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My name is Tom Leary and I am an experienced professional translator specialised in financial reporting and investor relations. I have been working in the translation and localisation business since 1997 and as a full-time professional financial translator since 2002.

Over the years I have worked for a wide variety of clients, mainly in the financial and legal fields (I hold a Masters in Law) and am proud to have translated / proofread circa 7.3 million words from French and Spanish.
That's over 17,000 hours of translation experience!

The bulk of my work is in the field of financial reporting and investor relations in general (I hold a Certificate in International Financial Reporting from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants - ACCA). I also recently completed a course in plain English. The idea behind the course was to make investor relations material more accessible for non-native English speakers.

Given my expertise, I’m increasingly asked to lead large financial communications projects such as annual reports. This means that I work on the glossary, translate a portion and then proofread the remainder.

I help my clients in a number of ways. I can audit your existing translations, act as a freelance translator or I can combine my linguistic expertise with my strong project management skills and put together a team to translate your investor relations material. I have experience managing projects in a wide range of languages.

If you feel I can be of any assistance please don't hesitate to contact me.


"Just to thank you very much for your excellent and fast work !"

"Just some quick feedback which is always nice to hear, both of our proofreaders have commented on the excellent quality of your work. So well done and many thanks!"

"I just wanted to say thanks again for your help on the project last weekend. We've had a special message of thanks from the Financial Communications Director. We couldn't have done it without your contribution and we are really looking forward to working with you again very soon."

"Thanks again for doing that big project for me and for it running smoothly."

"Thank you Tom, very nice translation, no mistakes."

