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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jan 21 eng>ita China RoHS FRs limita i ritardanti di fiamme secondo i ROHS di Cina pro open no
- Jan 21 eng>ita restricts 7 CEPA FRs and Repellents 7 repellenti e ritardanti di fiamma secondo il CEPA pro open no
- Jan 21 ara>eng المحكوم ضده convicted litigant pro open no
- Jan 20 ita>eng giocando sulla circostanza exploiting the conditions pro open no
- Jan 21 eng>ara retained to act يستعان بالشركة أو المقيم لاتخاذ الإجراءات في easy open no
- Jan 21 ara>eng رهان الســبق bet for leading.... pro open no
- Jan 20 eng>ita is to be given its meaning to a person deve essere attribuito a una persona pro open no
- Jan 20 ita>eng abilita funzionamento inverter inverter operation capability pro open no
- Jan 20 ita>eng abilita allarme di processo enable process alarm pro open no
- Jan 19 ita>eng Immissione nel possesso degli immobili ipotecati transferring custody and possession of mortgaged properties pro open no
- Jan 19 ita>ara Dichiarazione sostitutiva di certificazione إقرار أو تعهد شخصي بديل للمستند الرسمي easy open no
- Jan 19 ita>ara Dichiarazione sostitutiva di certificazione الإقرار الذاتي المشفوع بقسم easy open no
- Jan 19 eng>ara Turbinectomy استئصال المحارات pro open no
- Jan 16 ara>eng طالب التنفيذ و المنفذ ضده judgment creditor/ debtor pro closed ok
- Jan 15 ara>eng طموح وطن homeland aspiration pro just_closed no
- Jan 15 eng>ara royalty rates الإتاوات easy open no
- Jan 15 ara>eng العبرة بما يتقرر what counts is what is lawfully set pro closed ok
- Jan 14 eng>ita Why would I want to be reminded of him every day? Perché dovrei desiderare di ricordarmelo ogni giorno? easy closed no
- Jan 14 eng>ara Rear Oil seal سداد الزيت الخلفي pro closed ok
4 Jan 13 eng>ara factory formed termination base وحدة معالجة مشكلة بالمصنع pro closed no
- Jan 12 eng>ara PIC اتفاقية التفتيش على العقاقير pro open no
- Dec 24 '19 ara>eng اللواء الحقوقي jurist major general pro closed ok
- Dec 19 '19 eng>ita can be utilized or supplement any of sources possono essere utilizzati o possono completare qualsiasi fonti pro closed no
4 Dec 18 '19 ita>ara commercio al minuto تجارة التجزئة easy closed no
- Dec 16 '19 eng>ita key value statements and messages dichiarazioni e messagi che hanno valori chiavi pro closed ok
4 Dec 9 '19 eng>ita System Order Number numero d'ordine dato dal sistema pro closed no
4 Dec 4 '19 eng>ita National Population Commisson Commissione nazionale della popolazion easy closed ok
4 Dec 1 '19 eng>ara had أذكر سمة مميزة لعشرينات القرن العشرين وينبغي لعشرينات القرن الحادي والعشرين أن تستعيدها pro closed no
4 Nov 27 '19 ara>eng ان تقدم بذلك if he had submitted the same pro closed ok
4 Nov 25 '19 ara>eng لا مانع the competent entity has the honor to notify you that there is no objection against such matter. pro closed ok
4 Nov 24 '19 eng>ara Display-cut تُقطع صناديق الكرتون الأخرى لتكون ملائمة للعرض pro closed no
4 Nov 23 '19 ita>eng C.I.L.A. (Comunicazione Inizio Lavori Asseverata) sworn notice of work commencement/ certified notice of commencement of work pro closed ok
- Nov 23 '19 eng>ita head of planning Direttore del Dipartimento di Pianificazione pro closed ok
4 Nov 23 '19 eng>ita working closely with lavorare in stretto contatto/ in stretta collaborazione easy closed ok
4 Nov 23 '19 eng>ara app widgets ويدجت التطبيق pro closed ok
- Nov 21 '19 ara>eng صرف النظر disregard pro closed ok
- Nov 19 '19 ara>ita ابرمت concludere pro open no
4 Nov 19 '19 ita>eng successione di inheritance of pro closed no
- Nov 19 '19 ita>eng per uso fiscale for fiscal use pro closed ok
- Nov 18 '19 ita>eng riservate alla competenza dalla legge reserved to the authority thereof by the law pro closed ok
4 Nov 18 '19 eng>ita Royal Charter and the Statutes concessione reale e gli statuti pro closed no
4 Nov 18 '19 ita>eng estratto per riassunto extract from an entry in the register of marriage certificates pro closed no
- Nov 14 '19 ara>eng أفضلية المرور road priority pro closed no
- Nov 13 '19 eng>ara Principal Investigator الباحث الرئيسي pro closed ok
- Nov 13 '19 ara>eng ريادة Pioneering pro closed no
- Nov 11 '19 ara>eng استقامة و أعراض alignment and width of the streets pro closed no
- Nov 8 '19 ara>eng مواجهته بالمنسوب إليه confronting the defendant with the charges attributed thereto pro just_closed no
- Nov 7 '19 eng>ita ventilation ventilazione easy closed ok
- Nov 4 '19 ara>eng مداخلة statement pro closed ok
- Nov 2 '19 eng>ara Final lettering الترقيم النهائي بالحروف pro just_closed no
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