Off topic: Politically correct dictionary (\'nothing controversial\')
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Jan 22, 2003

\"Nothing controversial\" say the Off-topic guidelines. To help everyone to obey this rule, I think we should develop a little PC dictionary. Examples can be easily found

on the web (WARNING: UNEDITED!):


Actor: metamorphosing being possessing great wealth

Actress: metemorphosing being possessing great wealth and occassionally

great beauty

Android: bipedal, non-human associate bearing immense knowledge and skill Bag boy: agricultural product organizer

Bald: follicularly challenged

Being dynamited: it will have an explosive force upon surface impact that is

sufficient to exceed the accepted over-pressure threshold of physiological

damage for exposed persons

Bomb: vertically deployed antipersonnel device

Boy: oppressor-to-be

Brainwashing: cognitive accomodation

Broken nut: suffered dramatically degraded useful operational life owing to

the fact that a hexiform rotatable surface compression unit underwent

catastrophic stress-related shaft detachment

Cafeteria: dining facility

Car: earth-unfriendly, vertically-challenged mode of transport

Car washer: vehicle-appearance specialist

Cat: quadrapedal, non-human associate

Cheating: cooperative assignment

Computer: machine bearing immense power and fallibility

Criticism: unjust self-esteem reducer

Dead: metabolically challenged

Demand: propose strongly

Derision: nontraditional praise

Dumb: cerebrally challenged

Evil: niceness deprived

Exercise: body enhancement through exertion

Failure: nontraditional success

Fart: human ozone depletor; ecologically incorrect expression

Fat: horizontally challenged: person of substance

Garbage collector: sanitation engineer

Girl: pre-woman

Guess: anomoly manoeuvres: repetitive predictions

Handicapped: physically challenged

Heroine: hera

Hurricane: himmicane (non sexist)

Incorrect: alternative answer

Individualism: uncooperative spirit

Information: overly structured trivia

Insane: reality challenged

Kill: creating a permanent state of metabolic dormancy; (military) servicing

the target

Lazy: motivationally dispossessed

Left-handed oppression: sinistromanualism

Light: electro-magnetic wave of photons striking the eye of an individual

having the effect of a sense of the surrounding area

Lost: locationally disadvantaged

Man: oppressor

Manhole: maintenance hole

Misunderstand: personalized interpretation

Monster: person of scales

Mugging: unforseen funding of underclass

Murderer: termination specialist

Nerd: under-attractive, cerebrally gifted individual

Numismatist: capitalist monetary acquisition expert

Nut: hexagonal rotatable surface compression unit

Old: chronologically gifted

Perfume: discretionary fragrance

Pervert: person engaged in nontraditional espionage

Pissed off: satisfaction deprived

Politicial: amorally gifted

Poor: economically marginalized

Prisoner: client of the correctional system

Programmer: cerebrally gifted individual experiencing mental labors with a

non-human silicon being.

Prostitute: body entrepreneur

Rich: economically maximized

Right-handed imperialists: rectocentrism

School: place where students Òdiscover themselvesÓ

Secretary: stationery engineer

Sex: cooperative physical fitness

Sexist: gender biased with niceness deprived overtones

Short: altitudinally disadvantaged: vertically challenged

Sleepy: under-alertness

Smart: cerebrally gifted

Specialist: a physician having concentrated on a particular field of tax


Structure: impersonal hindrance

Tall: vertically gifted: altitudinally endowed

Teacher: volunteer knowledge conveyor

Teaching: personality repression

Television: medium of electrons moving in disorganized patterns

Tired: rest-challenged

Uglier: over under-attractive

Ugliest: over-under-attractively gifted

Ugly: under-attractive

Unemployed: non-waged

Unsure: conceptual conflict

Waiter: waitron

Waitress: waitron

White: melanin-impoverished; member of the mutant albino genetic-recessive

global minority

Woman: w/o man; womyn

Zipper: interlocking slide fasteners


vertically challenged -- short

horizontally gifted -- fat

horizontally challenged -- thin

chronologically gifted -- old

intellectually impaired -- stupid

living impaired -- dead

romantically challenged -- not with somebody at the moment

morally (/ethically) challenged -- a crook

morally handicapped -- someone who has no other reason to park in a

handicapped zone

differently-brained -- stupid

folically independent -- bald

one who is PC -- target practice

musically delayed -- tone deaf

genetically discriminating -- racist

codependent -- finger-pointer

in recovery -- drunk/junkie

in denial -- unaware that forgetting something obviously proves it happened

constructivist feminist psychotherapy -- psychobabble

economically disadvantaged -- welfare bum

target equity group -- vocal minority

sanitation engineer -- garbage man

certified astrological consultant -- crackpot

certified crystal therapist -- crackpot

certified past-life regression hypnotist -- crackpot

people of height -- too tall

gravitationally challenged -- fat

chronologically gifted -- old

other aged -- too old/young (dual purpose)

environmentally correct human -- dead

Nitpicklike -- humor challenged

motivationally challenged -- lazy

outdoor urban dwellers -- homeless

monetarily challenged -- poor

facially challenged -- ugly

visually challenged -- blind

nasally gifted -- runny nose

verbally challenged -- mute, dumb

erectionally challenged -- impotent

maintenance hole -- man-hole

socially challenged -- geek, nerd, whatever...

Cyclically challenged -- having PMS

Caucasian Culturally-Disadvantaged -- white trash

racially challenged -- butt-white American

rhythmically challenged -- white boy

financially inept -- poor

osmotically challenged -- Thirsty

Microslothicly Challenged -- Windows user

aquatically challenged -- drowning

male gender biased -- prefers men who shave their chests

female gender biased -- prefers women who shave their legs

follower of Jimmy Swaggert -- lost

nasally disadvantaged -- really BIG nose

nasally gifted -- large nose

differently organized -- messy

energy-efficient -- off

creatively re-dyed -- stained

petroleum transfer technician -- gas station attendant

spacially perplexed -- drunk

amphibian American -- frog

persons of large stature -- NY Giants

bovine control officers -- Dallas Cowboys

residentially flexible -- homeless

fecally plenary - full of crap

uniquely coordinated -- clumsy

anatomically focused chronologically gifted individual -- dirty old man

uniquely fortuned individual on an alternative career path -- loser

biological needs care provider -- prostitute

metabolicly challenged -- dead

biologically challenged -- dead

person of region -- redneck

rustically inclined -- redneck

persons living with entropy -- dead

mechanically challenged -- broken down automobile

factually unencumbered -- ignorant


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You did it again... Jan 22, 2003

Thanks Jacek, just perfect for us.


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Jacek Krankowski (X)  Identity Verified
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But now comes the true challenge Jan 22, 2003

If I want to ask around about, say, future interpreting jobs with the EU for Polish citizens, I can hardly fail to mention the enlargement, which is the subject of a fierce political debate in Poland. Just imagine, the very mentioning of this POLITICAL topic could be construed as an attempt to influence the outcome of the national referendum to be held in Poland next year! So, my question to all the native speakers of English is:

How to correctly express the following idea: \"I *pray* [note: religious=controversial] for Polish to become one of the EU working languages *upon enlargement* [note: I am taking it for granted!]\"


Henry Dotterer
Local time: 04:34
Oops. Jan 22, 2003

You accidentally used the word \"political\".

Should have been \'amorally gifted\'.



José Luis Villanueva-Senchuk (X)  Identity Verified
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Superb Jan 22, 2003




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Politically correct dictionary (\'nothing controversial\')

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