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What is Software Localization?

By Alexa Dubreuil | Published  05/26/2004 | Localization and Globalization | Recommendation:
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Quicklink: http://www.proz.com/doc/140
Alexa Dubreuil
United Kingdom
English to French translator
Became a member: Apr 21, 2004.
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How to Know more about Software Localization?
A few years ago, I came across a very interesting site as I was doing a search on software localization. As this site is no longer online (http://appling.kent.edu/ResourcePages/Courseware/Localize/) I thought it would be useful to share the information it contained with you since I had saved it for my own records.

This website was an introduction to basic concepts and techniques of internationalization and localization of software, web pages, and other electronic documents.

This course was designed by the Institute for Applied Linguistics which is a research and training unit within the College of Arts and Sciences at Kent State University, Ohio (USA). It covered the following subjects:

Introduction: Context and Process
� Global E-Commerce
� Globalization
� Internationalization
� Localization
� Localizers: Localization Skill Set

Communication, Culture, Software and the Web
� Multilingual / Multicultural Information Delivery:

Issues and Trends
� Inter-Cultural Communication
� Language and Writing Systems
� Encoding / Character Sets & Unicode
� Non-linguistic Cultural Issues (Iconic, Symbolic, Logical, Perceptual)

Software Engineering for Localizers I
� Software: An Overview
� Software Development and Software Life Cycle
� Programming, Platform and the API
� Object-Oriented Programming

Software and Software Engineering Concepts for Localizers II
� Graphical User Interfaces
� Cultural and Linguistic Content and the GUI
� Cultural Issues Beyond and Beneath the GUI

Tools Used by Localizers
� Translation Technology for Localizers: Translation

Memory and Terminology Managers
� Role of Machine Translation
� Code Scanning Tools
� Localization Tools

Internationalization and Localization of Software I: Compiled Software Issues
� Compiled Software, Resources and Resource

� Resource Files and RC Localization
� Resource File Localization Tool
� Catalyst Quickship Localization Tool

Internationalization and Localization of Software II: Help and Documentation
� Documentation
� Help File Localization
� Document Cycle / Localization Cycle
� Localizing a Help File in Catalyst
� Desktop Publishing and Localization

Internationalization, Localization and The Web I: Content
� Web Content and Content Management Issues
� Kinds of Web Content
� Internationalization Issues in Web Content
� Managing Multilingual / Multicultural Web Content
� Technical Issues: HTML, StyleSheets, Scripting, Content, XML

Internationalization, Localization and The Web II: Technology
� Localizing Web Pages
� Tags and Tag Editing
� Localizing Scripts
� Localizing XML

Localizing Multimedia and Graphics
� Graphics: Images, Icons, Screen Captures
� Localization and Photoshop

Localization Quality Assurance
� Localization / Internationalization QA Process
� QA Scripts
� Linguistic Validation
� Functional / Technical Validation

Managing Localization and Internationalization Projects
� Localization Industry
� Project Management (Overview)
� Localization Projects
� Project Management for Localization
� Managing Localization Technology

Internationalization and Localization: The Future
� Localizing Multimedia:Text, Graphics, Art,

Animation, Sound, Video.
� Short Discussion of Corpus-Based

Internationalization as the future of localization

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