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French to Italian translators and interpreters » General fields

French to Italian Tech/Engineering translators (26644)
French to Italian Art/Literary translators (31740)
French to Italian Medical translators (23302)
French to Italian Law/Patents translators (710)
French to Italian Science translators (242)
French to Italian Bus/Financial translators (27978)
French to Italian Marketing translators (54809)
French to Italian Other translators (1364)
French to Italian Social Sciences translators (17292)

French to Italian translators and interpreters » Specific fields

French to Italian translators: Accounting (578)
French to Italian translators: Advertising / Public Relations (2659)
French to Italian translators: Aerospace / Aviation / Space (272)
French to Italian translators: Agriculture (859)
French to Italian translators: Livestock / Animal Husbandry (291)
French to Italian translators: Anthropology (712)
French to Italian translators: Archaeology (488)
French to Italian translators: Architecture (961)
French to Italian translators: Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting (2041)
French to Italian translators: Astronomy & Space (241)
French to Italian translators: Finance (general) (1479)
French to Italian translators: Automation & Robotics (524)
French to Italian translators: Automotive / Cars & Trucks (1157)
French to Italian translators: Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-) (660)
French to Italian translators: Botany (433)
French to Italian translators: Construction / Civil Engineering (791)
French to Italian translators: Business/Commerce (general) (2448)
French to Italian translators: Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.) (681)
French to Italian translators: Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs (1448)
French to Italian translators: Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng (507)
French to Italian translators: Poetry & Literature (3047)
French to Italian translators: Cinema, Film, TV, Drama (2812)
French to Italian translators: Textiles / Clothing / Fashion (1876)
French to Italian translators: Telecom(munications) (1302)
French to Italian translators: Computers (general) (1591)
French to Italian translators: Computers: Hardware (689)
French to Italian translators: Computers: Software (1270)
French to Italian translators: Computers: Systems, Networks (758)
French to Italian translators: Law: Contract(s) (1835)
French to Italian translators: Cooking / Culinary (2968)
French to Italian translators: Cosmetics, Beauty (1627)
French to Italian translators: Medical: Dentistry (393)
French to Italian translators: Media / Multimedia (2082)
French to Italian translators: Economics (1437)
French to Italian translators: Education / Pedagogy (2008)
French to Italian translators: Electronics / Elect Eng (712)
French to Italian translators: Energy / Power Generation (770)
French to Italian translators: Engineering (general) (898)
French to Italian translators: Engineering: Industrial (534)
French to Italian translators: Mechanics / Mech Engineering (1392)
French to Italian translators: Nuclear Eng/Sci (106)
French to Italian translators: Environment & Ecology (1567)
French to Italian translators: Esoteric practices (227)
French to Italian translators: Fisheries (106)
French to Italian translators: Folklore (807)
French to Italian translators: Food & Drink (1913)
French to Italian translators: Forestry / Wood / Timber (228)
French to Italian translators: Furniture / Household Appliances (721)
French to Italian translators: Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino (1118)
French to Italian translators: Mining & Minerals / Gems (158)
French to Italian translators: Genealogy (84)
French to Italian translators: General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters (2139)
French to Italian translators: Genetics (215)
French to Italian translators: Geography (706)
French to Italian translators: Geology (222)
French to Italian translators: Government / Politics (1331)
French to Italian translators: Photography/Imaging (& Graphic Arts) (793)
French to Italian translators: Medical: Health Care (1129)
French to Italian translators: History (1483)
French to Italian translators: Tourism & Travel (4542)
French to Italian translators: Human Resources (1267)
French to Italian translators: Idioms / Maxims / Sayings (570)
