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ProZ.com Newsletter: June 2007

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ProZ.com Newsletter

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(1) Half-year report on accomplishments posted to members
(2) ProZ.com's 3rd translation contest: enter with a friend!
(3) Announcing ProZ.com trainings
(4) 250 ProZians enjoy Budapest 2007
(5) More conferences in 2007: France, Germany, Canada
(6) Mid-year membership campaign underway
(7) Changes to be made to membership pricing
(8) Upcoming powwows: London, Torino, Lille, etc...
(9) New forum opened for student members
(10) Have you considered corporate membership?

(1) Report to members on accomplishments year-to-date / 2007

A report has been posted for ProZ.com members on accomplishments so far this year. Covered are: new services and features, technical improvements, increased traffic and client flow, offline events, new moderators, new site languages and more.

Read the report here: http://www.proz.com/topic/75462

(2) ProZ.com's 3rd translation contest - enter with a colleague and win a prize!

ProZ.com translation contests are about having fun, participating and learning together in a challenging activity, and promoting and recognizing excellence in the art of translation.

The third ProZ.com translation contest has just been announced. For the first time, it features small prizes and the possibility to enter with a partner. For details and to take part, see the announcement thread -- http://www.proz.com/topic/75400 -- and the contest page: http://www.proz.com/contests

(3) Announcing ProZ.com trainings

ProZ.com members have reported that it has been difficult, and often expensive, to access professional training in the translation-related skills they need.

In response, a site area and service have been launched to make professional training more accessible and affordable to members. In the new ProZ.com training service, courses are arranged in-person in the areas in which ProZ.com members live. Fees are in line with the budgets of independent professionals.

Already, fifteen courses have been held in ten countries, and almost all have attracted full capacity audiences. Twenty more courses are now scheduled, covering technical topics (SDL Trados, Wordfast, Passolo, Déjà Vu X), business topics ("Basics of Freelancing", marketing), and techniques (ex: "Information and Knowledge Management for Conference Interpreters"). For a full list of trainings, and to see if any are scheduled in your area, see: http://www.proz.com/trainings

Please note that the ProZ.com training service is in development now, and requests and feedback are sought. If you would like to be trained in a given topic, please let the site staff know with a support ticket. Also, additional trainers are being sought. If you have experience as a professional trainer and would be interested in offering training to other ProZ.com members in your area, for pay, please express your interest also with a support ticket: http://www.proz.com/support

Wordfast - Easy, open, powerful. Translation Memory has never been this fast. Wordfast 5.5 offers a transparent, open format for all its data and maintains compatibility with most CAT tools. Learn more at http://www.wordfast.com

(4) 250 attend ProZ.com's 5th international conference in Budapest

ProZ.com's fifth "international" conference was held in Budapest, Hungary at the end of April. Thanks and congratulations to Csaba Ban on this stellar event, which featured four days of sessions, trainings, social events and even a certification exam. The conference was a great success with about 250 attendants from 39 different countries.

Summarizing the great feeling of the get-together, Csaba wrote, "about 250 of us attended the Budapest event, from 39 countries, including 9 outside Europe. Most of us had a wonderful time here, creating a sort of a VLAN - a virtual local area network. Now we are back home, sometimes thousands kms apart from each other, but now there's something that connects us..."

Well put, Csaba!

For more information and feedback on the Budapest event, see: http://www.proz.com/conference/10 Video-taped sessions will also soon be made available, for a fee, to those who could not make it to the event.

(5) Three more conferences planned for 2007: France, Germany, Canada

In addition to the Budapest "international" event, which has already been held, ProZ.com regional conferences will be held this year in France, Germany and Canada.

Each of these events is targeted at ProZ.com members living in the particular region and working in the corresponding language pair(s). Sessions will be conducted either in English or the local language.

For more information on each event, see:

France: http://www.proz.com/conference/12
Germany: http://www.proz.com/conference/13
Canada: http://www.proz.com/conference/11

(6) Mid-year membership campaign now underway

Are you a translation industry professional, but not yet a full paying member of ProZ.com? Whether you are a professional translator or interpreter, you own or work for a translation company, or are studying to enter the profession, now is a great time to consider the benefits of being a full member of the world's leading translation community.

A mid-year membership campaign is currently underway featuring several incentives for professionals, students, and companies to join the ProZ.com community now. Join now -- to further connect with *your* community -- and make the second half of 2007 better than the first! http://www.proz.com/join

(7) Changes to be made to membership pricing

Last year, ProZ.com members were surveyed with regard to site membership payment and pricing policies. As a result of the responses received, several adjustments are being made to membership pricing. In short:

* The cost of new memberships--for those in the euro zone--will decrease slightly.
* The cost of new memberships--for those outside the euro zone--will increase slightly.
* The cost of membership renewals, for all members, will increase slightly.
* Settlement fees will be absorbed by ProZ.com, rather than being added during the payment process.
* Browniz discounts will not be as deep as they have been.

