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» The Translator's Image in Sydney Pollack's Film The Interpreter (The Ethical Dilemma).
By OWatts | Published 05/11/2012 | Translation Theory | Recommendation:
In this article, I look at the translator as an object of representation in cinematography and explore the image of the interpreter in Sydney Pollack's film The Interpreter. First a general description of the plot of the film is given followed by the description of the image of the fictional interpreter, Silvia Broome. Then I dwell on the ethical problem present in the film and reflect on the question: Is it always possible for a translator to act at once professionally and ethically in the situation of conflict?
Recent Articles
» Goodbye Barcelona, goodbye traductor
By Eva Rosell Puig | Published 06/30/2015 | Catalan | Not yet recommended
Tot just fa un any que vaig visitar el Teatre del Raval per conèixer el projecte de Goodbye Barcelona. Dins d’aquell teatre petit i acollidor l’Empar López, la directora del teatre, em va explicar que el musical li havia agradat tant que calia representar-lo a Barcelona fos com fos. Els ulls se li il·luminaven mentre m’explicava com l’obra l’havia commogut, i sembla que aquella il·lusió se’ns va contagiar a tots els que vam participar en l’aventura de Goodbye Barcelona.
» Being a Language Citizen
By Reed D James | Published 06/24/2015 | Translator Education | Not yet recommended
This article attempts to explain what it means to be truly proficient in a second/foreign language and the steps to attain this goal.
» La Ciencia y Arte de Traducir: Alquimismo de la Idea y la Palabra.
By Juan Blackmore | Published 06/10/2015 | Translator Education | Not yet recommended
Algunos comentarios y sugerencias de un traductor antiguo para un traductor novel.
By Juan Blackmore | Published 05/25/2015 | Miscellaneous | Not yet recommended
Mi experiencia personal de estar en PROZ.
» Why translation is art as well as science
By Johanna Rodda | Published 05/22/2015 | Translation Theory | Not yet recommended
This article provides a theoretical framework for understanding the artistic, if also scientific, nature of the act of translating an initial set of concepts into the expression of a second language.
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