French to Italian translators: Insurance (487)
French to Italian translators: International Org/Dev/Coop (1127)
French to Italian translators: Internet, e-Commerce (1843)
French to Italian translators: Investment / Securities (335)
French to Italian translators: Metallurgy / Casting (237)
French to Italian translators: IT (Information Technology) (1252)
French to Italian translators: Journalism (1678)
French to Italian translators: Real Estate (446)
French to Italian translators: Law (general) (1915)
French to Italian translators: Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright (851)
French to Italian translators: Law: Taxation & Customs (623)
French to Italian translators: Linguistics (2275)
French to Italian translators: Transport / Transportation / Shipping (1203)
French to Italian translators: Management (784)
French to Italian translators: Manufacturing (581)
French to Italian translators: Ships, Sailing, Maritime (392)
French to Italian translators: Marketing / Market Research (1923)
French to Italian translators: Mathematics & Statistics (192)
French to Italian translators: Medical (general) (1866)
French to Italian translators: Medical: Cardiology (364)
French to Italian translators: Medical: Instruments (540)
French to Italian translators: Medical: Pharmaceuticals (941)
French to Italian translators: Meteorology (92)
French to Italian translators: Metrology (55)
French to Italian translators: Military / Defense (190)
French to Italian translators: Music (1373)
French to Italian translators: Names (personal, company) (238)
French to Italian translators: Nutrition (855)
French to Italian translators: Petroleum Eng/Sci (295)
French to Italian translators: Other (449)
French to Italian translators: Paper / Paper Manufacturing (182)
French to Italian translators: Patents (415)
French to Italian translators: Philosophy (771)
French to Italian translators: Physics (169)
French to Italian translators: Printing & Publishing (802)
French to Italian translators: Psychology (962)
French to Italian translators: Religion (726)
French to Italian translators: Retail (471)
French to Italian translators: Safety (241)
French to Italian translators: SAP (160)
French to Italian translators: Science (general) (997)
French to Italian translators: Slang (276)
French to Italian translators: Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc. (1259)
French to Italian translators: Sports / Fitness / Recreation (1103)
French to Italian translators: Surveying (376)
French to Italian translators: Wine / Oenology / Viticulture (971)
French to Italian translators: Zoology (280)

French to Italian translators and interpreters

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KudoZ Points
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Identity Verified   enrico paoletti
  Legal-Real Estate-Civil Engineering
Law Contracts, Law (general), Real Estate, Civil Engineering, Building, Environment, Ecology, Boating, Journalism, Military/Defense, Tourism and Voyages - Droit, Contrats, Immobilier, Génie Civil, Bâtiment, Environnement/écologie, Nautisme, Journalisme, Histoire Militaire, Tourisme et Voyages - Diritto, Contratti, Immobiliare, Genio Civile, Edilizia, Ambiente, Ecologia, Nautica, Giornalismo, Militaria, Turismo e Viaggi. ... Italian/French
2963 points
French to Italian
Identity Verified   Oscar Romagnone
  Broad experience in legal translations
Tourism, turismo, tourisme, hotels, shipping, maritime, marittimo, law, ley, loi, legale, contracts, contratti, legal translations, legalización, traducciones juradas, traductor jurado, traducciones jur¡dicas, traduzioni legali, traductions juridiques, jugements, judgements, sentenze, sentencias, atti di citazione, writ of summons, claim forms, citation, exploit, notifica, signification, notificación, service, notice, atto di precetto, administration, government, politics, social sciences, contrats, contratos, certificates, certificati, certificats, diplomas, licenses, Patents, immigration translator, sworn translator, traducteur assermenté, traduttore giurato, asseverazioni, expert au Tribunal de Sanremo, asesor del Tribunal de Sanremo, court appointed expert in Sanremo, consulente tecnico d'ufficio, traducciones nocturnas, traductions nocturnes, accuracy, availability, fast service, experience, good rates, correttezza, accuratezza, servizi rapidi, traduzioni notturne, navigazione, na ... Italian
