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Featured Articles
» Lost in Translation: halfpenny
By Magdalena Rej | Published 06/17/2009 | Miscellaneous | Recommendation:
A series of articles (32) on Irish slang and Hiberno-English for the Polish community in Ireland, The Evening Herald, The Polski Herald.
Recent Articles
» Calculating your rate as a freelance translator
By Pieter Beens | Published 11/28/2014 | Financial Issues | Not yet recommended
As the Bible states the workman is worthy of his meat (Matthew 10:10). How should a translator define the prices for his (her) services?
» Trade fair networking
By kwatkins | Published 11/6/2014 | Marketing Your Language Services | Not yet recommended
This is a brief article about my first trade fair visit as a freelance travel and tourism translator.
» المتلازمات اللفظية .. رؤية مترجم
By Muhammad Atallah | Published 10/11/2014 | Arabic | Recommendation:
مقال يتناول ظاهرة التلازم اللفظي وضرورة انتباه المترجم إليها، ويسرد أمثلة عديدة على هذه الظاهرة، إلى جانب الإشارة إلى المصادر العربية التي يمكن للمترجم أن يستعين بها في هذا الصدد.
» Translation Contract Clauses
By Verlow Woglo Junior | Published 10/6/2014 | Legal Issues | Recommendation:
Contract clauses have their importance as they govern the relationship between client and translator, and affect the manner by which disputes thereof are resolved by the parties to a contract.
» Prove what you know!
By Verlow Woglo Junior | Published 10/4/2014 | Business of Translation and Interpreting | Recommendation:
Translators are, by the nature of their work and experience, linguists, technicians, researchers, scientists, writers, consultants and scholars - with or without formal training. So, if clients want a super qualified translator, they should also know that it does not come cheap. College and continuing education are expensive, and translators, by experience alone, are sometimes as qualified as any diploma bearing technician, college graduate or expert of any given field of knowledge or trade.
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