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“New demands on the translation industry”

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Conference speakers

Daniela Zambrini João Roque Dias Susan Starling Marta Stelmaszak
Erin M. Lyons Konstantin Kisin Xosé Castro Nicola Beedle
Nigel Saych Henry Jansen Anne Diamantidis Ana Rita de Sousa
Gary Smith Jared Tabor Martin Brückmann Ola Persson
Alessandra Martelli Anne-Charlotte Perrigaud Mário Rodrigues Susana Valdez
Valeria Aliperta John Di Rico Attila Piróth Natalia Betleja-Gruca
Karolina Kwiatkowska Hristina Dojcinova Bernardo Manuel Pereira dos Santos Hynek Palatin

Daniela Zambrini (Italy)
Bio: Having grown up in a bilingual family (my mother is Irish and my father is Italian) and focused my studies on foreign languages and specialised translation, I have been working as a freelance translator for over fifteen years. I specialise in legal topics, airline industry, logistics, shipping and nautical texts and in the energy & environment field. I have been serving as a volunteer moderator for the KudoZ section and for the Italian forum for the last three years. In 2011 I organised the First Europe International Conference in Rome.

Web site: profile: Daniela Zambrini


João Roque Dias (Portugal)
Bio: Mechanical Engineer and Technical Translator. Discharged several duties in engineering, consulting and construction companies in Portugal, Israel, Denmark, United States, Bermuda and Mozambique. Member of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International). Independent translator since 1989. Corresponding Member of the American Translators Association (ATA) since 1993. Certified Translator (CT) by the ATA (English-Portuguese). ATA Accreditation Exams Grader from 1994 until 2001. Vice-chair of the Organizing Committee of contrapor2006 – 1st Portuguese Translation Conference, Scientific Advisor and speaker at the 2007, 2009 and 2010 TRADULÍNGUAS Translation Conferences (Lisbon, Portugal). Invited speaker at several translators meetings in Portugal, United States (ATA, and Colorado Translators Association), United Kingdom (ITI 14th Annual Conference and IAPTI 1st International Conference), Czech Republic, Argentina, and Brazil. Keynote Speaker at the 3rd ABRATES International Translation and Interpreting Conference (Porto Alegre, Brazil) and at the upcoming Powell River International Translators Conference (BC, Canada). Trainer of Mechanical Engineering Translation and Professional Development for Translators. Author of several articles and glossaries related to technical translation and mechanical engineering. João’s professional website is at and tweets about everything technically translated at @PORTranslation.


Engenheiro Mecânico e Tradutor Técnico. Participação em diversos projectos de engenharia, consultadoria técnica e construção em Portugal, Israel, Dinamarca, Estados Unidos, Bermuda e Moçambique. Sócio da American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International). Tradutor independente desde 1989. Sócio correspondente da American Translators Association (ATA) desde 1993 e tradutor certificado (Inglês-Português) desde 1994. Classificador dos exames de acreditação da ATA de 1994 a 2001. Vice-presidente da Comissão Organizadora da contrapor2006 – 1.ª Conferência de Tradução Portuguesa, conselheiro científico e orador nas Conferências de Tradução TRADULÍNGUAS de 2007, 2009 e 2010 (Lisboa, Portugal). Orador convidado em diversos encontros de tradutores em Portugal, Estados Unidos (ATA, e Colorado Translators Association), Reino Unido (ITI 14th Annual Conference and IAPTI 1st International Conference), República Checa, Argentina e Brasil. Keynote Speaker na 3.ª Conferência de Tradução e Interpretação da ABRATES (Porto Alegre, Brasil) e na Powell River International Translators Conference (BC, Canadá) em 2013. Formador de tradutores em diversas áreas técnicas e desenvolvimento profissional. Autor de diversos artigos e glossários relacionados com tradução técnica e engenharia mecânica. O seu sítio profissional pode ser consultado em Pode ser seguido em @PORTranslation.

