Thank you for your interest in the Justin Chlebus Memorial Scholarship. Please review the application and consider it carefully before deciding whether or not to apply. If you do choose to apply, it is important that you invest the time and effort necessary to fully communicate who you are, as well as the degree to which you have achieved proficiency in your chosen field.
Application form for the Justin Chlebus Memorial Scholarship.
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Please introduce yourself. Who are you? What is your approach to life? What are your career goals?
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Study abroad
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* Unique skill or ability

To earn a grant under this program, an applicant must have exceptional ability in one of the sciences (programming, engineering, research, etc.) or arts (music, dance, literature, graphic arts, etc.) In what field do you excel? What have you accomplished in that field? What do you love about this field, and what is your goal in it?
* Language interest

Under the program, the award recipient(s) will spend one semester (minimum of 4 months) to a year in a country in which a language foreign to them is spoken. They are expected to devote themselves to learning that language in the time that is available to them. Please describe your interest in learning another language.
* Country of study

Please indicate in which country you plan on studying, why you are interested in studying there, and how you seek to practice your art/science/skill in that country. Please also indicate your current level of proficiency in the language of that country.
* Long-term contribution

Ultimately, what do you hope to contribute to the world through your life and art / skill? How would this program help you to do that?
Additional information

If you have a link to your work in text, graphic, or video form, please include that here.
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