1831 points
French to Italian
Identity Verified   Emanuela Galdelli
  Rapid and Accurate Pro Ambassade du Congo Brazzaville à Rome Congo Brazzaville Embassy in Rome UN United Nations European Space Agency Agence spatiale européenne Agenzia Spaziale Italiana Istituto Superiore di Sanità Abbigliamento Abiti da sposa Africa Afrique Agreements Agriculture Ambassade Ambassades Architecture ASI, Agenzia Spaziale Italiana Astrology Audit Automobile Industry Automotive in general Awards Babies' plays Barbecues Bétail Biology Biotechnologies Board of Directors Bricolage Budget Business and commerce Byke Canada Canadian French Chats Sw Chemistry Cheptel Chocolat Chocolate Ciclismo Cinema Clothing Congo Brazzaville Compléments alimentaires Consular documents Consulates Consulats Contracts and Insurance Contracts Copyright Cosmetics Cosmétique Côte d'Ivoire Creams Crèmes Cruises Cucina Cuisine Cycling Defense Dentistry Diplomatic Dresses DSC Communications E-commerce Electricity Electromedical Equipment Ele ... Italian
353 points
French to Italian
Identity Verified   Annamaria Taboga
   Jurist and FR > IT Legal Translator
français juridique, legale, contratto, francese, giurisprudenza, diritto, notarile, sentenza, droit, convention, legal, French, atto di citazione, giudiziario, statuto societario, law, assicurativo, codice, penale, pénal, civile, civil, loi, acte, certificato, procura, procuration, italien, criminal law, assicurazioni, sicurezza sul lavoro, code, judiciaire, legal, juridique, legale, giuridico, diritto, contratto, droit, law, contrat, loi, Assignation, procès-verbaux, expertise, statuts, conclusions, jugement, certificat, K-bis, arrêté, règlement, déposition, signification, notarié, acte constitutif, décision, ordonnance, déclaration, serment, plainte, acte, décret, notification, dispositions légales, demeure, seing privé, séquestre, licenciement, articles, citation, comparaître, arbitrale, déontologie, arbitrage, redressement, apostille, notification, résolutions, demande, instance, French, Italian, traduzione legale, traduzione giuridica, traduzione giurata, traduzione asseverata, tr ... Italian
279 points
French to Italian
Identity Verified   Simone Giovannini freelance, spanish, French, english, Italiano, traduttore, tourism, food and wine, winemaking, oenology, technics, manuals, energy, ecology, legal, finance, CV, documents, forms, politics, society, culture, language (linguistic), sport, Healthcare, Manufacturing/Industrial, Marketing/Communications, Metallurgy, Training/Education, sworn translations, turísmo, hotelería, agricultura, bodega, bodegas, ecología, energía, comida y vinos, enología, medioambiente, manuales tecnicos, patentes, contratos, cosmeticos, juradas, deportes, fitness, fichas, comunicados, subtitulos, documentarios, periodismo, política, sociedad, cultura, artes y literaturas, lengua (linguística), ciencias sociales, organizaciones no gubernamentales, documentos, tourisme, brochures, vins et œnologie, technique (manuels), Agriculture, Institute Agricole, technicien agricole, écologie, marketing, legales, environnement, web, sous-titrage, gouvernement, applications mobiles, formation/éducation, Journalisme, langues, sc ... Italian
280 points
French to Italian
Identity Verified   Annamaria Martinolli
  Translator, Journalist and Blogger
traduzione letteraria, traduzione teatrale, teatro francese, georges feydeau commedie, letteratura, legge, diritto comunitario europeo, literatura, teatro, derecho, litérature, droit communautaire, traduction théâtrale, theatre, literature, theatre translation, theatre translator, law, finance, annamaria martinolli, teatro comico di georges feydeau. ... Italian
233 points
French to Italian
Identity Verified   Silvia Guazzoni
  Effectiveness with an eye for details
wastewater treatment, photovoltaic systems, industrial sludge treatment, solar systems, air treatment, thermal desorption plants, ultrafiltration units, water treatment, oil treatment plants, cooling water systems, incinerator systems, nitrogen generation & storage systems, combustion plants, biogas treatment plants, seawater desalination plant, process water treatment plant, Medical devices, osteosynthesis instruments, breathing devices, cryogenic vessels, ventilators, bulk tank & cylinders back-up for oxygen supply, emergency medical ventilators, informed consents, Summary of Product Characteristics, study synopsis, medical, marketing, market survey questionnaires, press releases, training courses, sales strategies, newsletters, corporate social responsibility reports, CSR, sales pitches, quality assurance questionnaires, mystery clients, occupational Safety documents, logistics projects, luxury, cosmetics, handbags, eyewear, underwear, women’s wear, menswear, jewellery, watches, lea ... Italian
