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GlossaryLanguagesEntry countLast updatedOwner
Test3Aleut, Amharic, Ancient Hebrew3Today
MedicalGerman, Romanian10Today
Greek abbreviationsEnglish, Greek446Today
GeneralEnglish, Polish, Portuguese46Today
Chomsky's glossaryEnglish, French, Polish833Today
General FinanceEnglish, Indonesian12Apr 23
Greek-English miscellaneousEnglish, Greek233Apr 23
Predmeti, srednja školaBosnian, French15Apr 23
MiscellaneousBulgarian, English42Apr 23
LawEnglish, Italian, Spanish117Apr 23
BaseGerman, Norwegian68Apr 23
DE-IT-DE Handel/Marketing/ArbeitGerman, Italian91Apr 23
EN-IT Law (gen.)English, Italian80Apr 23
Tourism & TravelEnglish, Spanish28Apr 22
EducationEnglish, Spanish55Apr 22
FinancialEnglish, Spanish92Apr 22
Paisajismo/LandscapingEnglish, Spanish67Apr 22
CulinaryItalian, Portuguese2Apr 22
allEnglish, Russian, Ukrainian83Apr 22
My own transcreationEnglish, Korean317Apr 22
técnicoGerman, Igbo, Portuguese985Apr 7
Atallah's GlossaryArabic, English313Apr 7
geral_PT-DEGerman, Igbo, Portuguese1,322Apr 7
jurídico PT-DEGerman, Igbo, Portuguese2,020Apr 7
EN-ITEnglish, German, Italian520Apr 7
Greek medicalEnglish, Greek211Apr 7
Finance/ManagementEnglish, French66Apr 7
My GlossaryBulgarian, Croatian, Dutch, English, English Old (ca.450-1100), French, German, Greek, Russian, Serbian684Apr 7
Medicine-Genetics-Biology-HealthEnglish, French, Greek, Spanish93Apr 7
Slovak-EnglishEnglish, Slovak43Apr 7
.albertoglsEnglish, French, German, Italian, Spanish944Apr 7
literature EN>ITEnglish, Italian3Apr 7
MIXEQUIVAEnglish, German, Italian330Apr 7
ownArabic, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, English, German, Italian, Serbian1,193Apr 7
Random Romanian WordsEnglish, Romanian38Apr 7
TechnicalEnglish, German57Apr 7
Glossaire JuridiqueFrench, Italian127Apr 7
AutomotiveEnglish, German145Apr 7
DE-ITGerman, Italian604Apr 7
Business/Finance/Law/PatentsDutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish1,704Apr 7
Engineering/TechDutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish825Apr 7
Wilsonn PerezEnglish, Spanish261Apr 7
Common TermsEnglish, Japanese2Apr 7
My glossaryAleut, Ancient Hebrew, Arabic, Delaware2Apr 6
Czech MedicalCzech, English93Apr 6
glossary of Ellen KrausBulgarian, Croatian, Dari, Delaware, Dida, English, Formosan, German, Greek, Italian, Serbian2,861Apr 6
economia PT-DEGerman, Igbo, Portuguese417Apr 6
turismo PT-DEGerman, Portuguese370Apr 6
IT-ENEnglish, Italian27Apr 6
Chemistry/Medicine/ScienceDutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish602Apr 6
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