you very much,!

Thanks to all the contest organizers - it must be a mammoth task and in the end it is an enjoyable and useful process!

It was fun to translate [the contest source text] because it presents a certain idea or principle in many different ways (and words) and thereby reveals whether the translator has full command of his/her target language.
Anna Haxen
Denmark translation contests translation contests offer a fun way to take a break from your normal routine while testing and honing your skills with fellow translators. Translation Contests. Patent pending.