184 points
French to Italian
Identity Verified   Michele Esposito
  Enabling On-Brand Global Business
spanish translation, english to spanish translation, translation, spanish to english translation, French translation, free translation, google translation, german translation, Italian translation, latin translation, translation english to spanish, lost in translation, French to english translation, spanish english translation, english to French translation, russian translation, translation spanish to english, French english translation, german to english translation, Italian to english translation, spanish translation to english, welsh translation, english spanish translation, english to german translation, english to Italian translation, spanish translation google, english to japanese translation, english to latin translation, english to russian translation, free translation online, german english translation, greek translation, hebrew translation, english French translation, english translation, latin to english translation, translation spanish, vietnamese translation, hawaiian trans ... Italian
499 points
French to Italian
  Marilina Vanuzzi
  Expert in legal translations
sworn, giurato, asseverazioni, certified, translations english to Italian, english to Italian, native translator english to Italian, legal translations, translate from english and French to Italian, translation english to Italian, legal english, technical translations, traductions français italien, english Italian translator, traduttore inglese Italiano, traduttore, freelance, translator, traducteur, Italian, english, French, Italiano, inglese, francese, italien, italienne, anglais, français, Italian translator, traducteur italien, traduttore Italiano, traduzione, traduzioni, traduttrice, translation, translations, traduction, traductions, lingua, lingue, langue, langues, language, languages, Italian natiive, Italian mOther tongue, Italia, Italy, native, mOther tongue, maternelle, madrelingua, proofreading, proofreader, relecture, relecteur, revisione, revisore, lavoro, home, news, internet, online, pair, word, parole, words, pagina, page, pages, pagine, contact, expert, expertise, gen ... Italian
469 points
French to Italian
  Sonia Purassanta
  Traduzioni professionali Legale FR-SP>IT
traduzioni professionali, giuridiche, legalizzate, sentenze, contratti internazionali, appalti, capitolati, direttive europee, Udine, manuali tecnici, francese, spagnolo, legale, assicurazioni, certificati, apostille, asseverazione ... Italian
84 points
French to Italian
Identity Verified   Marika Tonon
  L'atelier delle parole
French, English, tourism, technology, web, art, History, sport, general, publishing, medical, technical, Italian, food, oenology, translation, editing, computers, arts, crafts, life science, marketing ... Italian
42 points
French to Italian
Identity Verified   Giada Daveri
  Français > Italien ; English > Italian
traduzioni, traduction, translation, traduzioni rapide, fast translation, urgente, urgent, english, anglais, French, français, italien, Italian, French to Italian, français vers italien, english to Italian, cinema, media, sottotitoli, subtitles, subtitling, film, video, legal, legal language, linguaggio legale, translator, traducteur, proofread, proof read, relire, relecture, correction, correcteur, corriger, travel, voyage, tour, tourism, tourisme, tourist, touriste, tourist office, office de tourisme, leisure, loisir, environment, environmental, ecology, ecologie, art, beaux-arts, painting, peinture, sculpture, sculptor, sculpteur, artist, artiste, painter, peintre, arts graphiques, culture, History, histoire, heritage, patrimoine, Geography, geographie, sport, sport equestri, equestrian sports, salto ostacoli, show jumping, saut d'obstacles, cinema, cinéma, theatre, théâtre, gastronomie, restauration, wine, vin, wine making, wine tasting, enology, œnologie, administration, conseil, ... Italian
40 points
French to Italian
Identity Verified   Ilaria Benecchi
  Words with high nutritional value!
