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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Jan 8 '17 eng>.fs The nose into the wind پیشروی pro closed no
4 Dec 29 '15 .fs>eng ما را كه تو منظورى، خاطر نرود جايى while you're in my mind, it wont go elsewhere pro closed ok
- Dec 26 '15 .fs>eng پاداش reward/bonus pro closed ok
- Dec 6 '15 eng>.fs to find her less than perfect انگار سعی می کرد خود را کمتر از آنچه هست نشان دهد pro closed ok
- Nov 30 '15 .fs>eng به گوشیم گیر نمیده wont pick on my cellphone pro closed ok
- Nov 30 '15 .fs>eng اینجور شاخ correctly(right a way )! pro closed ok
4 Nov 27 '15 .fs>eng پا سوز I suffer from your love pro closed ok
- Nov 26 '15 .fs>eng باغت آباد شه انگوری God bless you acinose pro closed ok
4 Nov 24 '15 .fs>eng عاشقی قسم swear to the pain of love pro closed ok
- Nov 23 '15 .fs>eng به دست سوده ام I have pulverized death (in hand) pro closed ok
4 Nov 21 '15 eng>.fs give a person a oner on the head تو سر کسی زدن pro closed no
4 Nov 21 '15 .fs>eng مبنا Baseline studies pro closed no
- Nov 8 '15 eng>.fs spat تف کرد pro closed ok
- Nov 1 '15 eng>fas logo stands out لوگوی شرکت معروف/شناخته شده است pro closed no
- Oct 30 '15 eng>.fs Money supply منبع مالی pro closed ok
- Oct 28 '15 .fs>eng يه چيزي بذار بيارزه upload something worthy! pro closed ok
- Nov 14 '14 eng>fra insect protected seed دانه ضد حشره /دانه حفاظت شده در برابر حشره pro closed ok
- Feb 13 '10 eng>.fs boulder burial سنگ قبر pro open no
- Nov 23 '09 eng>.fs data streaming جریانی از داده ها(سير داده pro open no
4 Jul 20 '09 eng>.fs engraving (کنده کاری کردن ، حکاکی(حکاکی روی چوب و فلز pro closed ok
4 Jun 20 '09 eng>.fs basting brush برس روغن pro closed ok
4 May 29 '09 eng>.fs patch وصله نرم افزاری pro closed ok
- Apr 2 '09 eng>.fs lees ته نشین pro closed ok
4 Apr 13 '09 eng>.fs bas-relief حجاری و نقوش برجسته pro closed ok
4 Apr 8 '09 eng>.fs cropping کراپ یا تغییر اندازه عکس pro closed ok
- Mar 11 '09 eng>.fs ladder logic فلسفه ترسیم بردار منطقی pro closed ok
- Mar 11 '09 eng>.fs audience شنوندگان pro closed ok
- Mar 3 '09 .fs>eng چشمان آبي رنگش به رنگ آبي گلها بود her/his blue-colored eyes were matched with the blue of the flowers. pro closed ok
4 Feb 27 '09 eng>.fs seaworthiness قابلیت دریانوردی pro closed ok
- Feb 28 '09 eng>.fs facilitating payment پرداخت جهت تسهیل(وتسریع)کارهای اداری pro closed ok
- Feb 28 '09 .fs>eng نانوا هم جوش شیرین می زند! even the baker is boiling (anxious)for Shirin pro closed ok
- Feb 27 '09 eng>.fs oxymoron به کار بردن کلمات ضدو نقیض pro closed ok
- Feb 3 '09 eng>.fs stoma opening دهانه مقعد pro closed ok
- Feb 3 '09 .fs>eng مراتب فرماندهی commandery hierarchy pro closed ok
- Jan 28 '09 eng>.fs customizing links اضافه کردن لینک ها یا پیوست ها pro closed ok
- Jan 17 '09 eng>.fs He is flying at her throat اون تو گلویش گیر کرده(کنایه از چشم کسی رو گرفتن).و pro closed ok
- Jan 17 '09 eng>.fs he is blowing a fuse (anger) از جا در رفتن pro closed ok
- Jan 15 '09 .fs>eng سربار small load on top of a heavier one pro closed ok
- Dec 30 '08 .fs>eng tourism in this text , it's been tried to study the outputs of relation makers in indoor tourism.... easy closed ok
- Dec 30 '08 eng>.fs photo-realistic buildings عکس های واقعی ساختمان ها pro closed ok
- Dec 28 '08 eng>.fs Barbadian economy اقتصاد باربادوس pro closed ok
- Dec 18 '08 .fs>eng برگ معملات نیم برگی half sheet transactions paper pro closed ok
- Dec 14 '08 eng>.fs being sequentially ‘primary’, ‘secondary’, ‘tertiary’, etc., in orientation. be tore motevali va be tartib be surate : avali(Moghadamati),sani,sales va gheire mibashad. pro closed ok
NP Dec 14 '08 .fs>eng یک بار امتحان کافیه once you give it a test,thats all pro closed ok
- Dec 11 '08 .fs>eng شهرستان township pro closed ok
- Dec 1 '08 .fs>eng کفشهات لنگه به لنگه است ! your shoes are reversed pro closed ok
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