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ProZ.com Newsletter: July 2006

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ProZ.com Newsletter

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(1) Conferences coming up in Buenos Aires and Edinburgh
(2) Spice up your profile with WWA entries from clients
(3) Wikiwords.org - the leading open dictionary - is advancing
(4) Join ProZ.com now!
(5) Hosting made easy! Your own website in minutes.
(6) Group buying: SDL Trados + membership (25 of 50 remain)
(7) Upcoming powwows
(8) Site localization continues

(1) ProZ.com conferences coming up in Buenos Aires and Edinburgh

Following on the success of ProZ.com first regional conference in Berlin in May, two more events are fast approaching.

* Buenos Aires 2006 *

ProZ.com's fourth "international" conference will be held in Buenos Aires in one month, from August 25-27. Timed in celebration of ProZ.com's seventh birthday, the event features a lineup of renowned speakers--recruited by organizer Aurora Humaran--that is sure to make this a truly memorable event.

Over 240 members have registered, and 60 slots remain. See http://www.proz.com/conference/5 for the program and a list of those who will be speaking and attending.

* Edinburgh Regional Conference *

In early November (10-11), a regional conference will be held in historic Edinburgh, Scotland. This event is a wonderful opportunity to network with other translators and interpreters, participate in discussion groups, hands-on workshops, presentations etc. and at the same time visit a city where signs of history can be found wherever you turn.

The organizers, Rebekka Gross and Katharina Wawrzon, have been putting together a great event:

* The keynote speaker--just announced--will be Sarah Adams, the winner of the Marsh Award for Children's Literature in Translation for her translation of Daniel Pennac’s "Eye of the Wolf" from the French.

* There will be two 3-hour training sessions on the most requested software tools.

* After-hours entertainment will include a networking dinner with live music and Scottish country dancing.

Edinburgh is easy and inexpensive to get to from within Europe, and discounted "early bird" registration is underway now through August 11. Make arrangements now to experience Edinburgh 2006! http://www.proz.com/conference/8

(2) Spice up your profile with willingness-to-work-again entries from clients

There is no more effective form of marketing than word of mouth. That is why the ProZ.com platform now includes a convenient way of requesting and displaying "willingness to work again" ("WWA") entries from your satisfied clients.

If you would like to make use of the system, you should:

(1) Turn on display of WWA entries in your profile. To do so, log in and go to http://www.proz.com/profile/?fb_optin=1 (you can turn the display off again by clicking on the two arrows on top of the WWA box.)

(2) Invite satisfied clients to make WWA entries for you. Do so from http://www.proz.com/wwa

(3) Thank those who make entries for you, optionally responding within your WWA box.

Even though the WWA system is in beta development, interested parties have already begun using it in earnest. Early comments concerning the new system:

"... it works like a charm! It is a nice and effective way of enhancing our profiles..." - Federica Masante

"... it may relieve... us from those frustrating test translations." - Kirill Semenov http://www.proz.com/profile/47532

"... it is a good feature for those who choose to use it. And I certainly will." - Walter Landesman http://www.proz.com/profile/100038

"I do think it will allow me to get more customers that are more concerned about quality than about price." - Ramon Samoza http://www.proz.com/profile/44038

Any entries you collect will continue to be available for display after the beta period ends. So consider adding impact to your profile by including client entries now.

For more details: http://www.proz.com/topic/51026

Note: If you are not interesting in making use of this new profile option, do nothing. Further notifications will be sent as the system develops.

(3) Wikiwords.org - the world's largest open dictionary - is advancing

Wikiwords is ProZ.com's collaborative project to create an open dictionary of all terms in all languages. The project was announced in April. Thanks to contributions of over 900 glossaries, and one-off translations by members, the Wikiwords database now represents the largest collaborative dictionary on the web.

For more details, see: http://www.wikiwords.org
(Log in using your ProZ.com username and password.)

Here's a sampling from the enthusiastic response of the ProZ.com community at the time Wikiwords was launched:

"Wikiwords - all words, all languages. This IS great!" - Osmar Jardim, Brazil

" Very ambitious, and I dare say, courageous. " - Alaa Zeineldine, USA

"My first impression is good... Keep up the good work!" - coeurnelle, Belgium

"Wow!!! Wiki!" - Roomy Naqvy, India

"...it looks like a good idea which might be very useful for translators!" - dgmaga, Germany

"Finally! Ever since I saw the banner ad for WikiWords about... two weeks ago (?), I've been waiting impatiently for its release... Cheers & congratulations!" - Maria Teresa Taylor Oliver, Panama

"I went and tried it out and am crazy about the concept... this will be an amazing resource for many of us - and maybe even some nice publicity... " - Viktoria Gimbe, Canada

"I think it is a wonderful idea... I hope to contribute as much as possible." - MaJo Cerdá, Argentina

"Impressive! An excellent long awaited site/feature... I only wonder how so many people are already aware of the site, judging from the amount of messages already posted in the forums there and the volume of glossaries already imported..." - Evert DELOOF-SYS, Belgium

" Really great! It was always my dream to work on such system or data base... do you need beta-testers? Maybe I can be a good one." - Jarema, Ukraine

"Looks good, so far. Will it get to be like a wiki dictionary in different languages with the words/concepts cross-referenced into other languages? That would be da bomb." - Andrés Pacheco, Argentina

The project is still very much in its formative stages, and improvements are being made daily. To take part, go to http://www.wikiwords.org Your ProZ.com login works!