  • Annual report: 66000 words (Postal services operator)
  • Separate and consolidated financial statements: 19000 words (Leisure company)
  • Annual financial report: 11500 words (Global specialist in energy management)
  • Separate financial statements: 4500 words (leading global advertising network)
  • Marketing agreement: 2400 words (Property developer)
  • Inland waterway regulations: 2300 words (Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine)
  • Power of attorney: 2700 words (Spanish savings bank)
  • Foreign buyer credit facility: 5700 words (Major bank)
  • Specifications for new a express delivery product: 6800 words (Postal services operator)
  • Supplier payment procedures: 1100 words (Chemical company)
  • Accounting procedure: 1300 words (Chemical company)
  • Call for tender announcement: 900 words (Alternative energy developer)
  • Corporate liability: 2000 words (Safety and occupational footwear manufacturer)
  • Accounting system interface protocol: 2500 words (Technology consulting)
  • Presentation for new hires: 16000 words (Major bank)
  • Silent partnership agreement: 2200 words (Private client)
  • Pleadings in tax dispute: 14500 words (Sovereign investment fund)
  • Complaint to the EU Commission: 33500 words (Leading Spanish power company)
  • Contract update: 2500 words (International aircraft manufacturer)
  • Press release: H1 results: 900 words (Alternative energy developer)
  • Press release: 800 words (Email marketer)
  • Cooperation Agreement: 2800 words (Major energy company)
  • Software license agreement: 6000 words (Large software company)
  • Labour report: 2200 words (Major bank)
  • Interim relief: 5500 words (Pharmaceutical company)
  • Meeting minutes: 700 words (Air services company)
  • Tax report: 800 words (Private company)
  • Material for the general meeting: 4600 words (Drinks company)
  • Press release: H1 revenue: 700 words (Marketing agency)
  • CVs of engineers: 1500 words (Engineering services firm)
  • Investor presentations: 9600 words (Global mining giant)
  • Press release: H1 results: 600 words (PR firm)
  • Contract for the supply of helicopters: 13000 words (International aircraft manufacturer)
  • Annual report: 29000 words (Financial services company)
  • Financial report: 6000 words (Leading telecommunications operator)
  • Risk management documentation: 2400 words (Major bank)
  • Q&A for annual general meeting: 16000 words (Global mining giant)
  • Interim financial statements: 4200 words (Global mining giant)
  • Report on new VAT rules: 2400 words (Major tyre manufacturer)
  • Annual report: 34000 words (Technology consulting)
  • Press release: 1000 words (Major retailer)
  • Press release: 900 words (Major bank)
  • Management report: 5000 words (PR firm)
  • Financial report: 6000 words (Leading global consultancy firm)
  • Annual report: 18000 words (Property company)
  • Financial update: 2800 words (Leading telecommunications operator)
  • Financial report: 7500 words (Leading water services company)
  • Standard contracts: 1600 words (Private company)
  • Financial update: 2500 words (Financial services company)
  • Annual report: 18000 words (Property company)
  • Financial report: 16000 words (Leading water services company)
  • Audit reports: 2500 words (Leading water services company)
  • Submission on EU competition case: 4300 words (European Union)
  • Annual report: 21000 words (Financial services company)
  • Financial report: 5500 words (Engineering services firm)
  • Accounting policies: 2400 words (Global mining giant)
  • Annual report: 5800 words (Major retailer)
  • Annual report: 16000 words (Postal services operator)
  • Press release: 900 words (Major bank)
  • Financial report: 4000 words (Major bank)
  • Annual report: 45000 words (Venture capital firm)
  • Board Procedures: 4300 words (Major international bank)
  • Submission on EU competition case: 5000 words (European Union)
  • Observations on decision in EU competition case: 6400 words (European Union)
  • Creditor agreement: 5500 words (Castor project participant)
  • Annual report: 20000 words (Leading telecommunications operator)
  • HR restructuring: 1500 words (Property developer)
  • Market updates: 1500 words (Financial services company)
  • Press release: 750 words (Alternative energy developer)
  • Fund presentation: 2600 words (Investment company)
  • Internal memo: 700 words (Major bank)
  • Press release: full-year revenue: 750 words (Major retailer)
  • Annual report: 130000 words (Global mining giant)
  • Press release: annual results: 600 words (Technology consulting)
  • Press release: annual results: 1800 words (Postal services operator)
  • Auto callable note: 1000 words (Major European bank)
  • Investor updates: 400 words (Property company)
  • Press release: 900 words (IPTV technology company)
  • Press release: 500 words (Major retailer)
  • Letters of engagement: 3200 words (Chemical company)
  • Investor presentation: 7500 words (Global mining giant)
  • Annual results: 1500 words (Major retailer)
  • Delegation of Authority: 1700 words (Private client)
  • Press release: 3700 words (Packaging manufacturer)
  • Protection agreement: 1000 words (0)
  • Investor presentation: 2800 words (Investment company)
  • Profile: 600 words (Storage operator)
  • Restructuring plan: 1200 words (Property developer)
  • Financing of the economy: 2500 words (Major bank)
  • Market outlook: 600 words (Financial services company)
  • Newsletter: 2500 words (Financial services company)
  • Annual results: 4600 words (Property developer)
  • Annual report: 43000 words (After-sales services company)
  • Financial reporting instructions: 2000 words (IT services company)
  • Tax reporting user guide: 1800 words (Global mining giant)
  • Service agreements: 2300 words (University)
  • Bank account terms and conditions: 3000 words (Private bank)
  • Iberclear market guarantee scheme: 7200 words (Spanish Central Securities Depository)
  • Product description: 700 words (Chemical company)
  • Annual revenue: 700 words (IPTV technology company)
  • Accounting policy update: 500 words (Chemical company)
  • Q3 revenue: 900 words (Software vendor)
