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English to KoreanAB plane angle AB평면각  Dental
English to Koreanabdominal respiration 복식호흡  Dental
English to Koreanabducent nerve 외향신경  Dental
English to Koreanaberrant salivary gland 이소타액선  Dental
English to Koreanaberrant virus 비전형바이러스  Dental
English to Koreanabfraction 굴곡파절  Dental
English to Koreanabnormal reflex 이상반사  Dental
English to KoreanABO typing ABO혈액형검사  Dental
English to Koreanaboral 입에서 먼  Dental
English to Koreanaborticide 낙태약  Dental
English to Koreanabortient 낙태약  Dental
English to Koreanabortifacient 낙태약  Dental
English to Koreanabortive infection 불발감염  Dental
English to Koreanabortive prophage 불완전프로파지  Dental
English to Koreanabortive transduction 불발형질도입  Dental
English to Koreanabortive transformation 불발형질전환  Dental
English to Koreanabrasion gunshot wound 찰과총상  Dental
English to Koreanabrasion resistance 마모저항  Dental
English to Koreanabrasion test 마모시험  Dental
English to Koreanabrasive 마모재  Dental
English to Koreanabrasive paste 연마페이스트  Dental
English to Koreanabrasivity 마모율  Dental
English to Koreanabscission 절제  Dental
English to KoreanAbsidia 압시디아  Dental
English to Koreanabsolute constant 절대상수  Dental
English to Koreanabsolute idiocy 백치  Dental
English to Koreanabsolute refractory period 절대불응기  Dental
English to Koreanabsorbable gelatin sponge 흡수젤라틴스펀지  Dental
English to Koreanabsorbable ligature 흡수결찰사  Dental
English to Koreanabsorbed dose 흡수선량  Dental
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