traduttore Italiano, traduttore francese Italiano, traduttore inglese Italiano, transcreation, transcreation francese Italiano, transcreation inglese Italiano, traduttore sviluppo sostenibile, traduttore francese Italiano sviluppo sostenibile, traduttore inglese Italiano sviluppo sostenibile, traduttore responsabilità sociale d’impresa, traduttore francese Italiano responsabilità sociale d’impresa, traduttore inglese Italiano responsabilità sociale d’impresa, traduttore moda, traduttore francese Italiano moda, traduttore inglese Italiano moda, traduttore agroalimentare, traduttore francese Italiano agroalimentare, traduttore inglese Italiano agroalimentare, traduttore enogastronomia, traduttore francese Italiano enogastronomia, traduttore inglese Italiano enogastronomia, traduttore cosmetica, traduttore francese Italiano cosmetica, traduttore inglese Italiano cosmetica, traduttore profumi, traduttore francese Italiano profumi, traduttore inglese Italiano profumi, traduttore orologeria, ... Italian
40 points
French to Italian
Identity Verified   Benedetta De Rose passion! What else?
traduzione, traduttore, traduttori, francese, spagnolo, rumeno, traduction, traducteur, traducteurs, français, traduccion, traductores, traductor, idiomas, espanol, espagnol, frances, revisione, editoria, testi, litteraire, letterario, literario, limba romana, fast service, web translation, translation, omeopatia, omeopatie, Journalism, journal, periodicos, articulos, articles, articoli, manuale d'uso, manual de empleo, manuel d'employ, check text, tourism, turismo, tourisme, agricoltura, agricolture, Agriculture, arquitectura, architettura, Architecture, libros, livres, libri, books, imprese, entreprise, empresa, company, proofreading, correzione bozze, bozze, portuguese, portoghese. ... Italian
10 points
French to Italian
Identity Verified   Annamaria Pergola
  Annamaria Pergola
Interprete, Traduttore, Traduzioni Tecniche, Traduzioni Francese, Traduzioni Italiano, Traduzioni Inglese; Interpreter, Translator, Technical translations, Translations from/to French; Translations from/to English; Translations from/to Italian; Traductions en Italien, Français, Anglais; Interprète; Traducteur ... Italian
12 points
French to Italian
Identity Verified   Umberto Menon
  VAT Number 01457050290
business, tourism, marketing, finance, user manuals, general knowledge, Italian, French, english, Italiano, francese, inglese, italien, anglais, français, interpreter, interprète, interprete, traduzione, sondaggi, questionari, manuali, istruzioni, utente, turismo, viaggi, mondo ... Italian
15 points
French to Italian
Identity Verified   Andrea Calabrò
  Perfectionist with flair and stamina
translation, Italian translation, english, traduction, traducteur italien, French, spanish, français, francais, traduccion, traducción, traductor, español, espanol, castellano, catalano, català, Italian, Italiano, ICT, TIC, web tech, ecommerce, e-commerce, finance, finanza, banking, economy, economia, economie, Economics, business, payment, credit card, website, sito, localization, localisation, ebay, amazon, product listing, QA, QC, quality control, human rights, research, Religion, religious, esoterism, user manual, package, household appliances, manual usuario, électroménager, manuel utilisateur, derechos humanos, droits de l'homme, geopolitics, géopolitique, geopolitique, geopolítica, geopolitica, chopper, blender, analysis, medical, device, healthcare, tv, television, subtitles, subs, sub ita, survey, mind, mindfulness, consciousness, qi gong, yoga, tai chi, gurdjieff, ouspensky, enneagram, Psychology, psicologia, psychologie, relationship, love, amor, amour, motivational, animal, ... Italian
7 points
French to Italian
  Tiziana Camerani
  Cultural and creative translations
French to Italian translator, Catalan to Italian translator, Arts, Tourism, Editorial, audioguides ... Italian
0 points
French to Italian
Identity Verified   Silvia Spolaore Mergaert francese, Italiano, français, italien, science, scienza, biologia, biologie. ... Italian
0 points
French to Italian
Identity Verified   tastycomm
  «Make it simple. Make it fun to read.»