Web site: profile: João Roque Dias


Susan Starling (Germany)
Bio: Susan Starling combines her freelance work as a financial/corporate translator with roaming Europe and the US as a frequent attendee at all manner of professional events, tester of language schools in an ongoing mission to get beyond Spanglish, and general traveler at large with a particular fondness for road trips. Realizing the necessity of working extremely efficiently in order to manage all of this while raising two daughters, she has made increasing use of CAT tools, particularly MemoQ and has developed special insights that she hopes others could benefit from too.
Susan currently lives in Sarasota, Florida, where she is re-discovering her native country after having spent more than 20 years in Germany. She is certified by the American Translators Association and an experienced financial translator in the German to English language pair. profile: Susan Starling


Marta Stelmaszak (United Kingdom) (Marta Stelmaszak BA (Hons.) DPSI NRPSI)
Bio: Marta is a Polish - English translator and interpreter with 6 years of experience, specialising in law, IT, marketing, and business. She is a member of the Management Committee of the Interpreting Division at the Chartered Institute of Linguists. She has been voted a Top 20 Twitterer (@mstelmaszak) and Top 17 Facebook Fan Page in Language Lovers 2012 (WantWords). Marta is a qualified business mentor and a member of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs. profile: Marta Stelmaszak (X)


Erin M. Lyons (United States), BiomedNouvelle (Traductrice (français/italien vers l’anglais), rédactrice médicale et consultante)
Bio: Erin M. Lyons est traductrice à plein temps (français/italien vers l’anglais), rédactrice médicale et consultante, présidente et propriétaire de BiomedNouvelle. Ses domaines de spécialité sont : la recherche clinique, les produits pharmaceutiques, les dispositifs médicaux et les produits cosmétiques. Sa carrière professionnelle est partagée entre l’Europe et les États-Unis. Elle possède une licence en langues et littératures romanes de l’Université de Chicago et une maîtrise en traduction de l’italien et du français de Monterey Institute of International Studies. Elle a participé à plusieurs conférences annuelles de l’ATA, au Congrès mondial de la Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs en 2011 et à la Conférence internationale de en 2013 à Porto.


Erin M. Lyons is a full-time French to English and Italian to English translator, medical writer, and consultant and the Owner and President of BiomedNouvelle. Her primary areas of focus include clinical research, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and cosmetic products and she has split her professional career between Europe and the U.S. She has a BA in Romance languages and Literature from the University of Chicago and an MA in Italian and French Translation from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. She has presented at several ATA Annual Conferences, as well as at the 2011 World Congress of the International Federation of Translators and the 2013 International Conference – Porto.

Web site: profile: Erin Lyons


Konstantin Kisin (United Kingdom)
Bio: Konstantin Kisin is a highly successful legal, financial and video games translator. Since joining in 2004, he has made full use of the website to propel his business to new heights and build long-term relationships with clients and colleagues.

A regular contributor to on the business side of translation, Konstantin has extensive training in the psychology of communication and human behaviour. Sharing his attitude to doing business with his customary passion and enthusiasm, Konstantin's mission is to assist freelancers the world over in establishing professional relationships with clients, making more money, working less and having more fun. profile: Konstantin Kisin


Xosé Castro (Spain)
Bio: Xosé Castro is an English>Spanish freelance translator, editor/proofreader, copywriter, escort interpreter and project manager since 1990. His main areas of specialization are software localization, technology, advertising, marketing, lifestyle, cultural assessment and social media. He gives training courses on specialized translation, proofreading and marketing/computing for translators.

Web site: profile: Xosé Castro


Nicola Beedle (United Kingdom)
Bio: Nicola Beedle (BA (hons), AITI) has been working as a freelancer translator since 2011 and has loved every minute of it. Her company, NBTranslate, focuses on providing professional, high quality language services while giving back to the community through charitable donation and social responsibility. Her newsletter, Rehumanising Business, looks to help business boost their sales through improving their social responsibility. profile: Nicola Beedle


Nigel Saych (Netherlands)
Bio: Nigel Saych is no stranger to conferences, having given presentations at ten major events in recent years. In a change of pace he will be introducing this laid-back session at his ‘own’ conference, and inviting others to take to the stage and share experiences – or possibly start a new career.

