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E-book reader
Thread poster: Felipe Gútiez

Felipe Gútiez  Identity Verified
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Jan 25, 2009


I would like to know if someone in the forum has bought and uses currently an e-book reader gadget and what is the opinion about the gadget. I am thinking of buying one and would like to hear me around. Hear there are information about different ebook readers:

I would mainly know:

-Things that are good about your gadget
-The best thing about your gadget
-Things that are not so good about your gadget
-Things that are bad about your gadget
-The worse thing about your gadget


Felipe Gútiez  Identity Verified
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Not one person out there with a ebook reader? Jan 25, 2009



Rod Walters  Identity Verified
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Japanese to English
Pocket PC Jan 26, 2009

I foolishly bought a Pocket PC many years ago, and I occasionally use it to read e-books away from my desktop PC. The basic concept of an e-book reader is very attractive and at some stage I'd like to get one, as the Pocket PC screen is very small.


Anna Sylvia Villegas Carvallo
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Newspaper Jan 26, 2009

At nights, when I go to bed after work, I like to read the newspaper from my BlackBerry. It reads real good, and I have no problem at all.

With regards to e-books, nope, I still like real books —feeling the paper on my hands.

-Things that are good about your gadget = its portable size.
-The best thing about your gadget = e-mails, Internet, staying online anywhere.
-Things that are not so good about your gadget = takes time to learn the how-to.
-Things that are bad about your gadget = online service is expensive.
-The worse thing about your gadget = none.

There are newer gadgets that have access to your PC files. I'd like to own one of those, but, in the meantime, I can manage quite well with what I have now.

Have fun!
Tadzio Carvallo.


Felipe Gútiez  Identity Verified
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Access to your office computer is rather interesting Aug 7, 2011

Since 2009 a lot of things have happened in the ebook market.
Any comments?
Have you a Kindle? What is your preferred ebook reader?


yanadeni (X)  Identity Verified
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Sony reader 505 Aug 8, 2011

I have Sony reader 505 (bought about 4 years ago). I like it!
The only problem is that I bought it in USA and had to "hack" it so it understands Cyrillic.

I took Kindle in my hands, found it fancy but never understand the usefulness of the keyboard that takes 25% of the screen. Some say it's for taking note. I don't know. I never wanted to take notes when reading.


Michele Fauble  Identity Verified
United States
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Member (2006)
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Kindle Aug 8, 2011

I bought a Kindle about two weeks ago and I love it. I had been hesitating for awhile. My main issue was the availability of non-English language e-books, but more of these have become available here in the USA.


Felipe Gútiez  Identity Verified
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Hanlin in the Spanish version of Grammata Aug 8, 2011

I had a Hanlin rebranded as Papyre.
The new version is quite promising, with two screens, one of e-ink and the other internet-available with wi-fi.
So it should be possible to read a word and look it up in internet in the dictionary, get it read aloud and lots of other interesting features.
I am a fan of e-readers from the very beginning, specially because it permits to read in our mother language when we are away from home, and this with no pain for our eyes.

Unfortunately I lost my Papyre and am thinking of buying an Alex.

Here is a now big list of the available e-readers:

E Ink Triton (e-ink in color, taken from wikipedia)

On November 9, 2010, E Ink announced a third generation of E-ink displays, a color display that is easy to read in high light. The E Ink Triton will display 16 shades of gray, and 4096 colors.[10] E Ink Triton is being used in commercially available products such as the Hanvon color eReader.[11]

I must admit that after using my Ipad, an e-reader is not so spectacular, but my eyes would be grateful if I turn back to e-ink displays, I am sure of it.


Valerij Tomarenko  Identity Verified
German to Russian
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Sony PRS650 Aug 8, 2011

I am a very happy user of Sony PRS650 (with PRS+) and calibre E-nook management software. Hope it helps.


José Henrique Lamensdorf  Identity Verified
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Kindle Aug 8, 2011

I gave my wife a Kindle about one year ago, and she is very happy with it.

At first we thought it was defective, as every time she stored it away, the battery completely ran down. Then we found the secret. If you leave the network connection (3G or WiFi) active, even turning the set off, it's still connected and running, draining the battery. Now the battery keeps up almost forever.


Johanna Liljenzin  Identity Verified
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Sony e-reader 505, but Kindle is also very good Aug 8, 2011

I have a Sony e-reader and love it, even though it is several years old by now.

My father and nephew have a Kindle each (my father has the larger size and my nephew the regular one) and they are also very happy with their readers.

