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» Técnicas de traducción periodística
By Kamal Mrabet | Published 11/22/2012 | Spanish | Recommendation:
El periodismo ha mantenido desde su nacimiento estrechas relaciones con la traducción, y el material traducido en los medios no deja de aumentar día tras día. Sin embargo, escasean hasta el momento los estudios sobre este tipo de traducción, tanto en la investigación lingüística como en la periodística.
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» Translation Agency Secret Weapon
By Technolex | Published 04/28/2016 | Translator Education | Recommendation:
In this article we will tell you about a technical side of a translation agency work. Many beginning translators and inexperienced customers of translation services are not aware of this side. We are speaking of so-called CAT tools (computer-aided translation) and CAT systems. These are applications using translation memory technology (TM means translation memory). Some translators are afraid of such tools, some customers are suspicious about them and some translation agencies make money on these fears and lack of knowledge.
» Sobre impagos y cómo protegernos
By Patricia García | Published 04/23/2016 | Financial Issues | Not yet recommended
Hay tantas situaciones para sufrir un impago como excusas para no abonar un servicio prestado. Desde el surrealismo a la cara más dura de entre las duras. ¿Cómo reconocerlos? ¿Cómo defendernos?
» Translation challenges for beginners – 30 sentences to practise your skills from English into French
By Alexa Dubreuil | Published 04/1/2016 | French , Translation Techniques , Translator Education | Recommendation:
This selection of sentences to practice translation skills from English into French is mainly aimed at beginners. I describe these sentences as ’translation challenges’ mainly because they can’t be translated straightforwardly and/or required an extra level of creativity in order to read as if they had originally been written in French.
» Translation Agency: Behind the Scenes
By Technolex | Published 03/31/2016 | Art of Translation and Interpreting | Recommendation:
In this article we will try to tell you what is happening in a translation agency after your order has been received in the pipeline. It would seem there’s nothing to tell: “the text is received, sent to translator, received from translator, and sent back to the customer”. But believe us: with many orders there are micro dramas that nobody will tell you about — for your peace of mind. Let’s look into the backstage and see what is happening there...
» 從糯米說起 Romney and Sticky Rice
By pkchan | Published 03/9/2016 | Translation Techniques | Not yet recommended
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