Web site: profile: Nigel Saych


Henry Jansen (Netherlands)
Bio: Translator, literary theorist, philosopher, and theologian, Henry Jansen was born and raised in Canada. After moving to the Netherlands in 1989 with Lucy, his wife, and children, he earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Religion, and then a Ph.D. in English Language and Literature at VU University Amsterdam. He has been translating and editing academic books and articles part-time since 1990 and began doing so full-time in 2006. In addition to his translation work, he is still active in the area of philosophy of religion and literature. He has edited volumes and published articles on a diversity of topics, ranging from Harry Potter to Charles Dickens to the question of truth in art. In his spare time and sometimes not so spare time he practices martial arts and enjoys riding motorcycles. profile: Henry Jansen, Ph.D.


Anne Diamantidis (Germany)
Bio: French translator for English and German, Anne works at GxP Language Services, a medical and pharma translation company and parent company of the Alexandria Project. A member of the BDÜ (German association of translators and interpreters) and active Translator without Borders, she also works as an Internet marketing & online reputation speaker and trainer within the translation profession and for various industries. Her services were hired by a party in the French 2012 elections to manage the online campaign and image of one of their candidates. An experienced trainer, LinkedIn consultant, certified Social Media Manager and regular author (Social Media Today, LinkedIn & Business magazine, BDÜ’s MDÜ…), she already helped hundreds of translators boost their online visibility and image.
Click for more information about her training services.

Web site: profile: Anne Diamantidis


Ana Rita de Sousa, HCR – Informática e Tradução, Lda.
Bio: Ana Rita de Sousa works as Senior Project Manager since 2007 at HCR – Informática e Tradução, Lda. During this period she became more focused on translation proofreading and final quality checks. She is currently working on the implementation of Standard 15038 on HCR, and as soon as the certification process is complete, she will assume the responsibilities of Quality and Vendor Manager. profile: AnaRitadeSousa


Gary Smith (Spain) (Traductor, corrector y asesor lingüístico.)
Bio: Gary Smith is a British translator based in Spain. He translates scientific and legal texts from ES and CA to EN. He is the president of the Valencia region association of translators and interpreters, XarxaTIV. He has spoken at many Spanish and European translation congresses, as well as writing articles for the ATA Chronicle.

Web site: profile: Gary Smith


Jared Tabor (Argentina), ( member services manager)
Bio: Jared oversees member services at An ex-language teacher, he has lived and worked in Argentina since 1996. He has been with through the La Plata office since 2007.

Web site: profile: Jared Tabor


Martin Brückmann (France)
Bio: Growing up bilingual in Alsace certainly was a key trigger to a broad interest in foreign cultures and languages since an early age.

After studying electrical engineering, computer science, information and communication technology in France, Germany and England, and many years working in the telecom industry in Portugal, Brazil and Morocco, Martin shifted gradually from occasional to full time technical translator, split between France and Portugal.

But technology always played a key role in Martin's work, also in translation, and that is how he naturally developed a strong interest in CAT tools and TMS for an effective and time-saving business process workflow, areas in which he now also provides training and consultancy. profile: Martin Bruckmann


Ola Persson (Sweden) (Founder of WordFinder Software)
Bio: "Ola Persson graduated from the University of Växjö, Sweden, with a degree in Marketing in 1987. During his initial work in a software company, he developed his language technology skills and formed his own company, WordFinder Software, in 1990. The main product, WordFinder, is a dictionary tool that complements other CAT tools.

Today, WordFinder is the market leader in Scandinavia and customers range from private users to the largest Scandinavian multinational companies.