The Sony feels sturdier and looks slightly more attractive than the Kindle. It has aged well and still looks modern. As it has no keyboard, there is less empty space around the screen compared to the Kindle, which is good as it makes the screen larger compared to the size of the gadget.

I like the Kindle as well, but it feels less sturdy when you handle it. In my view, the major benefit of the Kindle is that you can purchase books without using a computer; for my Sony, I need to download all books to my computer first. Also, the Kindle has a keyboard (which I believe the newer Sony models have, as well). The quality of the screen is rather similar, but the background colour of the pages is slightly whiter on the Kindle. Also, as the Kindles I tried were more modern than my Sony, the pages "turned" more quickly, which gave an even better reading experience.

I use Calibre to manage my e-book library and convert files into the right format for my reader. I find Calibre much better than the software that came with the e-reader, and I strongly recommend it. Most e-readers on the market have some limitations with regard to e-book formats, and Calibre sorts that problem for you.

Good luck with your reader - I am sure you will love it!


[Edited at 2011-08-08 20:05 GMT]


Felipe Gútiez  Identity Verified
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Do you read with your e-reader nights in bed? Aug 8, 2011

Do you use a small light? What is your experience with dictionaries to check some word in the e-readers? What is your favourite app for e-readers?
Some spoke about Calibre, I had no idea of it. Thanks a lot, I will check it.
What is the big difference between for example an Ipad and and an e-Ink e-reader?
What do you use the Ipad/other tablet for and what do you use the e-Ind e-reader for?
What is your experience with buying books? What is your favourite book shop online?

I have to communicate to all "Mortadelo y Filemón" fans that now it is possible to buy Mortadelo y Filemón in Internet and read with the Ipad.

Here, from wikipedia, in other languages:

In other languages

Catalan: Mortadel·lo i Filemó
Chinese: 特工二人组
Czech: Clever & Smart
Danish: Flip og Flop
Dutch: Paling en Ko
English: Mort & Phil
French: Mortadel et Filémon (Futt et Fil)
German: Clever & Smart (Flip & Flap)
Greek: Αντιρίξ και Συμφωνίξ
Italian: Mortadello e Polpetta
Norwegian: Flipp og Flopp (earliest pocket editions), Clever & Smart
Polish: Mortadelo i Filemon
Portuguese: Mortadelo e Salaminho (in Brazil), Mortadela e Salamão (Portugal)
Russian: Морт и Фил (Мортадело и Филемон)
Slovak: Clever & Smart
Slovene: Mortadelc pa File
Swedish: Flink & Fummel
Turkish: Dörtgöz ile Dazlak
Finnish: Älli ja Tälli (used to be first Nopsa ja Näpsä)
Spanish: Mortadelo y Filemón
Serbo-Croatian: Zriki Švargla i Šule Globus


Johanna Liljenzin  Identity Verified
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I prefer e-ink for reading books Aug 9, 2011


I have a special cover for my e-reader that contains a reading light, but I never use it - it is a little heavier and not as pretty as my regular cover, and I can't really be bothered to change covers every night. For reading in bed, I use a regular reading light instead.

The main difference between an e-ink device and a tablet PC is the screen. An e-ink screen is created to look and feel similar to the pages in a regular paper book. It is not backlit and you can read it in bright sunlight, just like a regular book. e-ink also consumes very little energy, so it only needs recharging every 2-3 weeks (with the 3G/wireless function turned off).

Kind regards,


United States
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Kindle Aug 9, 2011

I graduated from uni in May 2010, and my grandmother bought be a Kindle DX as a graduation gift. I then moved to France to teach English for 7 months. The Kindle was my savior! I love to read, and it would have been ridiculous to imagine taking as many books with me as I ended up reading (especially since my bags were already too heavy with all my clothes). I was able to read many books with just one small, lightweight item. I still use it all the time.
Just like many other people, I do enjoy the feel of a book in my hand, but I prefer the convenience of my Kindle.


Maria Hoskins  Identity Verified
United Kingdom
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Kindler here Aug 9, 2011

I live in the UK and got one for my birthday last year. It's great! I did some research and decided on the Kindle because it had the biggest bibliographical base available. My husband has one too and we share an account so we can both read a book at the same time having paid for it only once.

Recently read GRR Martin's a series A Song of Ice and Fire... GRR writes doorstoppers, his latest tome was 1,500 pages which is not easy to handle manually but with a Kindle... Plus I pre-ordered and the book downloaded before 6am on the day of publication. Cheaper than the hardback too...

And then there's the thing about being on holiday abroad but still being able to purchase books and have them download instantaneously from Amazon UK.

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