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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Nov 12 esl>eng Virus Hepatitis C C1 Ausente No evidence of hepatities C C1 virus (activity) pro open no
4 Oct 10 esl>eng Biopsia seno derecho coordenadas 5-4 y 12-3 [TruCut needle] biopsies at the 4-5 and 12-3 positions pro closed ok
- Sep 19 esl>eng íleo mesocólica mesocolic iliac lymph glands pro just_closed no
- Sep 20 esl>eng indenta indented pro just_closed no
- Sep 14 esl>eng focos types of lenses pro closed ok
- Sep 9 esl>eng piqueteado por calcado suelo brush burns pro closed ok
4 Sep 9 esl>eng mecanismo intimo de fallecimiento immediate cause of death pro closed no
4 Sep 5 esl>eng Inmunodifusión immunodiffusion pro closed ok
4 Aug 29 esl>eng coma cuatro [he should still be in a] stage 4 coma pro closed ok
4 Aug 9 esl>eng establecer sistemas de rastreo y respuesta a los rumores establish systems for tracking and responding to rumo(u)rs pro closed no
4 Aug 7 esl>eng evoluciona con cuadro and is developing symptoms of pro closed ok
4 Jul 26 esl>eng espongo la razón (que) explain the reason why pro closed no
- Jul 18 esl>eng cronificar la enfermedad turn the disease into a chronic condition for as long as possible pro closed no
- Jul 17 esl>eng beber abundates líquidos stay hydrated easy closed ok
- Jul 16 por>eng atingimento cutâneo the skin is affected/involved pro closed no
4 Jul 11 esl>eng depuración screening pro closed ok
4 Jul 6 esl>eng desde el ser y el hacer in terms of being and doing pro closed ok
- Jul 6 esl>eng BD shortness of breath / dyspnea ... requiring bronchodilator pro closed no
- Jun 30 esl>eng dictamen médico medical opinion pro closed ok
- Jun 29 esl>eng INFRAESCAPULAR subscapular pro closed no
4 May 5 esl>eng Resto sin cambios/incidencias Otherwise no changes/incidents pro closed ok
4 Apr 24 esl>eng tónica consistent with pro closed no
4 Apr 18 esl>eng hacer correlación clínico-patológica determine/establish whether there is a clinicopathological correlation pro closed ok
4 Apr 17 esl>eng patología psiquiátrica comórbida comorbid psychiatric pathology easy closed no
4 Apr 16 esl>eng y son más conocidos algunos some of the more recognized [triggers] include pro closed no
- Apr 16 esl>eng En el origen de [x, y, and z contribute to] development of pro closed no
- Feb 28 esl>eng Residencia asistencial programada Programmed residency pro closed no
- Feb 28 esl>eng espacios articulares femoropatelar y femororotuliano patellofemoral and femoroacetabular joint spaces pro closed no
4 Jan 29 esl>eng descamar shed pro closed no
4 Dec 20 '18 esl>eng adjuntar concepto [and] attach the opinion of ... pro closed no
- Dec 11 '18 esl>eng foco no hiperintenso en T2 mildly intense focal lesion on T2-weighted imaging pro open no
- Dec 9 '18 esl>eng muestreo tumoral y del tumor tumor sample and sample showing its relationship to ... pro closed no
4 Oct 19 '18 por>eng preservado intact pro closed no
- Sep 28 '18 por>eng tendo-se estendido facilmente a which easily spread pro closed no
4 Sep 26 '18 esl>eng plazos de garantía a fecha de corte guaranteed performance time frames (by the deadline) pro closed ok
4 Aug 21 '18 por>eng camada pavimentosa estratificada avascular avascular stratified squamous epithelial layer pro closed ok
4 Jul 10 '18 esl>eng Doctor en Medicina Doctor of Medicine easy closed no
- Jul 7 '18 esl>eng salud anticancerígena cancer-preventive health behavior(s) pro closed ok
4 Jul 6 '18 esl>eng resto de principios éticos y legales actualmente exigidos and any other ethical or legal principles that apply pro closed no
4 Jun 23 '18 esl>eng Se ha retirado desde oncología has been suspended per indication by Oncology Department pro closed no
4 Jun 16 '18 esl>eng medicación ordenada the prescribed/(ordered) medication pro closed no
- Jun 14 '18 por>eng lâminas subdurais subdural layers pro closed ok
4 May 21 '18 esl>eng focos de necrosis necrotic foci pro closed ok
4 Apr 30 '18 por>eng sem cria ao pé cows not nursing a calf pro closed no
4 Apr 15 '18 por>eng citoplasmas claros ou cosinofílicos clear or eosinophilic cytoplasm pro closed no
- Mar 19 '18 esl>eng Objetivar, objetivádose observing pro just_closed no
- Mar 15 '18 esl>eng sesgadas not blinded pro closed no
4 Feb 18 '18 esl>eng Causa de defunción: choque no clasificado en otra parte cause of death: shock not otherwise specified pro closed no
- Feb 9 '18 por>eng descarga but with long breaks in between pro closed ok
3 Dec 19 '17 esl>eng trabeculares ramificados de disposición nuclear periférica alineada trabeculae radiating/projecting out from the nucleus to form a peripheral array pro closed no
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