english, Italian, French, translator, public relations, press releases, marketing, manager, Italiano, francese, inglese, traduttore, proofread, correttore di bozze, français, italien, anglais, traducteur, edition, journalist, copywriter, giornalista, journaliste, blogger, writer, scrittore, stampa, relazioni stampa, presse, relations, video games, jeux-vidéo, games, videogame, localization, fashion, mode, moda, attaché de presse, responsabile stampa, communication, comunicazione, project manager, chef de projet, dutch, nederlands, néerlandais, olandese, software, computers, IT, localization, transcription, cooking, crafting, DIY, gardening, ricette, fai-da-te, giardinaggio, medicine, medicina, medical, cuisine, jardinage, programma, applicazione, apps, application ... Italian
0 points
French to Italian
Identity Verified   Angie Garbarino
English, inglese, anglais, French, francese, français, Italian, Italiano, italien, Dutch, olandese, German, tedesco, Law/patent, judgments, contracts, websites, technical manuals, jewellery, gems and minining, proofreading, legale, brevetti, sentenze, contratti, siti web, manuali tecnici, gioielleria, gemme, pietre preziose, légal, jugements, contrats, sites web, brévets, manuels, pierres precieuses, constructions, voicover, doppiaggio, traduzioni, insegnamento online, francese, inglese, Italiano, translations, online teaching English, French, Italian, traductions, enseignement en ligne, enseignement online français, anglais italien, traduzioni legali, contratti, legal translations contracts, traductions légales, contrats, Angioletta Garbarino, Angio, Angioletta Giovanna Garbarino, ATA member, membro ATA, membre ATA, revisioni, proofreading, insegnante di Italiano per stranieri. member of American Translators Association,;;; w ... Italian
263 points
French to Italian
Identity Verified   Maria Luisa Dell'Orto
  25-year experience, technical industry
Mechanic, Electric, Electronic, Hydraulic instruction books, specifications documentation, , Safety, Engineering, Computer, Telecommunication translation, review, proofreading, Software localization. Traduzione, revisione e proofreading di manualistica, specifiche e documentazione meccanica, elettrica, elettronica idraulica, sicurezza, engineering, computer, telecomunicazioni, localizzazione del software. ... Italian
United Kingdom
140 points
French to Italian
Identity Verified   Maria Emanuela Congia
  25 years of technical translations
Technical translations, catalogues, user's manuals, contracts, Patents, Fachübersetzungen, Kataloge, Verträge, Patente, manuels, contrats, brevets, Traductions techniques, Traduzioni tecniche, Italiano, francese, inglese, tedesco, italien, français, anglais, allemand, Italian, French, English, German, Italienisch, Englisch, Französisch, Deutsch, Studio traduzioni, interpretazione di trattativa, corsi di lingue straniere, lezioni private, traduzioni in Italiano, brevetti, Italian translator, traduzione siti web, website translation, Übersetzung von Webseiten, traduction de pages web, traduzioni asseverate, traduzioni giurate, sworn translations, traductions assermentées, beglaubigte Übersetzungen ... Italian
80 points
French to Italian
Identity Verified   Elisa Pappolla
  Interpreter and translator IT/EN/FR/SK
interprete genova, traduttore genova, interprete liguria, traduttore liguria, interprete bari, interprete inglese-Italiano, traduttore inglese-Italiano, interprete bari, interprete puglia, traduttore francese-Italiano, interprete francese-Italiano, traduttore slovacco, english-Italian interpreter, Italian-english interpreter, French-Italian interpreter, Italian-French interpreter, traduttore bari, interpreti bari, trani, barletta, corato, andria, bisceglie, interpreti conferenza puglia, traduttori puglia, interprete forlì, interprete fiera, interprète italien, traducteur italien, tlmočenie, preklad, taliansky, slovensky, traduttore bologna, interprete bologna ... Italian
52 points
French to Italian
Identity Verified   Maria Pia Giuseppina Nuzzolese
  MA(d) in Translation/former video editor
English, French, technical translation, Italian, marketing, economy, finance, IT, reliable, translator, computers, technology, software, localization, hardware, teaching, photography, video editing, writing, subtitling, money, rates, degree, sport, cosmetics, beauty, transcreation, revision, proofreading, language, spanish, video, smart, reliable ... Italian
59 points
French to Italian
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