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By Silvia Barra | Published 01/29/2010 | Getting Established | Recommendation:
A list of supportive tools to make the translator's work easier and to rise her/his performance. Particularly dedicated to new translators.
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» How to translate for a publishing house: An Italian psychologist's experience
By Gabriele Lo Iacono | Published 08/26/2014 | Marketing Your Language Services | Not yet recommended
Answering to a call for articles on ProZ, I briefly outline my experience as a translator who has been working with Italian publishers for almost 20 years. Based on my career path, I offer some simple suggestions.
» Die Problematik der Übersetzung des Geschäftsberichtes Deutsch/Russisch. Umsetzung von IFRS und US-GAAP bei der Aufstellung des Jahresabschlusses in Russland
By veshna | Published 08/13/2014 | Business/Financial Translation | Not yet recommended
» The fixer - 2014 FIFA World Cup
By Mark Thompson | Published 08/6/2014 | Interpreting | Recommendation:
Selling yourself as a fixer (local interpreter who accompanies a person or team to help with communication and organisation) can be beneficial. This article talks about my most recent experience as a fixer.
» Increase number of your customers and your income as a translator
By Zeki G. | Published 07/31/2014 | Getting Established | Recommendation:
Briefly explains how to increase number of your customers and your income as a translator
By Özgün Şerif | Published 07/7/2014 | Interpreting | Recommendation:
Nazım Hikmet ile başlayan ve edebiyatta çevirmenin rolünü vurgulayan makale, bu mesleğin öneminin evrensel olmasından ileri geldiği iddiası ile yazıldı.
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