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Featured Articles
» Standard Bearers: TM brand profiles at Lantra-L
By Ignacio Garcia, PH.D. | Published 06/7/2005 | CAT Tools | Recommendation:
Over the past few years, significant changes have been occurring in the translation industry. The Internet has become the terminological resource par excellence, and a hitherto isolated profession has been forging an international community through mailing lists. Translation Memory (TM) software has spread out from in-house translation departments and big agencies to the freelance community, with ...
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» Book Review-How to Manage Your Translation Projects
By Reed D James | Published 05/11/2015 | Book Reviews | Recommendation:
Review of How to Manage Your Translation Projects, book by Nancy Matis. Shows the steps toward building a solid translation agency.
» Translation pricing – the simple truth
By Václav Pinkava | Published 05/6/2015 | Financial Issues | Recommendation:
Translation pricing boils down to some ordinary common sense.
» Interpreter working in Court
By Carl Tengstrom | Published 04/30/2015 | Interpreting | Not yet recommended
During my forty years as a criminal defense lawyer, I have both seen and heard many different kinds of interpreting. I will try to give you a picture of the life in court in Sweden.
» The biggest mistake translators make about their own industry
By TranslateFamily | Published 04/22/2015 | Business Issues | Recommendation:
Most professional translators work extremely hard to improve at their craft, from attending training and seminars, reading voraciously and networking to even relocating to another country. But even expert translators are still guilty of harbouring one big misconception about the translation industry, and it’s not doing anyone any favours. What is this one big mistake? Simply put, it comes down to how you see yourself.
» Primeros pasos en la industria: cómo ganar confianza
By Mónica Belén Colacilli | Published 04/21/2015 | Spanish , Translator Education | Not yet recommended
Consejos sobre cómo ganar confianza en uno mismo y ganarse la confianza del cliente cuando damos los primeros pasos como traductores.
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