Ola Persson is the founder and CEO WordFinder Software. Since setting up in 1990, WordFinder Software has helped both large and small businesses to find the right word in the right context. Our product range offers numerous market-leading solutions that make it easier for people to communicate.

Web site: profile: Ola Persson


Alessandra Martelli (Italy)
Bio: Alessandra Martelli is a freelance translator and copywriter working in the industry since 2002. Alessandra specializes in translation and copywriting projects in the fields of Marketing & Advertising, Market research and Tourism, and she is the “Italian voice” of some of the most important brands operating in the fields of luxury, B2B services, tourism and hospitality worldwide.

Conference speaker and professional trainer, Alessandra provides hands-on actionable training to freelance translators willing to improve their skills both as professionals and as business owners.

Twitter: @mtmtranslations

Web site: profile: Alessandra Martelli (X)


Anne-Charlotte Perrigaud (France)
Bio: Anne-Charlotte Perrigaud holds a Master of Arts in French and English Translation (ULIP, University of London). She is a freelance translator specialising in IT security and legal issues in the IT field. She started her freelance business in France in 2003, and in 2012 she began training translators and SMEs in her specialist fields. She is also a member of the French SFT (Société Française des Traducteurs) and of IAPTI (International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters). She has spoken at various professional events around Europe including BP14 and the FIT World Congress in Berlin to name just a few recent ones. She knows how to motivate and activate audiences large and small and how to sustainably anchor knowledge using analogies and examples that are easy to follow and remember.

Web site: profile: Anne-Charlotte PERRIGAUD


Mário Rodrigues (Portugal)
Bio: With a degree in Translation and Interpretation, I have been working in the translation industry for 13 years, having worked as a translator and reviewer, Project Manager and Operations Director.

As a project manager and operations director I came into contact with the major players of software localization, having managed several millions of words for worldwide IT companies, where I have learned every step of a complex localization process and collaborated with different people and met different needs. I also have deep knowledge of state-of-the-art translation related technology used for software localization and other expertise fields.

I have recently started working as Operations Director and Business Developer at L10N Studio, where I am one of the owners.

I also have a Master’s Degree from the Sorbonne University in French Culture and Civilization, and an NLP practitioner’s diploma. profile: L10N Studio


Susana Valdez (Portugal)
Bio: Susana Valdez – author of the blog O Tradutor - is a Scientific and Technical Translator (since 2004), an Invited Professor at FCSH-Univ. Nova and a Translation Studies researcher at ULICES. She holds two Postgraduate courses, one in Translation Studies (FLUL) and another in Terminology (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) and a MA in Translation Studies (FLUL). She is currently working on her PHD on specialized translation. profile: Susana Valdez


Valeria Aliperta (United Kingdom)
Bio: Valeria Aliperta (Associate of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, ASETRAD and IAPTI) is a conference interpreter and translator working from English, Spanish and French into Italian; her business is Rainy London Translations, based in London, UK. Her fields of expertise are IT, fashion, design, marketing, legal and advertising. With a spot for blogging and social media, she was listed as 15th Top Twitterer and 21st Top Facebook Page in the Language Lovers 2012 contest. Valeria gives talks and webinars, writes articles and guest posts on branding and corporate identity and regularly contributes to the ITI Bulletin.

Web site: profile: Valeria Aliperta


John Di Rico (France)

John Di Rico a commencé à traduire en 2005 et se spécialise dans la traduction financière et marketing du français vers l'anglais. Son entreprise actuelle, ApexTra, est basée à Nice en France.

