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MultiTrans Prism Freelance

3 out of 5
Out of 3 user reviews.

MultiTrans Prism Freelance provides access to the essential functionalities for a freelance translator to work locally (not connected to a corporate network domain). This stand-alone edition of MultiTrans Prism includes the ability to build and import TextBase Translation Memories and TermBases of limited sizes. It also gives you the ability to use the fully interactive Translation Agent within Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and WordPerfect. The Translation Agent enables users to interactively or automatically replace paragraphs, segments (exact & fuzzy matches), sub-segments and terms while they work with their preferred editor. Further Advanced Leveraging TM (ALTM) technology provides sub segment matching, auto-alignment, and the context for all matches found. It also comes with our XLIFF Editor, which does everything the Translation Agent does but extends your ability to work on tagged format files such as XML, HTML, MSOffice 2007 and 2010, FrameMaker and InDesign. The XLIFF Editor also has integrated QA tools to check for translation completeness and terminology consistency.

The Freelance license includes a training session on the Web and a reduced price for ongoing support.

Software details

PriceStarting at $799.00
File formats
No data
License typePerpetual
System requirements
Operating system
No data
System requirements
No data
CompatibilitySupport for multilanguage translation memories (TMX format)
Support & upgrades
Support and upgrades offered/includedCheck with manufacturer
Support and tutorial links
No data
30 days
Free trial
No data
Languages supported
No data

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4 out of 5
How easy is it to learn?

Would recommend it
Review by 
Marie-ever . I worked on a contract of 9 months for Toys"R"Us Canada and, in the Translation department, we were using it and I learned really fast to use it. You can work directly on Ms Word and other files so it's really helpful. You can align bilingual texts for TM also. I did not experienced any crash too. Only thing, I think it's the most expensive on the market.
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

3 out of 5
How easy is it to learn?

Good approach, but...
Review by 
Nicolas Bianchi . When I started a new job beginning 2010 at a place where there was no CAT tool, I was allowed to choose the one I wanted. My choice was narrowed down to Trados (a usual suspect, Studio was on the verge of coming out), Transit NXT (also in baby shoes), Across and MultiTrans.
Across was too restrictive at the time. No liberties at all (editing source text for instance...)
The Transit commercial never rang back... I must say the program crashed as soon as would try an alignment.
Trados Studio... well. I was promised an amazing product, but had no guarantee.
I went for MultiTrans for a few reasons:
- the Swiss Confederation was using it across all its translation units,
- My new employer had hundreds and hundreds of files that could already be aligned in no time as Corpus TM. Even PDF files, although this didn’t give good results if I remember well).

- You don’t have to use their segment based Translation Agent which, I must say, was extremely user unfriendly and buggy. It reminded me of the early versions of Trados Workbench. As to date, I never met anybody who liked it. It means you can use MultiTrans to analyse your document and to replace or highlight matching segments or paragraphs he found in the TextBase. This allows you to translate freely in word, move sentences and paragraphs (ne need to keep the original document’s structure). Also, as mentioned in a ProZ forum, the Corpus TextBase gives you the context of the matching sentence, as it shows you the original documents as a whole. Whenever the alignment is faulty, it can be corrected immediately with no effort. I used it mainly as a concordance searching tool within the many documents available at my new job’s place. I enjoyed the freedom it gave me.
- The Canadian team (project team and support) is extremely friendly and helpful. Like anything I had seen before. When I left the employer, there were unsolved issues which I wanted to solve. I asked the Support team for a temporary licence. As none was available due to their retail policy, they gave me a full one and made me simply promise to return it once I would not need it anymore.
(I haven’t really looked into MemoQ’s LiveDocs. But if it’s able to “align whole documents” as Corpuses, then it would really offer the best of both worlds (segment/corpus)
- The documents look terribly messy after analysis (all sentences highlighted yellow/red).
- The TermBase was unusable: I had a 3500 MultiTerm 95 entries, which I was able to convert and import easily into MultiTerm 2009. At no time MultiTrans was able to import any of the MultiTerm 2009’s export formats. The whole TermBase would be a mess. All fields would be mixed… Even Tech support wasn’t able to fix this.
- The GUI looked really, really old and unfriendly.
- A few crashes…
- The sales guy was terribly unfriendly, but as I had met a tech employee before, I dealt with him most of the time.
Learning curve wasn’t very steep.
Would I buy it again?
I’d be curious to see how it evolved, if the freelance version is interesting. But I don’t suppose freelancers are their main targets.
Trados really did a good job these last years, and MemoQ seems to be on the fast lane. Therefore I would certainly not be tempted.
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

2 out of 5
How easy is it to learn?

Why ?
Review by 
Sanja_FR . I sort of get the point of online platforms for project managers, but please at least pretend to consider translators' workflow. At some point it becomes a rentability issue, if your projects take twice the time as they should, no one will use it willingly. It's like hiring a designer to make a logo and asking him/her to work on Paint with a mouse. Why would anyone do that ?

Anyway, I nearly never use the online bit as there is thankfully a way to export everything and work offline, even if you have to fix the TM to be able to use it.

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