WordFinder Software provides leading multilingual computer dictionaries that quickly find correct terms and expressions in different languages, improving your efficiency & quality. Learn more and get special pricing for ProZ.com members at
Also come see us at the ProZ.com Conference in Buenos Aires.

(4) Join ProZ.com now!

Members get more!

World class companies and organizations including Bloomberg, IBM, Honda, eBay, Costco, Lionbridge, SDL International, CLS Communication, The World Bank and the US Army find the language professionals they need on ProZ.com - and they ask for members first! Join today and quadruple your chances of working with these and other great clients. Membership is just 120 EUR per year -- that's just 10 EUR per month. Become a member today!


One member's testimonial: "Of all the annual investments Monica and I make, the ProZ.com platinum membership is arguably the most valuable. Every year, our membership generates new business contacts which result in tangible job opportunities... the ProZ.com platinum membership is a definite thumbs up!"

- Todd Field
Member since Jun '03


Group buying - Wordfast and ProZ.com membership

In the current group buy, launched today, get Wordfast plus 6 months of ProZ.com membership for just 150 euros. Savings = 40%! 49 of 50 units remain: http://www.proz.com/tgb

(5) Hosting made easy! Build your own site using the data already in your profile... (free for members!)

ProZ.com's best-kept secret -- free website hosting for members -- is not such a secret anymore. Over six hundred translators have taken advantage of this service to create web pages at their very own URLs. As a result, they've gained a useful marketing vehicle that helps them not only to bring in new clients, but also to impress and better serve current ones.

If you are among those members who have not gotten around to building a website yet, we have some excellent news for you: we have built an easy-to-use wizard that is capable of generating a website for you in minutes, *using the data in your profile*. You just push a few buttons, selecting a template and colors, and the html files are generated for you to take and use--in minutes!

Here are some sites already created by members using SiteCreator:


If you want, you can even edit the files, add your own custom images and logo, etc.

To be clear: if you are a ProZ.com member (ie. paying member), you are entitled to use SiteCreator to build your own website *at no additional charge.*

To do so, go to http://www.proz.com/?sp=web_create/index

(6) Group buying: SDL Trados plus membership (25 of 50 units remain)

A group buying round is currently underway in which 50 units of SDL Trados 2006 Freelance are available at the world's lowest prices, with ProZ.com membership included at no extra charge.

*** UPDATE: This offer has sold out. To be notified of the next SDL Trados offer, add your name to the wish list: http://www.proz.com/?sp=store&sp_mode=wish_lists

(7) Upcoming powwows: Italy, Malaysia, US, Thailand, etc.

Have you attended your first powwow yet? There are many coming up.

Powwows are free, informal and welcoming gatherings, so please do not hesitate to join in if there is one being held near you. At each powwow, there is a mix of "experienced" ProZ.com users and translators, and people new to the site and industry.

3: Torino, Italy (9 members) http://proz.com/pw/958
6: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (10) http://proz.com/pw/917
12: Indianapolis, US (8) http://proz.com/pw/940
12: Bangkok, Thailand (1) http://proz.com/pw/920
12: Alsace, France (9) http://proz.com/pw/909
12: São Paulo, Brazil (9) http://proz.com/pw/925
13: Bath, UK (1) http://proz.com/pw/978
21: Orlando, US (2) http://proz.com/pw/942
21: Chicago, US (10) http://proz.com/pw/944
23: Edinburgh, UK (1) http://proz.com/pw/948
26: Beijing, China (1) http://proz.com/pw/968
26: London, UK (3) http://proz.com/pw/970
26: Oslo, Norway (13) http://proz.com/pw/918
26: Nürnberg, Germany (9) http://proz.com/pw/930
26: Buenos Aires (178) http://proz.com/pw/766

8: Scheveningen, Nether. (11) http://proz.com/pw/954
9: Sorø, Denmark (20) http://proz.com/pw/730
15: Braunschweig, Germany (4) http://proz.com/pw/956
17: Hamilton, New Zealand (4) http://proz.com/pw/950
21: Bilbao, Spain (6) http://proz.com/pw/966
22: Nassau, Bahamas (4) http://proz.com/pw/763
23: Melbourne, Australia (21) http://proz.com/pw/861
23: Vilnius, Lithuania (4) http://proz.com/pw/937
27: Edinburgh, UK (1) http://proz.com/pw/976
30: York, UK (7) http://proz.com/pw/932

If you do not see an event in your area, please suggest one. Just choose a date, a venue and a time, and we will publicize it for you. If other site users decide to join in, the event is on! To suggest a powwow, go to: http://www.proz.com/?sp=event/powwow_board&show_mode=propose

Lingotek is launching The Language Search EngineT at the ProZ conference August 25th. This new online collaborative translation tool brings together a web community of language professionals to redefine content reuse. The result is fast meaning-based searching through your browser that is easy and inexpensive. Learn more at www.lingotek.com

(8) Site localization continues

Thanks to the effort of ProZian volunteers, key areas of the site have been localized into several languages, including:

- Spanish
- Russian
- Romanian
- German
- Hungarian
- Portuguese (BR)

Other teams are working on the localization into:

- French
- Italian
- Bulgarian
- Ukrainian
- Turkish
- Albanian
- Latvian
- Lithuanian
- Polish
- Swedish
- Hindi
- Chinese

If you are interested in coordinating or volunteering for a language NOT listed above, please let staff member Patrick know by entering a support ticket - http://www.proz.com/support

New - continuous online training for professional translators! Register now at http://www.intraweltelearn.com and get a discount on the first eLearning course for SDL Trados! (Courses are available only in Italian for now...)


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