The cost increases will be effective July 1. The cost decrease--for new memberships purchased from within the euro zone--has already been enacted. If you are in the euro zone, you will notice the reduced price at checkout.

For more detail: http://www.proz.com/topic/74432

(8) Upcoming powwows: Mexico City, Dublin, Skopje, Lisbon, Kiev...

For a free, informal opportunity to meet and socialize with fellow language professionals and ProZians, consider a local "powwow". Powwows scheduled over the next two months include:

23: Mexico City (20 members) http://proz.com/pw/1284
23: FERRARA, Italy (24) http://proz.com/pw/1304
23: Lille, France (13) http://proz.com/pw/1260
23: Chicago (14) http://proz.com/pw/1258
23: Dublin (25) http://proz.com/pw/1296
23: London (16) http://proz.com/pw/1370
26: Torino (17) http://proz.com/pw/1382
27: Edinburgh (10) http://proz.com/pw/1342
29: Bunnik, Nether. (22) http://proz.com/pw/1302
30: Skopje (51) http://proz.com/pw/1358
30: Nagoya (14) http://proz.com/pw/1354
30: Delhi (12) http://proz.com/pw/1324
30: Elche, Spain (15) http://proz.com/pw/1268
30: Lisbon (36) http://proz.com/pw/1374

1: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (5) http://proz.com/pw/1048
5: Uttar Pradesh, India (8) http://proz.com/pw/1312
6: Buenos Aires (47) http://proz.com/pw/1262
7: Riga, Latvia (19) http://proz.com/pw/1328
14: Київ, Ukraine (23) http://proz.com/pw/1330
14: São Paulo (9) http://proz.com/pw/1276
14: Oxford, UK (5) http://proz.com/pw/1376
20: Paris (10) http://proz.com/pw/1356
20: Pau, Pyrén..., France (4) http://proz.com/pw/1372
20: Santa Fe, Argentina (14) http://proz.com/pw/1384
22: Porto Alegre, Brazil (15) http://proz.com/pw/1352
23: Portland, US (3) http://proz.com/pw/1360
25: Edinburgh (4) http://proz.com/pw/1364
28: Warszawa (22) http://proz.com/pw/1338

1: Bridgetown, Barbados (3) http://proz.com/pw/1146
3: Albany, Australia (11) http://proz.com/pw/1184
4: Helsinki (3) http://proz.com/pw/1380
11: Indianapolis, US (2) http://proz.com/pw/1386
11: Budapest (12) http://proz.com/pw/1310
11: Exmouth, Devon, UK (7) http://proz.com/pw/1348

Don't see one in your area? Consider proposing one! Kicking off a powwow is as easy as selecting a time and place (usually a restaurant). A ProZ.com staff member will vet your proposed event and answer any questions you have.

Propose your powwow here:

Full list of powwows (including those after Jun: http://www.proz.com/?sp=event/powwow_board&r_id=154

(9) New forum opened for student members

Are you currently studying towards a career in translation or interpreting? If so, please consider ProZ.com student membership. Available for just 30 euros (39 USD) per year, this membership option is a great way to meet other students from around the world, and get a headstart on your career.

Here is what student member Agnieszka Skibinska - http://www.proz.com/profile/692094 - posted in the newly-created forum for discussion among student members:

"It's absolutely fantastic that we students have now our own, 'separated' space at ProZ.com!

I joined the community here nearly a month ago and the experience of being a member of such a massive gathering of translators is just great. I have done a lot of translation and interpreting services over the past 7 months and have to admit that being able to translate and learn new skills is purely the most enjoyable activity in my life so far.

Will definitely try to help as much as I can to develop the students bit of this web service."

The read other posts in the new student forum, go to: http://www.proz.com/forum/356

To join now as a student member, go to: http://www.proz.com/join/student


(10) Have you considered corporate membership?

We are pleased to announce that access to ProZ.com Connect has now been added to the benefits of corporate membership. The Connect platform, a $660 per year value in itself, is the world's first sourcing and management platform built specifically for finding and selecting linguists.

Currently there is a corporate membership campaign running, but it is coming to a close quickly. If you act fast, you can purchase corporate membership with a 24% discount. If you are a professional member, the discount increases to 44%.

For a list of benefits of corporate membership, please see the link below.


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