  • Outcome of AGM: 500 words (IPTV technology company)
  • Algerian contract announcement: 300 words (Alternative energy developer)
  • Accounting policy update: 1000 words (Chemical company)
  • Annual revenue: 500 words (Food company)
  • Presentation on IASB exposure drafts: 2000 words (Chemical company)
  • Annual revenue: 700 words (IT services company)
  • Investor updates: 200 words (Property company)
  • Investor presentation: 3200 words (Market leader in home technical medical services)
  • Accounting policies: 3000 words (Global mining giant)
  • General contractual terms and conditions: 2500 words (Spanish government)
  • Code of ethics: 1100 words (Global mining giant)
  • Press release: dividend payout: 700 words (IPTV technology company)
  • Press release: results: 600 words (Postal services operator)
  • Code of confidentiality: 600 words (Major bank)
  • Social and environmental responsibility policy : 600 words (Major bank)
  • Press release: earnings: 400 words (Major retailer)
  • Press release: management appointment: 300 words (Major retailer)
  • Seasons greetings: 300 words (Engineering services firm)
  • Description of water treatment business: 300 words (Engineering services firm)
  • IT documentation: 27000 words (Major bank)
  • IT specifications: 20000 words (Major bank)
  • Press release: Q3 results: 4200 words (Property developer)
  • Presentation of warrants business: 3400 words (Major bank)
  • Accounting policy: contribution margin: 2200 words (Chemical company)
  • Presentation of new market model: 1800 words (Stock exchange operator)
  • Press release: Q3 results: 1400 words (Property company)
  • Update on nuclear projects: 900 words (Engineering services firm)
  • Job description: 300 words (Stock exchange operator)
  • Press releases: 5100 words (Major retailer)
  • Press release: Q2 results: 4400 words (Property developer)
  • Structured product Q&A: 2200 words (Major bank)
  • Accounting policy: IAS 21: 1500 words (Global mining giant)
  • Accounting policies: 1300 words (Chemical company)
  • Press release: Q3 revenue: 1300 words (Major retailer)
  • Press release: 800 words (Residential developer)
  • Press release: H1 results: 700 words (Marketing agency)
  • Investor updates: 600 words (Property company)
  • Report on trade show: 600 words (Major bank)
  • Presentation: new corporate governance structure: 500 words (Food company)
  • Press release: Q3 revenue: 500 words (Food company)
  • Description of propriety trading : 500 words (Major bank)
  • Presentation: 500 words (French sporting federation)
  • Tariff guide update: 500 words (Major bank)
  • Press release: 400 words (Software developer)
  • Reporting guidelines: 400 words (Chemical company)
  • Project post mortem: 305 words (Major bank)
  • Press release: 200 words (Major retailer)
  • Job description: 200 words (Stock exchange operator)
  • Management report: 10000 words (Postal services operator)
  • CVs of nuclear engineers: 7600 words (Engineering services firm)
  • Presentation of sustainable construction framework: 2100 words (Engineering consultancy)
  • Presentation of Korean operations: 300 words (Major bank)
  • Billing procedures: 5800 words (Chemical company)
  • Presentation of sustainable construction framework: 4500 words (Engineering consultancy)
  • Press release: H1 results: 2500 words (Pharmaceutical company)
  • Press release: H1 results: 1800 words (Postal services operator)
  • Press release: H1 results: 1600 words (Chemical company)
  • Accounting policy: R&D expenditure: 1400 words (Global mining giant)
  • Swine flu contingency plan: 1200 words (Packaging manufacturer)
  • Press release: 400 words (Regional tourist office)
  • Annual report: 10000 words (Leading telecommunications operator)
  • Annual report: 8000 words (Marketing agency)
  • Press releases: 2300 words (Alternative energy developer)
  • Letter: 1600 words (Chemical company)
  • Press release: H1 revenue: 800 words (Email marketer)
  • Market updates: 800 words (Financial services company)
  • Update for creditor banks: 700 words (Property company)
  • Presentation on the Sukuk segment: 600 words (Stock exchange operator)
  • Press release: H1 revenue: 600 words (Alternative energy developer)
  • Commitment letter: 500 words (Stock exchange operator)
  • Listing procedure: 500 words (Stock exchange operator)
  • Press release: management appointment: 400 words (IPTV technology company)
  • Annual report: 31000 words (IT services company)
  • Annual report: 12000 words (Renewable energy firm)
  • Accounting policy: translation adjustments: 4000 words (Chemical company)
  • Market updates: 4000 words (Financial services company)
  • Investor presentation: 1100 words (Property developer)
  • Interactive document offering: 1000 words (Information services company)
  • Accounting policy update: 500 words (Chemical company)
  • Consolidated financial statements: 42000 words (Postal services operator)
  • Annual report: 36000 words (Veterinary pharmaceutical company)
  • Consolidated & separate financial statements: 24000 words (Property company)
  • Annual report: 6400 words (Major retailer)
  • Technical audit: 3500 words (Information services company)
  • Audit report: 1200 words (Postal services operator)
  • Financial performance: 400 words (Industrial operator)
  • Press release: Q1 revenue: 400 words (Software developer)
  • Annual report: 60000 words (Global mining giant)
  • Separate financial statements: 22000 words (Postal services operator)
  • Financial report: 10000 words (Major retailer)
  • Update to annual report: 2500 words (Leading telecommunications operator)
  • Annual report: 50000 words (Leading telecommunications operator)
  • Financial report: 7000 words (Major retailer)
  • Annual report: 6000 words (Environmental services company)

Keywords: Corporate reporting, financial press releases, financial statements, annual reports, corporate responsibility reports, Internal documentation: accounting policies (IAS / IFRS), internal control procedures, legal documentation, general contracts, terms and conditions, articles of association, bylaws

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