John a commencé à proposer des formations professionnelles pour traducteurs en 2006. Il forme des traducteurs à l'utilisation des logiciels Wordfast ainsi qu'à la gestion de projet. Il a également enseigné l'anglais en France et au Vietnam et est un formateur certifié par la JCI pour l'enseignement aux adultes. Enfin, depuis 2007, il organise des congrès professionnels de traducteurs en France avec le concours de

En 2010-2011, John a voyagé autour du monde et a formé plus de 75 traducteurs dans 15 pays, y compris les traducteurs de la Mission des Nations Unies au Timor oriental. Il a également représenté Wordfast LLC à de nombreuses conférences professionnelles, notamment des conférences de l'American Translators' Association, d'IMTT Language and Technology et de GALA.

Web site: profile: John Di Rico


Attila Piróth (France)
Bio: Attila is an ATA-certified English to Hungarian translator, who holds a PhD in physics, and specializes in scientific and technical fields. He is a regular conference speaker who also mentors career-starting translators, putting special emphasis on the intelligent use of diverse tools.

Web site: profile: Attila Piróth


Natalia Betleja-Gruca, LIDO-LANG Technical Translations (Operation Director and ISO Management Representative in LIDO-LANG Technical Translations)
Bio: Natalia is responsible for strategy building and the smooth internal cooperation. Sheis also involved in negotiating crucial projects and both internal and external ISO audit. Natalia cooperates with clients and providers and takes care of a team spirit inside the company.

Web site:


Karolina Kwiatkowska, LIDO-LANG Technical Translations (Vendor Manager in LIDO-LANG Technical Translations)
Bio: Karolina manages translator recruitment processes, the choice of providers for orders, negotiating project terms and sending feedback to translators. She tries to make the relationship between the company and providers professional, but also friendly and full of kindness.

Web site:


Hristina Dojcinova (Macedonia (FYROM))
Bio: Hristina Dojcinova is a Macedonian communications, translation and interpretation professional, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Interpreting and Translation in English and French from the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje - Department of Interpreting and Translation, Faculty of Philology and a Master’s degree in European Studies – EU Law, Politics and Economics from the University of Bonn, Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI). Her PhD studies are in the field of Communications.
In the past, Hristina has provided interpreting to numerous international and national clients, including diplomatic missions, international organizations and top state national administration. Her previous job post was at the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Macedonia, and her noteworthy experience includes interpreting at more than 500 conferences as well as high profile political and business meetings, and also at the Congress Service Centre, a leading Macedonian translation, interpretation and event management company where she worked as an Interpretation and Conference Manager. Moreover, she is a Junior Faculty Teaching Assistant at the Department of Interpreting and Translation, having taught Consecutive Interpretation, Political and EU terminology and Written Translation for the past nine years.
Her successful career story accompanied by great professionalism guarantees a top quality and instructive session.
As of June 2009, Hristina is an EU accredited interpreter for English/Macedonian.
Hristina is a founding member and Secretary General of the Association of Conference Interpreters of the Republic of Macedonia and a founding member and Vice-President of the Translators’ Association of the Republic of Macedonia.
She is an active member of the Macedonian community and she organized the first powwow in Macedonia in July 2007 and has organized several powwows since, and more notably, she was the organizer of the 6th International Conference and 10th Anniversary Conference in Ohrid, Macedonia in 2009. Dojcinova has had several conference presentations on translation and interpretation-related topics, most recently at the 2009 Ohrid Conference and 2010 Prague conference.
As of May 2011, Hristina is the founder of a consultancy for interpretation and translation services, interpretation studies and accreditation and translation standards. profile: Hristina Dojčinova


Bernardo Manuel Pereira dos Santos (Portugal), Kilgray Translation Technologies
Bio: Bernardo Manuel Pereira dos Santos works with Kilgray’s current and prospective customers in the Middle East, Africa and different countries of Europe and Asia. He holds degree in Translations Sciences from the Instituto Superior de Línguas e Administração. The amateur high-fantasy writer works out of Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal. profile: Bernardo Santos


Hynek Palatin (Czech Republic)
Bio: Hynek Palatin is an English to Czech translator specialized in information technology. He holds a degree in Computer Science from Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. He lives in Prague with his wife and two children. profile: Hynek Palatin


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