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English to Koreanacrocephalopolysyndactyly 뾰족머리다합지증  Medical
English to Koreanacrocephalopolysyndactyly 뾰족머리과다가락붙음증  Medical
English to Koreanacrocephaly 뾰족머리증  Medical
English to Koreanacrocephaly 첨두증  Medical
English to Koreanacrocontracture 사지고정수축  Medical
English to Koreanacrocontracture 사지구축  Medical
English to Koreanacrocyanosis 말단청색증  Medical
English to Koreanacrodermatitis 손발피부염  Medical
English to Koreanacrodermatitis 밑단피부염  Medical
English to Koreanacrodermatosis 말단피부증  Medical
English to Koreanacrodynia 말단통증  Medical
English to Koreanacroerythema 말단홍반  Medical
English to Koreanacroerythrokeratoderma 말단홍색각피증  Medical
English to Koreanacroesthesia 말단과민(증)  Medical
English to Koreanacrognosis 팔다리인식  Medical
English to Koreanacrohypothermy 찬손발증  Medical
English to Koreanacrohypothermy 말단냉각증  Medical
English to Koreanacrohysterosalpingectomy 자궁관자궁절제(술)  Medical
English to Koreanacrokeratoelastoidosis 말단각화탄력섬유증  Medical
English to Koreanacrokeratosis 말단각화증  Medical
English to Koreanacromegaly 말단비대증  Medical
English to Koreanacromelalgia 홍색사지통증  Medical
English to Koreanacromicria 말단왜소증  Medical
English to Koreanacromion 봉우리  Medical
English to Koreanacromion 봉오리  Medical
English to Koreanacromion 견봉  Medical
English to Koreanacromionectomy 견봉절제술  Medical
English to Koreanacromionectomy 봉우리절제술  Medical
English to Koreanacroneuropathy 말단신경병증  Medical
English to Koreanacroneurosis 말단신경증  Medical
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