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ProZ.com Newsletter: September 2005

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(1) Sessions posted for Krakow 2005 Conference
(2) New! Interpreter World Map (beta)
(3) Last day of TRADOS Group Buy (upgrades and SDLX, too!)
(4) Why so few KudoZ questions in my inbox?
(5) Upcoming powwows: Montreal, Pamplona, St. Petersburg...
(6) AILIA survey for Canadian professionals
(7) International Translators Day - message of thanks

(1) Sessions posted for Krakow 2005 Conference

The third ProZ.com Conference - to be held in Krakow, Poland on November 25 and 26 - is now just two months away!

About a dozen of the sessions have been posted to the Conference page. Additional sessions, and times for the sessions, will be posted over the next few weeks.

A discount is available for early-bird registration now through Friday. Make plans now to enjoy low prices on registration and flights. (Inexpensive flights are still available from various European cities; for example, Ryanair is booking Krakow-London for 30 GBP return.)

Third ProZ.com Conference: Krakow 2005: http://www.proz.com/conference/2?r_id=14

(2) ProZ.com announces Interpreter World Map (beta)

A new interpreter search page has been created, based on the technology behind "Google Maps". This "Interpreter World Map" provides outsourcers with a means of locating interpreters by language, specialty and location. The beta release of the Interpreter World Map is available for testing/use and feedback now.

Interpreters: please follow the instructions on the page to make sure you are shown!

Interpreter World Map: http://www.proz.com/?sp=interpreter_search&r_id=2

(3) Last day of TRADOS Group Buy (upgrades and SDLX, too!)

The first-ever group buy of SDLX closed successfully and we have moved on to a round of TRADOS group buying. Excellent deals are available on new licenses and also, for the first time, upgrades.

If you do not yet own TRADOS, this is a chance to obtain it--with 6 free months of ProZ.com platinum membership--for just 592 euros (667 usd). If you already own TRADOS, you can upgrade to the latest version--and get 3 months of ProZ.com membership--while realizing savings of up to 40%.

As with all of ProZ.com's Group Buying sales, these are the lowest prices worldwide.

If you are interested in SDLX, it is still possible to save on that, too. Now that SDL has acquired TRADOS, the company is able to make both tools available more economically. For example, it is possible to purchase TRADOS, SDLX and ProZ.com platinum membership (1-year) for less than 1000 euros. If you have an active business, any one of the three items in this package could produce a return on the entire investment relatively quickly. For more information, go to: http://www.proz.com/tgb

TRADOS - 9 units left: http://www.proz.com/tgb?r_id=5

(4) Why so few KudoZ questions in my inbox?

Some members have noticed that they are receiving fewer notifications of KudoZ questions. This is a result of changes made in the KudoZ update recently announced. The following three changes have contributed to a reduction in the number of KudoZ alerts going out:

1. Detailed fields are now used to decide who receives notifications. For example, a question asked in 'esoteric practices' will not be sent to you unless you either (1) list esoteric practices among the fields in your profile, or (2) select notifications for questions in *all* fields. To modify your settings, go to: http://www.proz.com/dashboard

2. Searching the KudoZ archives is now an integral step in posting a question. As a result, there are fewer repeat questions, and in turn fewer questions overall.

3. Daily limits have been instituted on the number of questions that can be asked. Consensus among members seems to be that this change has led to a more professional environment. To view the discussion and add your own opinion, go to: http://www.proz.com/topic/36651

ProZ.com's staff recommends that members take advantage of these changes to focus on providing outstanding answers in their fields of specialization. With the changes we have made this year to the directory, leaderboards and job systems, it is now more advantageous (in terms of exposure) to have a few points in your fields of expertise than it is to have many points in all fields.

On the other hand, if you miss your KudoZ questions and want to receive more, all you have to do is visit your KudoZ dashboard and select "all fields"!

KudoZ update announcement: http://www.proz.com/topic/35829?r_id=8

Platinum members are four times more likely than non-platinum members to meet new clients. Support the site and expand your business - go platinum today!

(5) Upcoming powwows: Montreal, Pamplona, St. Petersburg...

Free, informal powwows are scheduled for the following areas over the next two months...

30: Montral (34 members) - http://proz.com/pw/697

1: Pamplona (28) - http://proz.com/pw/701
1: St. Petersburg (14) - http://proz.com/pw/729
2: Florence (27) - http://proz.com/pw/727
6: San Ignacio..., Belize (2) - http://proz.com/pw/708
7: Ekaterinburg, Russia (4) - http://proz.com/pw/733
15: Piemonte, Italy (9) - http://proz.com/pw/732
15: Utrecht (30) - http://proz.com/pw/719
29: Florence (3) - http://proz.com/pw/726
29: Chicago (1) - http://proz.com/pw/738
29: Dusseldorf (62) - http://proz.com/pw/684
30: Monterrey, ..., Mexico (6) - http://proz.com/pw/722

1: Emden, Germany (6) - http://proz.com/pw/682
2: New Orleans (7) - http://proz.com/pw/718
12: Buenos Aires (76) - http://proz.com/pw/736
14: Wien, Austria (6) - http://proz.com/pw/731
25: Krakow, Poland (54) - http://proz.com/pw/723

More powwows: http://www.proz.com/powwows?r_id=9

Propose a powwow in your city!: http://proz.com/powwows?show_mode=propose&r_id=10

(6) AILIA survey for Canadian professionals

The Language Industry Association (AILIA) is surveying Canadian language professionals as part of "a study on the integration, retention, and training of workers in the language industry." Survey participants will be eligible to win $25 gift certificates from Chapters or Indigo.

To take part in this survey, click here: http://www.ailia.ca/vestimetra/

(7) International Translators Day - message of thanks

September 30 is International Translators' Day, and the International Federation of Translators has chosen to make "Rights of the Translator" its theme for the day. They write: "The right to express oneself in ones language. The right to be served in ones language. The right to information. The right to culture. The right to knowledge. The right to a fair trial. The right to legal aid. These rights, now known as human rights, could not be respected if no translator was present."

On this occasion, we would like to congratulate and thank you, our members, for your services as translators and for your contributions and support of the site--and industry--as ProZ.com members. From KudoZ to the Blue Board, at powwows and conferences, whether sharing daytime tips or offering late-night assistance, you have ushered in a new era of collaboration--and strength--for translators. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to dedicate ProZ.com to serving you.

International Translation Day 2005 - FIT news release: http://www.fit-ift.org/download/jmt-itd2005.pdf

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